Jupiter has turned direct just now!

Jupiter has turned direct just now and Mars in Aries 4th amsa is bound to support exalted Jupiter. Further, Jupiter though absolutely stationary (apparently) just now will be on a fast track almost in a few hours. Its 5th aspect on retrograde Saturn in Scorpio transiting in 4th amsa corresponding to its exalted sign Libra may bring about a lot of issues hidden since 2014 to the forefront and Jupiter (judiciary) and Mars (enforcement agencies) may now become pro-active.

Although these points are on the horizon of Astrology, with the backdrop of whatever I have written in my earlier posts, I feel that political controversies and conflict of interests may galore and wrong doers and those who came to power by unlawful means and blatant lies will face the heat.

I expect before May 3, 2015 when Mars moves to Taurus, it will plant/nurture seeds already sown by it only to further germinate while in Taurus and head-on collide with Saturn depicting democracy.

K Jagadish,

Bangalore, India.

April 8, 2015.