Expect more from Mars now in 2nd amsa of Scorpio

Further to my last post “The Prowess of Mars” posted on February 17, 2016, I believe that the readers agree with me about many unfavourable developments in Indian politics that have taken place since then.

Today at 1515 hrs IST Mars moved to second amsa of Scorpio. To recapitulate what has already been mentioned in my last post, Mars is conjoined by Saturn in Scorpio and Saturn is aspecting the exalted sign of Mars viz., Capricorn thus working in tandem with many characteristics of Mars. In a way, it can be said as promoting are activating Mars. However, Mars in its first amsa of Scorpio might not be very effective although we did witness many ugly political battle while the 2nd amsa we should be able to witness multifold escalation and additional major battles on a variety of national issues.

Firstly, Mars second amsa corresponds to the sign Leo wherein transit retrograde Jupiter and Rahu are posited and is under the excitation of 10th aspect of Saturn. Therefore, both in Rasi and Navamsa Saturn/Mars has got a strong hold of the Zodiac. Moving on further, Mars having moved to Leo amsa has a 6/8 relationship with Saturn and I believe that this provides a great amount of elbow space to Mars to trigger further using its ‘ammunition store house’. Looking ahead with eagle eyes, Saturn becomes retrograde on March 25 while it is still in 7th amsa of Scorpio corresponding to Capricorn, the exalted sign of Mars. By then Mars would have moved to the amsa of Libra which is the 4th amsa for Mars and it starts aspecting retrograde Saturn.

On April 17, Mars also gets retrograde while it transits in its own sign Scorpio which is its ‘5th amsa’. The digit ‘5’ implies ‘past’ and in the company of retrograde Saturn, perhaps ‘democracy’ may get re-defined in India.

Of course, there are several other Astrological factors that will have to accounted for, but, under all conditions, Mars is bound show ‘what it is’ which unfortunately may be a period of turmoil for the common man. Let’s pray for peace and tranquility.

Satyameva Jayate!

K Jagadish,
Bangalore, India.
February 28, 2016.

The Prowess of Mars

Without an iota of involvement, directly or indirectly or even remotely, one cannot even lift a straw on this planet earth! Mars as we all know is a planet closest to earth. With reference to human body Mars is supposed to depict the complete neurological system apart from blood etc. The entire body is completely wired and integrated. In our routine life every moment whether we are awake or asleep, Mars is ever active unlike other planets which could be dormant, contextually.

In mundane Astrology, to visualize the contribution of Mars is perhaps beyond our imagination. The speed of delivery of effects of Mars is truly the speed of light.
Mars right now transiting in Libra moved to the 9th amsa on the morning of February 13. The political scenario in India was already sufficiently explosive from so many points of view and the moment Mars moved to 9th amsa, one could easily see an escalation of disturbances of sorts in addition to new dimensions of the old issues as well.
Mars will move to Scorpio the 8th sign of the Zodiac and join Saturn on February 20, 2016 at 1632 hrs IST. Although there is no dearth for Internet space, unfortunately, the overall situation is such that we cannot write in detail as to what are impact of the conjunction of Saturn and Mars in Scorpio. However, the following Astrological points can be mentioned while taking a call on the said conjunction read with the current transits of other planets as well:

• Scorpio the 8th sign of the Zodiac and the negative sign of Mars.
• Saturn depicting democracy and owning the 10th (negative sign) and 11th sign of the Zodiac is transiting in Scorpio and aspecting its own negative sign wherein Mercury and Venus the Ascendant lord of India and Mercury.
• Capricorn is a ‘Badhaka sign’ for Indian Independence chart.
• Saturn and Mars both aspect the Ascendant sign.
• Saturn also aspects retrograde Jupiter and Rahu in Leo, the 4th sign of India wherein Jupiter, the 8th and 11th lord of India. Transit Rahu in Leo being aspected by Saturn conjunct Mars, is practically in full control of all other planets which are aspecting it and thus it will fully use up the potential of each one of the planets.
• Rahu is the first planet in the chart at the lowest degree before the Ascendant.
• Mars once it joins Saturn on February 20 will aspect natal Mars with the 8th aspect while the 4th aspect will be on transit Sun in Aquarius which is aspected by retrograde Jupiter and Rahu.
• Rahu will hold the key to the planetary kingdom to introspect and move forward to deliver justice. Jupiter too being retrograde is another great point which should help delivery of justice.
• Saturn gets retrograde in Scorpio on March 25 while it will be in the 7th amsa while Mars while in 5th amsa gets retro and Jupiter got retro on January 8 when it was in 9th amsa of Leo. These points has a lot of meaning indicating a new direction to Saturn (democracy) in relation to its previous sojourn in Libra during the 2014 general election which was then supported by Rahu, quite adversely, since it had 6/8 relationship with natal Rahu.

Considering several other aspects not cited in this snap shot of analysis, if it can be called so, I find that the terminal houses viz., 4, 8 and 12 will get stronger and would give a new direction. It has to be noted with very keen interest that by April 17, 2016, all the outer planets viz., Mars, Saturn and Jupiter will be retrograde which means that the political establishment will be compelled to revamp several functions and I wonder whether there will be a new light in the political scenario. Jupiter gets direct on May 9, 2016 and by which time Jupiter (judiciary) may call the shots.

Under all conditions, Mars transit on February 20 will surely lead to a situation of a lot of unrest and may go to a point of ‘no return’.

K Jagadish,
Bangalore, India.
February 17, 2016.