Fasten Your Mind

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“Mind Audit
This is the trickiest portion and the most difficult, misleading all of us. At the same time, it is a golden opportunity to increase the mind power only if we understand the method to do it.

“Being right is not a license to be arrogant. It should teach humility.”
“Taste is a big enemy. At your age, no doubt you should eat well. Healthy food may not be tasty and tasty food may not be healthy.”
“Never compare yourself with anyone. You are a selected human being created by God. Always be ‘yourself ’.”
“Never curse your luck or fate. What we are today is for what we have done earlier.
“The book highlights and points out as to how one can suitably modulate the ‘habits by birth’ and gain extra time and ‘clear mind space’ to accomplish the set goals. In a lighter vein, call it an effort to extend the day of 24 hours to 28 hours by suitably collating the thoughts in the laboratory of Mind!”

“You will find, how, a few simple points, or rather the ones looking so, can change the results favorably provided we first recognize the situation holistically”.

“It is quite possible that as you continue with this book on hand, you may find new meanings, definitions, ideas and hints to ‘better’ and ‘quality time management’ while your entire attention is on ‘mind audit’ to maximize productivity.”

“Brain is a part and parcel of human anatomy like any other organ, but, it has unique and extraordinary functions. In our context, let us say ‘brain’ is like a ‘CPU’ (central processor unit) in a computer, whereas mind can be compared to the software running using the CPU.”

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