Today Mars excites Five planets in Aquarius

Venus enters Aquarius by 2054 hrs IST today to conjoin transit Sun, Mercury, Ketu and of course Moon and receives the 4th aspect of Mars from its own house (the 8th sign of the Zodiac) where transit Saturn is also posited. Although the sign Aquarius is aspected by retrograde Jupiter conjunct Rahu in Leo while this sign itself is under bombardment of Saturn conjunct Mars from Scorpio, the role of Jupiter gets very much limited. The chemistry between Saturn and Mars in Scorpio is quite deadly and thus Mars gets extraordinary power of destruction.

Just glancing the Indian Independence chart, we find five planets in Cancer and in the narration above, it is quite evident that harmony between between the transit planets and the natal planets gets adversely affected because of 6/8 relationship. Further, with reference to the Ascendant (Taurus), in transit, all the planets have a square aspect between themselves. That is Ascendant Taurus square Rahu/Jupiter (Leo), square Saturn/Mars (Scorpio), square Sun/Moon/Mercury/Venus/Ketu (Aquarius).

In my last post viz., “Expect more from Mars now in 2nd amsa” dated February 28, 2016, I have indeed brought about some salient points about the possible ill-effects of Mars/Saturn conjunction. Quite naturally, we now find a nation wide high security alert already sounded in the media. In this context, let me also add that on March 25, Saturn will turn retro and on April 17, Mars too will turn retro while Jupiter is already retrograde. Earlier, I have already mentioned that all the ‘outer planets’ viz., Saturn, Mars and Jupiter would be retrograde simultaneously. It is worthwhile drawing the attention of my readers that in 1984 a similar planetary situation existed and the year was horrible with Bhopal Gas tragedy etc. However, in some countries, a lot of good things too took place.

With specific reference to the overall situation in India, I think everyone would agree that the loss of political equilibrium is being witnessed without any doubt. God knows as to what could be more in store for us. Ensuing conjunction, transit and retrogression of Mars/Saturn will ultimately culminate on August 24, 2016 at 1655 hrs when Mars and Saturn will be at the same degree in Scorpio and by then all the outer planets will be direct. Thus, is it that India is heading for important events from now on to see something more on the said date?

Today the March 7, 2016 transits are quite precarious Astrologically. Moon is already in the star of Mars receiving the 4th aspect of Mars and Venus too joins at 2055 hrs as already mentioned and by 2022 hrs Moon will enter the 4th pada of Mars star Dhanista in Aquarius and around 2330 hrs the Ascendant (transit) moves over Mars in Scorpio. Perhaps, as per security alert, North West region of India has to be guarded most and since Aquarius is an airy sign, by the blink of eyes, we can be fooled.

K Jagadish,
Bangalore, India.
March 7, 2016.