Saturn in Sagittarius – a virtual walkthrough!

The subject matter necessitates to be taken up in three parts as under. Saturn moves to Sagittarius on January 26 around 1801 hrs IST and hence this article;

Part 1
The basic or fundamental nature and characteristics of the planet, the Zodiac sign where it is posited before moving to the next sign and what it means to each individual in terms of his/her natal chart. Briefing it up from a traditional perspective – the Rasi Tatwa, the Graha Tatwa and the Bhava Tatwa.

Part 2
Traditional way of looking at the Vedic Moon sign versus an attempt to decipher whether at all the transit of planet/s need to be interpreted with respect to Moon sign or the Lagna or Ascendant. Specifically, the point involved is with respect to transit of Saturn since we are all generally aware of the dreaded (as per Astrologers) ‘Sade Sathi’.

Part 3
A few glimpses of the possible effects of what Saturn can do during its sojourn in Sagittarius. Some unique points will be thrown up for your consideration from a predictive perspective. Of course, the author being an Indian, it is always tempting to make some passing remarks about Indian politics.

I would like to share with everyone a few basic Astrological considerations in respect of the subject and, for that matter any planet moving to the next sign (or previous sign in case of Rahu and Ketu).

Saturn, the slowest moving planet which remains in one Zodiac sign for approximately 30 months needs utmost consideration. One critical and key point is that it turns retrograde approximately in about 4 to 5 months and gets direct after about 5 months, several times during its sojourn in Zodiac sign.

As you may be aware, I have written specific articles in this blog about the phenomenon of retrogression of planets and its impact on us. Just to recapitulate some important points about retrogression; fundamentally it means re-visit or revision and, what is to be noted specifically is in which amsa (in transit Navamsa chart) it turns retrograde and in which amsa it gets direct. This context has to be interpreted to find if there are any other planet/s in those amsas. Further, when the retrograde planet moves back to the previous zodiac sign itself, predictive Astrology demands even more careful consideration.

A generic view of planets transit shall never be to be taken seriously since every individual chart is ‘unique’ even from a Spiritual perspective. This is on account of the inexorable Karmic theory and therefore any sweeping statement about transit of planets will never be applicable to individuals. Unfortunately, in India we have about 832 Television channels as on the year 2015, for approximately 1.2 billion population in India and in every channel Astrologers appear and make sweeping statements which obviously terrorizes the viewers.

The point above is followed by the priestly class conducting different kinds of ‘remedies’ to mitigate the imaginary ill-effects of transit of planets. It is mind boggling to estimate the level of stupidity backed up by utter ignorance about Religion, Spirituality and God mainly from traditions, culture and blind faith and sentiments. Therefore, from a monetary point of view, perhaps it is a billion-dollar issue haunting the society. The Astrologers who appear on the Television, exhibit their ‘so called knowledge’ under the guise of divinity glaringly displayed by their attire! This counters the proverbial statement “Dress does not make a Saint”, but, in reality I should say ‘Dress indeed makes a Saint’! Human life goes on by the Universal and Supreme Karmic theory – as you sow, so shall you reap. The destiny of everyone of us is absolutely fixed when a female conceives! No ‘remedy’ of any kind is ever going to mitigate or alter our life while we get psychological satisfaction of having taken action to avoid the destiny.

I want to reassure my esteemed readers not to get into ‘Sade Sathi’ mode that is, when Saturn transits one sign behind the Moon sign, over the Moon sign and next to the Moon sign which makes up to almost seven and a half years. Just think for yourself the point that Saturn comes to the Moon sign every 28 to 30 years once which means there can be as many as minimum three ‘Sade Sathis’ in our life depending upon our longevity. Does it mean that 7.5 X 3 = 22.5 years of human life is gone for a toss?

Please be touch-based and await Part 1 to be posted very soon.

I would like to avail of this opportunity to wish all of you A Very Happy, Peaceful and Prosperous 2017!

K Jagadish,
Bangalore, India.
January 25, 2017.