Experience Applied Astrology

Instead of a lengthy debate, citations from books, historical data and assumptions of sorts, it should be definitely interesting to go by practical experience and bench mark the events. From a learning curve perspective, it will be highly educative to focus the Astrological lens on contemporary issues, right in front of us. It is quite possible that it could be a pigmy account while it still totals to a good sum, eventually.

Transit of planets:

I have been repeatedly mentioning that mixture of events in our life is an off shoot of transits in Navamsa. Of course, the Rasi chart cannot be given a good bye. There are five Astrological layers, like a multi-layer printed circuit board for electronic circuits. The circuit is interconnected through the layers. Although each layer functions independently, it is still an integral part of the total functionality. Likewise, each event in our life is an independent event by itself, but yet an integral part of the effects of Rasi Kundli or natal chart. I would like to highlight the worthy points for consideration which are essential for delineation of charts as under:

  • Layer 1 – the Zodiac.
  • Layer 2 – Individual Janma Kundli or natal chart superimposed on Layer 1.
  • Layer 3 – Navamsa Kundli of D9 Divisional chart superimposed on Layer 2.
  • Layer 4 – Current transit chart or Gochaara superimposed on Layer 2.
  • Layer 5 – Navamsa (D9) chart of Gochaara superimposed on Layer 4.

With the foundation above, next complexity would be to identify the Karakatva (portfolio) of each planet, both generic and specific, to the chart under study and link it up to the bhava (house) in question and draw a conclusion. In the whole exercise, I find that the movement of planets in Navamsa to trigger events.

The exercise above is highly interesting and exciting. When we observe the turn of some current events in the ongoing political drama in India, because of the highly volatile situation questioning the basic morality of many big wigs, the study of Navamsa transits has attracted my attention. Adding to this, I am indeed using the ‘Prasna’ method to get some additional dimension to Astrology. My inference is that, any which way we go, I think ‘Dharma’ or Justice of the yesteryears of India has to ‘now’ prevail. It does not matter who is what in this country, and this statement is independent of that.

In a highly explosive Astrological ambiance prevailing now, Mars plays a very important role to trigger some unexpected events, highly significant for democratic governance. July 6th, around 2200 hrs IST Mars moves to its 9th amsa, thus making a new beginning of a chain of events. Let us note that it becomes ‘Vargottama’ meaning, in Rasi and Navamsa, it will be in the same sign viz., Virgo. This simply means that, Mars is likely to show its full power being exerted in the Zodiac. Mars being an aggressive planet and fast also, the events too will be fast, and may be, we can expect, event on event, one after the other.

As a prelude to what has been stated above, we have already heard as to how a powerful politician is caught on audio CD with ‘money for seat’ affair. This is just the tip of the iceberg and although every Indian knew about such practices, it is the first ever time that, that politician has clearly mentioned that all political parties are doing it. I would like to mention the following points for better clarity of my presentation on transits in Navamsa:

  • The first Navamsa of a movable sign is the sign itself. This clearly means current issues will be in focus.
  • The first Navamsa of a fixed sign is the 9th sign from it. This clearly means future of events will be in focus.
  • The first Navamsa of a dual sign is the 5th sign from it. This clearly means past events will be in focus.

Vargottama of planets in different signs:

  • Movable sign, the same amsa is the Vargottama of the planet. Maximum thrust on current issues.
  • Fixed sign, the 5th amsa will be the Vargottama of the planet. Maximum thrust on past issues.
  • Dual sign, the 9th amsa will be the Vargottama of the planet. Maximum thrust on future issues.

We are aware that the Jupiter depicting judiciary is in an exalted movable sign clearly meaning judicial matters will be abreast of time. Secondly, Saturn depicting democracy, though retrograde now, is also in a movable sign. Thirdly, Mars will join Saturn on July 14th in movable sign. Saturn and Mars do not gel with each other and will manufacture ‘firecrackers’, very effectively, specifically after July 21st when Saturn gets direct. However, as soon as it joins retrograde Saturn, it is very likely to make its presence known in ‘style’.


Mars will now start triggering a chain of events in Indian politics and we can expect (from 2200 hrs IST, July 6, 2014) many heads to roll, presumably. Specifically, Jupiter now in 2nd amsa, the judiciary may be hitting headlines. With Mars now Vargottama, the last leg of its journey in Virgo, means investigation of past actions and once it enters Libra on July 14th and joins Saturn, more fireworks in so called democracy.

K Jagadish,
July 6, 2014,
Bangalore, India.

Unique attributes of Rahu

Rahu is generally referred to as North Node and Ketu as South Node. Both of them have no physical body and therefore considered as shadowy planets. The word ‘shadow’ obviously conveys the meaning – more to hide than reveal. Therefore, the normal understanding is that they are very likely to be deceptive in nature.

Rahu and of course Ketu too, play a very important role in delineation of Astrological charts. If all the other physical planets are hemmed in between Rahu and Ketu, the chart is supposed to be having ‘Kalasarpa’ dosha (defect). This point is highly debatable and the Vedic school of Astrology puts down their feet on such charts and even move on to the extent of condemning it. The Indian Independence chart is a typical example of it. So what? It is not just the whole country and its citizens are written off. Obviously, I do not subscribe to the traditional views while it is best to be practical.

Rahu in any chart certainly becomes very important. It has a number of unique attributes like:

  • It completely engulfs the sign in which it is posited.
  • It becomes at total and absolute owner of that sign, normally.
  • Any other planet/s in the same sign where Rahu is posited also behaves as a representative of Rahu.
  • Any planet/s aspecting Rahu too becomes a representative of Rahu.
  • Rahu thus becomes a ‘Proxy’ under the above conditions.

Before I continue on this subject, I am compelled to clarify that I am not saying whether the above attributes of Rahu is good or bad. It will be wrong to generalize and make comments and infer the outcome. Since Rahu is a shadowy planet, shadowing other planets as mentioned above, one straight conclusion that we may be able make is that, other planets which are in association with Rahu becomes powerless, or their power is greatly reduced, depending upon several other astrological factors.

I have an axe to grind while commenting on Rahu. Let me share with you why I have been all along skeptical about Indian politics when the general election took place. Here is my take and, whether I am right or wrong, and how far the arguments can be carried forward, let us wait and watch the future events:

  • The general election took place when the causative planet depicting democracy viz., Saturn was conjunct Rahu, that too in the 7th sign of the Zodiac. 7th stands for general public apart from many other points.
  • Rahu became a total representative of Saturn.
  • Rahu was/is in Libra the lord of which is Venus, the Lagna lord of Indian Independence chart.
  • Rahu representing Venus means, India was totally represented only by Rahu!!!!
  • Jupiter was aspecting Libra with the 5th aspect and therefore Rahu shadowed Jupiter too.
  • When the election was announced, Mars too was in Libra, and therefore, Rahu represented Mars also.
  • Saturn, Mars and Jupiter, are called the outer planets having special aspects mentioned in my earlier posts.  Thus, the special aspects which manifest the Bhavas, 3, 4, 5 and 8, 9, 10 – all got into the clutches of Rahu.

Therefore, the resultant effect of general election was that we elected Rahu, and not Saturn, the planet manifesting democracy, whilst the planet of justice, Jupiter, was also duly and effectively shadowed by Rahu.

At last, Rahu is leaving the company of Saturn on July 14th and moving back to Virgo, the lord of which is Mercury. Thus from July 14th Rahu becomes a proxy for the fast moving planet Mercury. It is a million dollar question as to what moves fast and the role of Rahu in Virgo.

Thanks to Rahu!

K Jagadish,
July 4, 2014,
Bangalore, India.


Paradoxical Jupiter and India

Assuming Jupiter to be a sober planet under the guise of ‘Gurubala’ (good aspect of Jupiter) should not be taken for granted to expect the Moon! Jupiter is universally known as a planet of expansion and whatever it touches, it expands. What if it touches a planet which is highly unfavourable? Is it not that results could be disastrous?

Both Jupiter and Mars own, one fiery sign and one watery sign. Therefore, it is evident it is capable of setting fire and extinguishing fire as well. Synonymous with this, even the prerogative special aspects of these two planets seem to bring in some more significant synergy. Mars has special 4th and 8th aspect followed by Jupiter’s 5th and 9th aspect. Thus, Jupiter can even be a silent blaster!

Jupiter takes approximately 12 years to cover one round of Zodiac which in Vedic language is termed as ‘Pariyaya’. At the time of 5th Pariyaya that is the 60th birth day, traditional Hindus perform a ‘Santhi’ praying for longevity. Taking a leaf from Western Astrology which can be termed as a ‘Pariyaya’, the Ascendant at the time of birth is supposed to cover 30 degrees in one year and thus it comes to the same degree as at birth, every 12 years. The movement of the Ascendant or Lagna is called the Profection Ascendant. Astrologers map the Profection Ascendant to other planets and predict future.

Applying the above thumb rule to the Indian Independence chart, the Profection Ascendant on 15th August, 2014 will be in the 7th house for India which is the 8th sign of the Zodiac. Further, the 8th and 11th lord Jupiter now transiting in the 3rd house aspects this with the 5th aspect. Generally, any relationship between 5 and 8, pops up sudden unexpected events.

After having stated the impact of Jupiter’s transit in Cancer, on many occasions I have mentioned that India has 5 planets in Cancer. Therefore, please expect expansion of all those planets can offer. The immediate point on hand is – transit Jupiter crosses over natal Moon on July 7 at 1845 hrs IST. I expect that the whole country may be totally disappointed with the Government and public outcry on several points will be loud and clear. In fact, the mind of the people, and hence the Government may be absolutely shattered. Many hidden ‘big lies’ will be exposed to the utter disappointment of people. In fact, we already have enough to talk in the last few weeks.

Jupiter having its fundamental portfolio of Justice, one can easily expect a lot from the judiciary perspective. Wrong doers will start getting their due reward of punishment. Let us standby and watch out.
Since the blog has a large number of overseas readers and my comments only on India is a bit boring, you are most welcome to send me your contry’s chart and I will attempt to comment. 

K Jagadish,

July 2, 2014,
Bangalore, India.


Mercury turns direct on July 1

Mercury being always within about 18 degrees from Sun turns retrograde often.  Although the retrogression is for a brief period of approximately about 20 days, I always feel that new seeds of events related to its portfolio may have been sown while many past events might also get revised. By this I mean when Mercury turns retrograde and as well when it becomes direct,  sets new trends with its intrinsic portfolio.

Mercury turned retrograde on June 7 in Gemini, its own house and when Jupiter was conjunct. In India, we observed the following points:

  • A big media house management changed hands.
  • Several court cases against the high and mighty politicians reached a stage.
  • The new Government’s words either got into turbulence or lost its credibility.
  • Internal communication within political parties became a hot subject for discussion.
  • The hype and enthusiasm created during the election campaign died down.

What are the possible effects when Mercury turns direct on July 1? The major point worth underlining is that, Mercury becomes more powerful in the company of Sun till the July 17th.  Since Jupiter has moved out of Gemini on June 19th to its exalted Rasi of Cancer leaving its footprints strongly, both Sun and Mercury are now free to act independently but follow the footsteps of Jupiter, the planet of justice. Thus, I feel that the following points may be worth considering:

  • Many false statements and spoken words will get publicity.
  • Electronic media which mainly became a mouthpiece for political parties, selectively, will now repent and may be compelled to report truth against the very same people who were praised a little while ago.
  • Court matters may proceed fast.
  • Many decisions taken by the Government since June 7th are very likely to be revised and, when Sun moves to Cancer on July 17th, they will again be compelled to relook and may come under attack by the judiciary when Mercury moves to Cancer on June 29th.
  • With a stellium (group) of 5 planets in Cancer in the Indian Independence chart and transit Jupiter aspected by the 10th aspect of retrograde Saturn, the Government may come under severe attack from several quarters.
  • Under all conditions, crossing over of transit Mars over Rahu on July 13/14th in Virgo may not be good.
  • Once Saturn turns direct on July 21st, I expect a lot of political activity due to a number of Astrological reasons.

Nothing of what has been written above should cause any unwanted tension in the mind of readers since each human being birth chart is distinctly different and unique. For many people, Mercury turning direct may bring smile on their face!

K Jagadish,
Dated June 30, 2014,
Bangalore, India.

Jupiter in action!

Jupiter entered its exalted sign Cancer just this morning (June 19th) and there is already a news report that the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s case of ‘disproportionate asset’ has reached a flash point of judgment. I have already mentioned in my earlier post that judicial activism may take a toll of politicians although there is nothing untoward right now.

There are several cases of national interest involving big-wigs before the Supreme Court and other courts and, most cases have been dragged and stretched beyond imagination. Perhaps now it may not be any longer possible for the Government to drag it further. Heads can start rolling.

In the Indian Independence chart we find Sun, Saturn, Mercury, Venus and Moon in the 3rd house viz., Cancer wherein Jupiter has moved. Retrograde Saturn’s 10th aspect, generally meaning conclusion, falls on all those planets and Jupiter too, till November 2nd when Saturn moves to Scorpio. Thus it is obvious that the sign owned by those planets will be under bombardment of both Saturn and Jupiter.

Mars is a planet of ‘trigger’ and it conjoins Saturn on July 14th and this might very well be the beginning of the end of some cases possibly. The most interesting point could be when Mars crosses transit Rahu in Virgo and immediately moves on to join retrograde Saturn.

Further, transit Jupiter now in Cancer squares natal Jupiter in Libra. This is termed as ‘hard aspect’ and no wonder if the judgment of court/s could be really hard. Interestingly, for the Prime Minister, transit Jupiter is in ‘Shrastashtaka’ 6/8 relationship with his natal retrograde Jupiter in Aquarius. The last ‘Pariyaya’ (12 years back) viz., in 2002 the infamous Gujarat riots broke out and he got involved with the judiciary then. Of course, the Dasa he was running then was that of well placed Venus against the current Dasa of badhaka Moon.  The planet of suddenness and unexpected – ‘Uranus’, was then transiting in Aquarius trine to his natal Uranus in his 8th house. Now, the transits are not harmonious by any means.

All of us feel that we are very intelligent and we can do anything that we plan and wish while the planets have their duty to perform and, we cannot corrupt them! Planets will carry out their mission irrespective of our vision.

K Jagadish,
Bangalore, India.

Jupiter’s sojourn in Cancer

Jupiter has been transiting in Gemini since May 31, 2013. Gemini is not a very comfortable place for Jupiter. Presumably, for those running the dasa of Jupiter, it might have been a roller coaster ride, by and large. Of course, a general comment like this may not be appropriate since there are any number of other factors which have to be taken into account. June 19, 2014 0607 hrs IST Jupiter moves into Cancer. Does the saga of troublesome period end for many? This is something which needs careful attention from the Janma Kundli perspective and can never be generalized.

After having mentioned the drawbacks of Jupiter’s transit in Gemini, drawing a tangent to my own statement, is it not that Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of India? Did Jupiter benefit him? If he has already been benefited in an inorganic planetary ambiance, how does Jupiter moving out from Gemini impact him are a set of concerns in perspective. June 16, 2001 was when Jupiter’s ingress into Gemini took place the last time before May 31, 2013 and soon after that he became the Chief Minister of Gujarat the first ever time. History has evidenced this point. Therefore, for Narendra Modi the transit of Jupiter in Gemini has indeed been good. He became the Chief Minister under politically adverse situation and even now he has occupied the seat of the Prime Minister in an ambiance similar to the past. In one of my earlier posts, I have mentioned that one cycle of Jupiter is called a ‘Pariyaya’.

By virtue of experience I have always maintained that transit of planets in dual signs viz., Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, generally brings forth old issues. The logic behind is the first amsa of a dual sign is the fifth from its own sign whilst, ‘5’ stands for past. Let me add here that, apart from the fact that the transit of planets in dual signs being normally not comfortable for us, even worse is the fact that the lord of one dual sign transiting in another dual sign like in the case on hand. Of course, the transit of Mercury being a fast moving planet, in its own or opposite dual signs, the negative effects may not be very pronounced.

I place before you some points which might be of general interest to get an idea about Jupiter’s ingress into Cancer, it’s so called exalted sign:

  • Jupiter owns one Fiery sing (Sagittarius) and one Watery sign (Pisces).
  • Cancer is a Watery sign and is the 5th sign from Jupiter’s second sign viz., Pisces and thus it trines. Effects should be good.
  • However, Jupiter will have an adverse relationship from Sagittarius for two reasons. (a) Sagittarius is a Fiery sign and its lord Jupiter transiting in a Watery sign perhaps loses its shine due to disharmony. (b) While in Cancer, Jupiter will have a 6/8 (shrashtaka) relationship which is not favourable.
  • Jupiter will receive the 10th aspect of retrograde Saturn till July 21, 2014 and thus it renders itself weak while its effect gets duly modulated by Saturn. To me it looks that some ‘Adharma’ (injustice) might get addressed by a re-visit to the judicial aspects.
  • Saturn was being aspected by Jupiter (5th aspect) since May 31, 2013 all along during its journey in Gemini and it thus created a ‘make-believe’ situation of synthetic simulation in so many walks of our life and specifically for those are intrinsically corrupt thus ‘engineering success’.
  • In continuation of the point above, Jupiter itself being highly uncomfortable in Gemini all along giving scope to duality of ‘justice’ or the flip side of ‘justice’ weighing in favour of corrupt, perhaps once Jupiter moves into Cancer and it received the 10th aspect of Saturn, the countdown for the crooks may hopefully start.
  • Obviously, the loss of crooks may be a gain for the honest.
  • Judicial activism may be very well pronounced.
  • Since Cancer is a Watery sign and Jupiter with reference to Sagittarius, a Fiery sign and, displaying a 6/8 relationship means the Ocean surface getting hotter impacting the weather conditions.

For the benefit of readers from India, I would like to shortlist a few points for your consideration:

  • In continuation of the above point, the El Nino effect, first and foremost, affecting India may lead to a drought and situation in certain parts and floods in some parts.
  • As if enough is not enough, Jupiter transiting in its exalted sign may do more harm than anything good on many fronts.
  • Attention is obviously drawn to the Indian Independence chart. We have *Moon, Saturn, Mercury, Venus and Sun in Cancer, the 4th sign of the Zodiac and, the third house of India.
  • Jupiter is a planet of expansion and whichever it touches, it expands. The good or bad effect depends upon a number of other factors. Of course, approximately every 12 years, Jupiter transits in Cancer and then why there should be so much of noise this time?
  • Yes, though the above statement is true, the specialty this time is that, transit Saturn is aspecting all the planets mentioned above while Jupiter will be conjunct with all the planets*.
  • It is very likely that a ‘touch and go’ situation may prevail on a gamut of issues of governance.

Summarising the effects of the Astrological ambiance, the following points may be relevant:

  • Huge imbalance between supply and demand for many commodities including food articles, vegetables, fruits and common household daily needs.
  • Overall increase in cost of living.
  • Pronounced instability in a number of aspects of our life.
  • National security may also become a serious point of consideration for the party in power.
  • Relationship with neighbours needs very careful attention to safeguard against backstabbing.
  • Trade relationship with other countries may have to be reviewed.

Jupiter’s ingress into Cancer on a personal note may be very good for large number of people. Uncertainties that prevailed since May 31, 2013 may get over soon. Of course, much depends upon Janma Kundli, but, under all conditions, perhaps some solace can be expected.

K Jagadish, Bangalore, India.

Mercury Turns Retrograde

Mercury turns retrograde on June 7th, 1727 hrs IST and gets direct on July 1st at 1820 hrs.

Mercury is the planet which will  be always around 18 degrees from Sun and will be frequently getting retrograde. I have always felt that the impact of retrograde planets on us needs careful consideration and should never be treated lightly. This shall however not mean that we should be scared about any issue.

I am of the firm opinion that both transit and retrogression of planets in movable, fixed and dual signs impacts our life in the following manner. General classification may be four types while one has to take other permutation and combinations as well:

  1. A planet transiting in a movable sign raises concerns mainly about current issues. The first navamsa is the sign itself is the logic.
  2. A planet transiting in a fixed sign throws light on future issues. The first navamsa is the ninth sign from where the planet is transiting.
  3. A planet transiting in a dual sign kicks up issues of the past. The first navamsa is the 5th sign.
  4. The lord of a dual sign transiting in another dual sign needs extraordinary scrutiny while delineation of charts.

Note: At present Jupiter the lord of dual signs Sagittarius and Pisces transiting in another dual sign Gemini since the last about 13 months has generally created ripples across the globe on a gamut issues as we all know. Further, Mars too transiting in a dual sign and being retrograde, while at the same time Saturn transiting in movable sign and retrograde, has left me wondering about the after-effects of general election in India. We are yet to see what is in store on the political front regarding the just concluded election. High hopes about a stable Government has to be more experienced than assumed.

Mercury is the lord of 3rd and 6th sign of the Zodiac. It is best that the premise of discussion is centered on this. Secondly, transit Mercury is in the 3rd sign of the Zodiac viz., Gemini. Therefore, the characteristics of ‘3’ i.e, in generic terms means the 3rd house matters may undergo re-visit. Further, Mercury turning retrograde when it is transiting in the 3rd amsa of Gemini viz., Sagittarius. Sagittarius which is the 9th sign of the Zodiac. Mercury entered Gemini on 23rd May at 0155 hrs. Just to share my Astrological thoughts with the readers, I propose to narrate the following points. I have not taken into account the 6th sign lordship of Mercury since it will be too much to comprehend:

  • ‘3’ stands for communication, contracts, courage and confidence, counting, co born – brother, sister, cousins etc., and to an extent help from friends, apart from so many other possibilities.
  • ‘9’ stands for future, fortune, including planning for future etc.
  • Transit Jupiter in Gemini now in the 9th amsa viz., Gemini itself is conjunct Mercury.
  • Jupiter the planet of expansion conjunct Mercury in the house owned by Mercury, fundamentally excites the opposite house i.e., Sagittarius as already mentioned the 9th sign of the Zodiac.
  • Sagittarius is being aspected (influence) of retrograde Saturn’s 3rd aspect, 4th aspect of Mars, 7th aspect of its lord Jupiter.

Possible general impact of retrogression of Mercury:

  • Contracts signed entered into after 23rd May might come under scrutiny/revision.
  • Since Mercury represents accounts, trading etc., there is a strong possibility of point above repeating.
  • The involvement of Jupiter indicates judicial intervention/review also.
  • The involvement of Mars shows investigating agencies being directed by judiciary to investigate.
  • Retrogrades Saturn’s role indicates the past records involving democracy being subjected to review.
  • People may be susceptible to airborne diseases/infection, breathing/bronchial and gastric complaints recurrence.
  • Telecommunication disruption possibilities and Computer related hassles may be experienced.

From a mundane (country/world) Astrology point of view for India, the following points may be pertinent:

  • Recent election vote counting issues might come up before the judiciary.
  • Cases if any regarding poll rigging, Electronic Voting Machine tampering etc., might get a boost.
  • The ruling party associates might come out with sudden demands and may lead to revision of association.
  • As per Indian independence chart since Mercury is the 2nd and 5th lord, financial matters may get reviewed.
  • Changes in the Union Cabinet is not ruled out while the disgruntled group will gain strength and disrupt normal functioning of the Government.
  • Relationship with neighbourhood may get strained and trade pact might get affected.

Please do not presume or entertain unnecessary thoughts about negative points and, good or bad outcome of retrogression of Mercury depends on individual chart and, for many people it can be very good also. Just to give an example, a contract which might have gone out of hands before 23rd May might even get revived. Further, what Mercury stands out in natal chart may over ride the general portfolio of Mercury as explained above, but still it retains its basic characteristics.

Jupiter moves out of Gemini on June 19th leaving the company of retrograde Mercury and this means that there could be a spurt in court cases on many counts.

K Jagadish


Astrology, beyond predictions

We normally feel that Astrology is just about predictions alone. I differ from this view quite a bit. It is obvious that the mind gets fixed on exploring future through Astrology. Firstly, from time immemorial, it is possible that Astrologers’ themselves may have projected the focus more on ‘foretelling’ rather than navigating birth charts from different angles in an exploratory path. By this mechanism we seem to sit in decision ‘only this far and no further’ attitude which may not be the right thought process. By doing so, are we limiting ourselves and defining boundaries, rather than exploring possibilities and prospects?

It is indeed best to think out of the box, and stretch our thoughts way beyond what the foretellers might say. Just as a citation, let us say someone in the higher age group looking for continuity of employment hits a psychological dead-end. This is just the time to meet an Astrologer to discuss on the possibilities of ‘getting profitably’ engaged instead of limiting the Astrologer’s mind only to further employment. May be, he/she has to tell the Astrologer – I am here to discuss generally on my life twilight pattern instead of asking a very pointed question and getting a reply either positive or negative.

After having stated points which tends towards a paradigm shift on a psychological plane, I will attempt to highlight, briefly, some Astrological points to bring about a balance between what can be expected from an Astrologer vis-à-vis how to activate the mind of an Astrologer to get the best out of a counseling session. The underlying Astrological parameters are:

  • The entire subject of Astrology revolves around the Karma theory, as you sow, so you reap.
  • The point when translated to Astrological terms simply conveys 1-5-9, the trinity of values. ‘1’ current life (current issues or concerns), ‘5’ past life (past efforts?) and ‘9’ future life (future of an event in question).
  • Each planet has its unique characteristics and portfolio. By portfolio, as an example, let us say Jupiter is normally taken into consideration from the point of as ‘Puthrakaraka’ or progeny apart from host of multiple qualities. Many are of intrinsic and or permanent and, some are modulated in combination or conjunction or aspects of other planets. This is called ‘Graha Tatwa’.
  • Each sign of the Zodiac just as in the case of planets has its unique and distinct qualities, characteristics and effects on the planets. This is called ‘Rasi Tatwa’.
  • Next comes the ‘Bhava Tatwa’. This point arises from the point of view of what is the rising sign viz., the Ascendant or Lagna in the chart. To make it clear, let me give an example. If Aries sign is the Ascendant, then, any planet in Aries itself is termed as Lagna Bhava. Next house viz., Taurus is the second Bhava. Second Bhava means a gamut of its own specific and generic meaning. This point is so vast and when exaggerated a bit, sky may be the limit. Just to give an example, 2nd Bhava may mean money, bank balance, food, family, knowledge, speech and so on. I must clarify here that the word Bhava in a technical sense for Astrologers means slightly different and a special chart called as Bhava chart is also drawn or often referred to pick and choose a specific point that may possibly emanate out of the second Bhava.

Taking clue out of the points above, since the horizon of an Astrological ‘estimate’ as I would love to put it, is so vast and wide and far-reaching. Any question that we have in mind about future, it is best that it is broad based instead of sharp and pin-pinpointed to avoid limiting the thoughts of Astrologer. Further, the word ‘accurate prediction’ comes up in the mind of us, and quite rightly so. This is an aftermath of tremendous psychological pressure we may be experiencing on any given issue. The best way to get over this pressure is to look for all or any alternative that the planet/s is likely to influence. However, I know there are situations where the question will have to be specific and pointed.

Moving on to Mundane Astrology, recently a very close and leaned friend of mine, in a casual discussion gave me an idea to explore country’s chart. I have already made a beginning in that direction in the post captioned “Homemade Electricity and India”.

In conclusion, through Astrology it is possible to explore charts to find out the natural intellectual faculties, personality traits and resources which are a sort of ‘natal promise’ and take cognizance of it and then move ahead. There are cases where a chart may be a ‘king maker chart’ while he may be trying to become a ‘king’ and thus it might be time unproductively spent. Likewise, many charts do not permit getting on to business/self-employed while the person might be slogging all through the life to make business successful. Therefore, the million dollar question is – do we want accurate predictions or meaningful predictions or estimate.

I am writing this post, to an extent, summarizing my encounters with some elite and resourceful persons who were counseled by me to re-orient their trajectory of business. A slight difference in the approach to a question by sheer application of mind and thinking in an ‘unconventional’ manner simply amounts to working in an Astrological laboratory. It can even be termed as ‘thinking experiment’ which yields excellent results.

K Jagadish

The Zodiac a 12 Volts Battery?

I think again it may look funny. There is a valid reason to say this. The principle of microcosm and macrocosm exist in the universe. Whatever we find in the outside world is something which is already within every human being.

Human brain – a supercomputer, eyes – a camera, ears – telecommunication and so on. The so called innovation that we find in the world today is nothing short of a replication of all the faculties that God has embedded in us. The human body has everything – name any branch of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics and so on. The neuro fuzzy logic is just in-built in every function of the body.

Moving on to the Zodiac, for the information of the readers, the first sign of the Zodiac viz., Aries is Astrologically treated as +ve (positive) sign and the next sign Taurus is treated as –ve (negative) sign, and then it alternates in the same order. This order is further extended in Astrological parlance that the first sign viz., Aries is treated as ‘Male’ and the second sign Taurus is treated as ‘Female’. These points are most often factored, contextually, while delineating birth charts.

Thus the 12 signs of the Zodiac amount to a 12V battery. I wonder whether the inventor of the battery ever thought that he has chosen one volt per cell and thus it became a standard 12 Volts battery although the scientific reasoning could be from a different perspective.

K Jagadsih

The chemistry of Astrology

The influence of planets on our life is highly sensitive, sometimes very glaring and well pronounced, and at times, extremely subtle and can even be a silent blaster. I would like to categorically mention that all the planets are active 24 X 7 X 365 in our chart and so the Hindus worship the Navagrahas (9 planets). Depending upon the Dasa, Bhukti and Antra which is nothing short of say – calendar and clock, a few planets can be said to be lead planets.

Back Engineering of Narendra Modi’s chart:

In Astrology, we have to take factor-in the effects of ‘incubation’ just like in a pathological laboratory or as to how an under developed baby is put in the incubator. Here comes the association of planets specifically while in retrogression, and even more so when the associate planet is also retrograde. The case in point is that of retrograde Saturn, and Rahu, which of course is always retrograde/shadowy and Mars. Let us note that both Saturn and Mars were moving forward and only Rahu was moving away (backward). Rahu joined Saturn in Libra on December 24, 2012. This may be the precise time when Narendra Modi started his mission for Prime Minister’s chair. At that time, Mars was in Capricorn, its exalted sign aspecting Leo, Narendra Modi’s 10th house. This is how the seed has been sown, presumably.

Mars entered Libra and joined Saturn and Rahu on Feburary 4, 2014. However, on March 1 and March 2, 2014, Mars and Saturn both became retrograde respectively. Thus, the earlier incubation of Saturn with Rahu got triggered and March 5, the Election was officially announced. Saturn, the planet of Dharma got doped with Rahu, only to be triggered by retrograde Mars.

Rahu is a planet of utmost importance in Astrology. It can make and unmake things and alter our life in ways which is beyond our imagination. I have been repeatedly mentioning that it is a planet of illusion, fraud, unethical, shrouded with mysteries, secrets and grouping up similar elements etc., of course, contextually. Let us also note that there is Rahu behind some scientist’s innovation, new technology etc., on the positive side.

Mars is like the computer keyboard ‘Enter’ key. On May 20, 2014, Mars became direct and by noon Narendra Modi was elected unanimously the leader by the newly elected Members of the Parliament. Just 5 hours after Mars became direct!

The very same Mars which is now direct enters Libra on July 14, 2014 at 07:47 hrs and joins retrograde Saturn and Rahu. The incubation which took place while it was retrograde earlier in association with retrograde Saturn and Rahu which I shall term ‘it as a baby in the incubator’, whether the oxygen will be cut off is to be seen than believed. May I point out that earlier during incubation there was Jupiter’s aspect on retrograde Saturn, Rahu and retrograde Mars while now viz., now on July 14, it lacks Jupiter’s 5th aspect when Jupiter moves to Cancer on June 19th. Let us see whether lack of Jupiter’s aspect means cutting off oxygen supply.

How Mars is aggressive – a live and contemporary personal experience:

It is best to experience Astrology than assumptions and bookish examples. Just feel Astrology practically. I am compelled to share my personal experience with the readers not to impress, but to express my take on Mars and retrogression of planets and then getting direct.

I was living in Bangalore till 24th February, 2014 when moved to Ahmedabad. Personally, I had no inclination or desire to move out and all of a sudden due to circumstances I had to move out very abruptly – lock, stock and barrel. I have already mentioned that Mars and Saturn got retro on 1st and 2nd March respectively. Suddenly, on 20th May when Mars became direct, these planets are again pushing me back to Bangalore with no role to play on my side. Looks funny, but true.

I am not saying that everyone is relocating and may be that some who took some steps during retrogression of Mars and Saturn, may have to retrace the steps. Of course, the role of Mars and Saturn is different for each individual. It may mean job for some, may mean money and so on.


Mars is the lagna lord and Rasi lord for Narendra Modi. Mars is now moving forward to his 12th house from 11th house of gain and soon it will be exactly square to natal Uranus, a planet which from nowhere can create wonders, both positive and or negative. What it means to him let us watch.

Most TV channels barring a few here and there have praised Narendra Modi’s Janma Kundli and the searing-in ceremony Muhurat. Some Astrologers appearing on a few channels are highly apprehensive about the whole scenario. Why am I going along with the minority while the majority is in Delhi? Let us see and then believe.

It is time to catch up with live swearing-in chart when he spells the first word. Good luck to him!

K Jagadish