Fluctuations in job/profession and earning potential causing concern? Astrological perspectives – Read this article in 3 minutes

Overview about Job

Perhaps this is a subject which is an important aspect of everyone’s life. Thoughts on the issue and the future thereof, crosses our mind almost constantly, generally. The Astrological perspectives if unveiled can give us peace of mind from the point of view of what to expect and when. Here are some points in the form of FAQs (frequently asked questions):

1. Is birth chart very essential?
If birth chart is not available or not accurate, it can be still answered through Horary or Prasna Shastra

2. If in our birth chart 10th house which defines our profession and also accomplishment, is afflicted, does it affect the person right through his or her life?
Not necessarily. It depends on the Dasha, Bhukti and Antra which is a tool in Astrology comparable to measurement of time or phase of life. If something on the job front is not ok for some time, it may not mean that it is a permanent issue lasting throughout the life.

3. Does the earning potential vary?
Yes, as an aftermath of the points stated above, the earning potential also gets moderated suitably.

4. Apart from Dasha, Bhukthi and Antra, is there any other point/s that impacts our life?
Yes, the transit of slow moving planets viz., Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu may give favourable or unfavourable results depending upon our birth chart. Saturn stays in one Zodiac sign for about 30 months, Jupiter about 13 months and Rahu/Ketu for about 18 months.

5. Has the Creator designed the life to somehow find a balance between good and bad?
Yes, we have to accept the facts of destiny and owe our gratitude that God has at least given a chance to continue life, sometimes a bit easily and sometimes with tough time. Through Astrology, it is possible to know the patches of good and bad period and thus look at life holistically and be in peace considerably.

6. Why the difficulties are selectively experienced and ‘why me?’ is a common question for many of us?
Obviously, this question haunts most of us. The reason is ‘Karma Theory’ – as you sow, so you reap – is the nucleus of our life. We are not aware of our good deeds and bad deeds in the past lives. Whether we believe in this philosophy or not, it is imperative that the effects haunt us and we are helpless. Sometimes we feel how come some decidedly bad people are still enjoying the life now; the answer is that we are not aware of their past good deeds. However, God’s mill will grind slowly, but surely!

7. Is God kind and merciful?
Yes, God can be taken for granted as kind and merciful which every religion agrees without any doubt. Let us be sure that God, of course through the planets will surely be kind for all those who believe and love God. It is very essential that we respect and treat well everyone, and specifically parents, with love and affection apart from practicing right moral values. God will provide sufficient strength and confidence to face life even under adverse circumstances.

8. Are there any remedies available to lessen the adverse impact, if any, of the planets?
Yes. Firstly those who respect and value what is stated in the above paragraph stand out distinctly better. Secondly, wearing appropriate Gem stones may also reduce the negative impact of planets.Astrology is a subject meant to build confidence in ourselves and inspire. We can also in a manner limit our ambitions so that disappointment can be avoided or reduced. Once we know what to expect and when, perhaps the mind will be at peace.

The Spectacular game of Planets Transit in Navamsa

The Dance of the Destiny through interpolation of aspects between transit Rasi chart and transit Navamsa chart through aspects and longitudinal hits to our natal D1 & D9 charts is nothing short of a Multilane Express High Way to Jyotish and is more to be experienced than described. If and when you experience, you may be tempted to set your wrist watch to the event, if you so wish!!

Friends, instead of using lengthy sentences and building up paragraph after paragraph, I would right away prefer to go by a transit chart and express myself. If it appeals to you, please try it out in your own chart and if it does not work out, it does not take much time to delete this document. However, before this step, it shall be prudent on our part to remember by heart some points as if we have just got into Astrology an hour back. May I shortlist these points, not to belittle anybody, but to impress ourselves and owe not to misread:

  • The numeral – 1st, 2nd …..sign of the Zodiac and pictorial, say Libra depicted by a weighing scale, Taurus – Bull etc.,  representation of Zodiac signs.
  • The numerals as mentioned above is applicable to planets regarding movement in 1st amsa, 2nd amsa etc., which depicts all matters related 1H, 2H etc., of the native in question.
  • Which planet/s are posited in our natal chart in D1 & D9 and its possible harmony with the transiting planets in various Zodiac signs both in D1 & D9.

Now, let me move on to a transit chart below and attempt to explain some salient points. For the sake of transferring ideas, I have used the concept of ‘brothers’:

  • Treat the Planets in Rasi as elder brothers.
  • Every planet in Navamsa will have to be imagined as a younger brother of the same planet in Rasi chart.
  • As a derivative of the above statement, it is imperative that the planets in Navamsa has the same power, aspects and abilities as in Rasi, but focusing on specific issues of the amsa that it occupies – like 1st amsa for first house matters, 2nd Amsa for second house matters and so on.
  • If the relationship between the brothers say like 6/8 exists in transit chart and or natal chart, such circumstances, may not yield anticipated results.
  • The harmony of aspects between the planets in Rasi vs Navamsa will be significant.
  • As usual, square aspects will be tough, sextile and trine aspects are welcome, normally.
  • A Grand Trine between planets is certainly very significant and can make or unmake important events.
  • Other so called Western aspects can also be considered to be effective.
  • Any event is always within the Grand Trinal Rule of 1, 5 and 9.
  • Identify the Planets in Moveable, Fixed and Dual signs.
  • Planet/s transiting in Moveable signs are ‘just ready’ to act on current issues viz., 1.
  • Planet/s transiting in Dual signs are ‘just ready’ to act on past issues viz., 5.
  • Planet/s transiting in Fixed signs are ‘just ready’ to act on future issues viz., 9.
  • About Retrograde Planets, I have already covered in its appropriate heading.


On the above chart, I propose to offer comments in line with what has been already mentioned earlier:

Let me start with Retro Saturn.

In D1 it aspects Scorpio, Pisces and Gemini. In D9 it aspects Cancer, Scorpio and Aquarius. Any planet in the above signs would naturally be under the sway of Saturn.

Saturn as soon as it entered Virgo the first amsa was obviously in Capricorn, and when it came to its 7th amsa viz., Cancer, it became retrograde. Let us correlate Cancer which is 11th to Virgo and amsa 7th. From this we need to understand what it means for our natal chart from the following points of view:

  • What is Virgo sign for us.
  • What are the natural and stellar portfolios of Saturn.
  • Where Saturn is posited in our natal D1 & D9.
  • From 7th amsa it moved back to 6th amsa Viz., Gemini and now to 5th amsa Viz., Taurus.
  • Are there any planets in the houses touched by Retro Saturn and if yes, what does those planet/s mean for us. Once it turns direct on the 13th June, 2011, it will create a new ambiance after having redefined or reformed the houses in our life from Taurus to Cancer and further.


Jupiter while transiting in Pisces would have certainly brought out all matters of the past by virtue of transiting in a dual sign of its own to link up with a new beginning with immediate actions ever since it moved to Aries, a moveable sign. Jupiter, the greatest benefactor for the simple reason that it has the special 5th and 9th aspect, is truly judicious in connecting the past and the future. No wonder that Jupiter depicts judiciary.

Jupiter in D1 is aspecting Leo, Libra and Sagittarius and in D9 after having moved to 2nd amsa in Taurus is aspecting Virgo, Scorpio and Capricorn. By interpolation of aspects, what I mean is, in D1, Jupiter in Aries is aspecting Leo, whereas, in D9 we see Moon. My contention is that Moon still gets the benefic influence of Jupiter. Apart from this, please take a call on Mercury which in D1 is in Aries while in D9 it is in Saggitarius. This is a typical case of double activation since Mercury is conjoined with Jupiter in Aries and in D9 it is in Sagittarius receiving the 9th aspect of D1 Jupiter.


Mars in D1 is aspecting Cancer, Libra and Scorpio. In D9 Mars is in the 7th amsa of Aries viz., Libra and aspecting Capricorn, Aries and Taurus. Further, Jupiter in Aries conjoined with Mars is aspecting Mars in 7th amsa which is thus a mutual aspect between itself while Jupiter by virtue of being in the second amsa viz. Taurus is receiving the 8th aspect of D9 Mars. This is yet another typical example of how Jupiter and Mars have got tied up with each other may be for a common purpose or goal though for short intervals and that is when a lot of significant events might take place both in the mundane chart as well in our personal charts.

In conclusion, don’t we feel that all the Zodiac signs are receiving aspect from some planet or the other and whenever Moon or Ascendant or both move in various signs, we experience different results? On the face of this write up, it might look a bit complex, but once we understand the underlying principle, I think it is as easy as drinking a glass of water.


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