Link to my Video Presentations

The nucleus of Astrology is Spirituality. Therefore, any thing that we discuss in Astrology has deep roots in Spirituality and epicenter of Astrology is the doctrine of Karma.

I have given links of a recent presentations including a talk delivered in Orlando, US. Apart from these two presentations, a phone-in live Prasna Shasthra programme in a divine channel Sri Sankara TV in Kannada language is also included.

I hope the links will interest you.

Video presentation: Astrology & Spirituality harnessed together:

The Video quality of the following links of YouTube is poor: Talk on Astrology at Orlando, US:

​Sri Shankara TV programmes Language- Kannada:

May 31,2015

​May 3, 2015

K Jagadish,
Bangalore, India.
October 30, 2015.