The Power of Prasna


Spirituality in its entirety manifests in the tiny shells called as ‘Cowries’ from ages immemorial. Cowries is also a symbol of peace and tranquility and the knowledge as large as ocean. When this is used on a Srikchakra which is nothing but a holistic ‘Shakthi Kendra’ (knowledge and spiritual power center), emanates divine energy crossing the barrier of time and space.

Prasna Shasthra or Horary Astrology is unique, to decipher any event in life and, most often the Astrological estimates drawn out of it, seldom deviates from reality. Past, present and future is embedded in four Astrological layers. The first layer is the Zodiac itself covering all human beings, naturally. Second layer is the birth chart and the third is the current transit chart. Over these layers is the ultimate Prasna Kundli encompassing and penetrating all the above three layers. It is indeed unique to peep into the past, present and future. One can take maximum practical benefit to strategize different walks of life and move on for a good life.