Mercury Turns Retrograde

Mercury turns retrograde on June 7th, 1727 hrs IST and gets direct on July 1st at 1820 hrs.

Mercury is the planet which will  be always around 18 degrees from Sun and will be frequently getting retrograde. I have always felt that the impact of retrograde planets on us needs careful consideration and should never be treated lightly. This shall however not mean that we should be scared about any issue.

I am of the firm opinion that both transit and retrogression of planets in movable, fixed and dual signs impacts our life in the following manner. General classification may be four types while one has to take other permutation and combinations as well:

  1. A planet transiting in a movable sign raises concerns mainly about current issues. The first navamsa is the sign itself is the logic.
  2. A planet transiting in a fixed sign throws light on future issues. The first navamsa is the ninth sign from where the planet is transiting.
  3. A planet transiting in a dual sign kicks up issues of the past. The first navamsa is the 5th sign.
  4. The lord of a dual sign transiting in another dual sign needs extraordinary scrutiny while delineation of charts.

Note: At present Jupiter the lord of dual signs Sagittarius and Pisces transiting in another dual sign Gemini since the last about 13 months has generally created ripples across the globe on a gamut issues as we all know. Further, Mars too transiting in a dual sign and being retrograde, while at the same time Saturn transiting in movable sign and retrograde, has left me wondering about the after-effects of general election in India. We are yet to see what is in store on the political front regarding the just concluded election. High hopes about a stable Government has to be more experienced than assumed.

Mercury is the lord of 3rd and 6th sign of the Zodiac. It is best that the premise of discussion is centered on this. Secondly, transit Mercury is in the 3rd sign of the Zodiac viz., Gemini. Therefore, the characteristics of ‘3’ i.e, in generic terms means the 3rd house matters may undergo re-visit. Further, Mercury turning retrograde when it is transiting in the 3rd amsa of Gemini viz., Sagittarius. Sagittarius which is the 9th sign of the Zodiac. Mercury entered Gemini on 23rd May at 0155 hrs. Just to share my Astrological thoughts with the readers, I propose to narrate the following points. I have not taken into account the 6th sign lordship of Mercury since it will be too much to comprehend:

  • ‘3’ stands for communication, contracts, courage and confidence, counting, co born – brother, sister, cousins etc., and to an extent help from friends, apart from so many other possibilities.
  • ‘9’ stands for future, fortune, including planning for future etc.
  • Transit Jupiter in Gemini now in the 9th amsa viz., Gemini itself is conjunct Mercury.
  • Jupiter the planet of expansion conjunct Mercury in the house owned by Mercury, fundamentally excites the opposite house i.e., Sagittarius as already mentioned the 9th sign of the Zodiac.
  • Sagittarius is being aspected (influence) of retrograde Saturn’s 3rd aspect, 4th aspect of Mars, 7th aspect of its lord Jupiter.

Possible general impact of retrogression of Mercury:

  • Contracts signed entered into after 23rd May might come under scrutiny/revision.
  • Since Mercury represents accounts, trading etc., there is a strong possibility of point above repeating.
  • The involvement of Jupiter indicates judicial intervention/review also.
  • The involvement of Mars shows investigating agencies being directed by judiciary to investigate.
  • Retrogrades Saturn’s role indicates the past records involving democracy being subjected to review.
  • People may be susceptible to airborne diseases/infection, breathing/bronchial and gastric complaints recurrence.
  • Telecommunication disruption possibilities and Computer related hassles may be experienced.

From a mundane (country/world) Astrology point of view for India, the following points may be pertinent:

  • Recent election vote counting issues might come up before the judiciary.
  • Cases if any regarding poll rigging, Electronic Voting Machine tampering etc., might get a boost.
  • The ruling party associates might come out with sudden demands and may lead to revision of association.
  • As per Indian independence chart since Mercury is the 2nd and 5th lord, financial matters may get reviewed.
  • Changes in the Union Cabinet is not ruled out while the disgruntled group will gain strength and disrupt normal functioning of the Government.
  • Relationship with neighbourhood may get strained and trade pact might get affected.

Please do not presume or entertain unnecessary thoughts about negative points and, good or bad outcome of retrogression of Mercury depends on individual chart and, for many people it can be very good also. Just to give an example, a contract which might have gone out of hands before 23rd May might even get revived. Further, what Mercury stands out in natal chart may over ride the general portfolio of Mercury as explained above, but still it retains its basic characteristics.

Jupiter moves out of Gemini on June 19th leaving the company of retrograde Mercury and this means that there could be a spurt in court cases on many counts.

K Jagadish


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