Mars in action!

In continuation of my many posts on Mars ingress into Aries just on March 23 at 2200 hrs IST, the time that I have been eagerly looking forward since 2014, action has begun at supersonic speed in Indian politics. I must add here that there is a lot more elbow space now, to write about any point in Indian politics. The politics dominated by political power misuse, money and muscle power and draconian laws which so far curbed the freedom of expression to shield the politicians, corrupt to the core. The glaring highlights of Mars discharging its duties, most effectively and accurately, chasing the other outer planets viz., Jupiter and Saturn has thus resulted in the following outcome:

  • Karnataka IAS officer’s death being handed over to CBI (which happened hours before Mars ingress).
  • Section 66A of Information Technology Act being repelled by the Supreme Court thus enabling citizens to express their views freely in the social media.
  • Controversy about Minister of State for External Affairs attending a function with separatists group.
  • Controversy about Jammu and Kashmir Government executive decisions which might hurt country’s security.

Possibly, many more points kept under the carpet may surface sooner than later and hopefully before April 8 when Jupiter turns direct we may witness interesting political debacles. I strongly hold on to my take on effects on terminal houses of 4, 8 and 12 mentioned in my earlier posts. Further, I feel that every day from now on could be politically very interesting and hurting the Central Government. This is the time for ‘change’.

K Jagadish,

March 24, 2015.

Bangalore, India.

Look at the Grand Trine (triangle) in the Zodiac!

The Grand Trine of the outer planets viz., Mars, Saturn and Jupiter – all in watery sign and both Saturn and Jupiter being retrograde, perhaps is sending a definitive message involving all the outer planets and Sun, the planet depicting power or Government.
Grand Trine

It is the outer planets which have special aspects 3,4, 5, 8, 9 and 10 (7th aspect is common for all planets); and in my earlier posts I have given a logical explanation about them indicating how the entire Zodiac is being powered by these planets covering the complete spectrum of the Zodiac. The transit of planets at present can be summarized as under:

  • Retrograde Jupiter – the 9th and 12th lord ofthe Zodiac exalted in the 4th sign viz., Cancer is aspecting 8th sign where retrograde Saturn is posited with the 5th aspect, then the 7th aspect on the 10th sign of the Zodiac and the 9th aspect on the 12th sign where we find Mars, Sun and Ketu.
  • Retrograde Saturn – the 10th and 11th lord of the Zodiac posited in the 8th sign is aspecting the 10th sign with the 3rd aspect, the 2nd sign with the 7th aspect, and the 5th sign with the 10th
  • Mars, the fiery planet of trigger posited in the last and final 12th sign of the Zodiac, conjunct Sun from this morning and Ketu is aspecting the 3rd sign with the 4th aspect, the 7th aspect on the 6th sign where transit Rahu is posited and the 8th aspect on the 7th In my opinion, this is a very interesting situation indicating that Mars is sure to exert tremendous pressure on signs 1, 4, 7, and 8 once it enters Aries on March 23 at 2157 hrs IST.
  • The numerals which have come up above are not mere numbers but filled with actions controlling the universe. Wherever and whenever we come across numerals 5 and 8, we can easily expect the unexpected that too all of a sudden.
  • The outcome of the Mars entering Aries as above is that it impacts India chart encompassing Sun, Moon, Saturn, Mercury and Venus in the 4th house with its 4th aspect while it will be the 12th house, the 7th aspect falls on Jupiter and the8th aspect on Ketu. I am very much aware that Mars takes two years (approximately) to go round the Zodiac. But, my take is that Mars always sets rise to make a new beginning in conjunction with the remaining two outer planets viz., Saturn and Jupiter which are retrograde. However, Jupiter turns direct on April 8 and thus the period between now and April 8 could be very crucial for India.
  • An Astrological flash back of 2014 election considering the then planetary positions is now prone to be terribly affected in a number of ways.

In conclusion, 8th and 9th amsa of Pisces Mars is now transiting will continue to pose problems for the Government and once it touches Aries on March 23, there is a strong possibility of a full blown explosive situation. We have to wait and watch out the developments. As already mentioned in the very outset, the Grand Trine of outer planets in watery sign and with Sun also moving to a watery sign Pisces today and joining Mars and Ketu as well will surely create fresh fireworks in Indian politics.

Mars ingress into Aries every two years and planetary position with respect to it then, is a subject of high potential for research not only for any country chartbut also for individual natal chart.

K Jagadish,

Bangalore, India.

March 15, 2015.

Thumb nail of transit of planets before Saturn turns retrograde-Part 4

In continuation of the subject, 3 parts have already been published and the last one on March 2, 2015 referring to Mars transit in Navamsa. This is the final part under this heading since Saturn will turn retrograde soon to demonstrate what is its say for Indian politics.

Mars enters the 7th amsa, its exalted amsa on March 10, 2015 at 1506 hrs IST (as per Bangalore coordinates). It will roll over Saturn and Venus in Navamsa of Indian Independence Chart, while retrograde exalted Jupiter will enter back 6th amsa of Cancer on March 9, 2015 at 0242 hrs IST and conjoin natal Mars in Navamsa. This amsa of retrograde Jupiter is quite critical since it is its own sign and as well the 9th sign of the Zodiac depicting ‘future’. Jupiter gets direct on April 8 when it is conjunct (in Navamsa chart of India) Mars the lord of the first and eighth sign of the Zodiac. Please stay tuned to TV channels and look out for a lot of political explosions starting right in the morning of March 9. I expect the political parties to be like a chameleon changing its colour every time it is hit by someone.

Man proposes God disposes is a famous proverb that we are all aware. Quite a few practical examples are anyone’s experience but only after events are over. But, through Astrology, the thrill exists in knowing it in advance! I feel that this is a festival of Astrology and let’s see how my other caption, the last part “The Indian Political Debris and the Great Secrets of Astrology” not only gets the readers’ attention but it comes true by God’s grace!

As normal human beings we are sure to have tremendous faith and confidence in what we see, touch and feel – all that physically while the most important events take place which will catch us totally unaware and the impossible becomes possible and vice versa. Our physical strength, money power, political power and all that we can think of can be a total illusion all at once due to the transit of planets and specifically Mars, the trigger. Mars is always trigger happy and more so when Jupiter is exalted and retrograde while Saturn has already become slow since it is turning retrograde on March 14.

Planetary ambiance described above suggests that the whole political scenario is so volatile irrespective of party and there is no wonder that many things will be topsy-turvy, all at once. There is a strong possibility that many political calculations and strategies of high and mighty will go completely haywire and they will gasp for breath. Saturn while it depicts democracy in the normal motion will now act as a planet of divisive politics as well, when it turns retrograde.

Perhaps the time has come for us to witness the Chemistry of planets and the fireworks that it creates may be spectacular very soon.

This creation of world ‘Pinda’ is under the complete control of the Astral world ‘Anda’ and that in turn it is under the control of ‘Brahamanda’ whilst we are least bothered about these points and in total ignorance we conclude ourselves as super intelligent.

K Jagadish,

Bangalore, India.

March 7, 2015.

Thumb nail of transit of planets before Saturn turns retrograde-Part 3

Please refer to the subject article posted on February 27, 2015 referring to Mars entering into 5th amsa corresponding to the eight sign of the Zodiac Scorpio, its own house on March 1, 2015 at 2040 hrs IST. It looks like that I am giving the running commentary about the game played by Mars as far as Indian politics is concerned.

A new Government in Jammu and Kashmir came into existence through political maneuvering just only to get power in the morning on March 1, 2015 and Television channels are busy right in the morning today (may be late on March 1 itself) about bickering in the Government even before they became operational. Further, uniformly across all political parties which are very active or in the news now, there is terrible dissent. However, the repercussions or effects of Mars on each party is dependent on the chart of the party and its leaders.

I would also like to draw the kind attention of the readers as to how every date and in many cases time also, mentioned by me is so very significant. This being the case let me boldly write that every passing hour from now on, we will witness several events which might even blast off the foundation of the party itself.

It is worth repeating here that the lord of the first and eighth sign of the Zodiac viz., Mars transiting in the last sign of the Zodiac and aspected by its own lord exalted, but retrograde Jupiter simply means dissolution of the characteristics of the first sign lord and termination by the eight sign of the Zodiac while Jupiter owning the 9th sign of the Zodiac as well and no planet in the ninth sign viz., Sagittarius may pave the way for a new future.

In addition to the above point, the position of Sun which is now in Aquarius will move to Pisces on March 15 at 0447 hrs IST and it is expected that by then the Government may be terribly shaky and on March 23, 2105 at 2157 hrs, Mars moves to Aries to give a new beginning leaving behind Sun in the 12th sign. Thus the lord of the fifth sign of the Zodiac Sun will be in twelfth and lord of the first sign Mars will be highly active in the first sign of the Zodiac. This was the position last time Mars entered Aries on April 12, 2013 and we all know what the outcome was when Mars entered the 7th sign of the Zodiac on February 4, 2014 conjoining Saturn and Rahu there. History may repeat.

Mars takes approximately two years to complete one round across the Zodiac and never can we afford to ignore the Astrological ambiance at the instant Mars enters Aries. For Astrology research enthusiasts, this can be a subject for further study.

K Jagadish,

Bangalore, India.

March 2, 2015.