K Jagadish is a serial entrepreneur of over four decades in the fields of power electronics and ITES. He started dabbling in astrology as a hobby over twenty years back. In course of time, his interest and competence in astrology grew through active participation in various Internet fora and through the discussion of astrological charts with exponents in the field. Today, K Jagadish is an acknowledged expert. He has, in his inimitable way, opened up new annals in deciphering complex birth charts.

K Jagadish has been practicing a unique method of using Horary or Prasna to decipher charts superimposing it over the birth chart (if available) to zero-in on the questions. This approach is in fact a holistic approach in Astrology. The Science of Time (Kaala Gnana) is duly accounted and thus the question of the person consulting comes to the forefront activating intuitive intelligence by Divine Grace.

Further, vast experience in business life of K Jagadish gives an edge to comprehensively understand the questions and convert it into Astrological terms to come out with extremely useful input to people consulting him.

Astrology is an independent subject but yet​ it is an integral part of Spirituality, specifically the doctrine of Karma. Astrology has its roots in Spirituality and requires a deep and comprehensive understanding of the Soul, body and mind. Thus, there is a dire need for a lot of spiritual discipline and practise to achieve a very high degree of concentration. These points are being assiduously adhered to, day on day, by K Jagadish to accomplish the mission.


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