Jupiter’s sojourn in Cancer

Jupiter has been transiting in Gemini since May 31, 2013. Gemini is not a very comfortable place for Jupiter. Presumably, for those running the dasa of Jupiter, it might have been a roller coaster ride, by and large. Of course, a general comment like this may not be appropriate since there are any number of other factors which have to be taken into account. June 19, 2014 0607 hrs IST Jupiter moves into Cancer. Does the saga of troublesome period end for many? This is something which needs careful attention from the Janma Kundli perspective and can never be generalized.

After having mentioned the drawbacks of Jupiter’s transit in Gemini, drawing a tangent to my own statement, is it not that Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of India? Did Jupiter benefit him? If he has already been benefited in an inorganic planetary ambiance, how does Jupiter moving out from Gemini impact him are a set of concerns in perspective. June 16, 2001 was when Jupiter’s ingress into Gemini took place the last time before May 31, 2013 and soon after that he became the Chief Minister of Gujarat the first ever time. History has evidenced this point. Therefore, for Narendra Modi the transit of Jupiter in Gemini has indeed been good. He became the Chief Minister under politically adverse situation and even now he has occupied the seat of the Prime Minister in an ambiance similar to the past. In one of my earlier posts, I have mentioned that one cycle of Jupiter is called a ‘Pariyaya’.

By virtue of experience I have always maintained that transit of planets in dual signs viz., Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, generally brings forth old issues. The logic behind is the first amsa of a dual sign is the fifth from its own sign whilst, ‘5’ stands for past. Let me add here that, apart from the fact that the transit of planets in dual signs being normally not comfortable for us, even worse is the fact that the lord of one dual sign transiting in another dual sign like in the case on hand. Of course, the transit of Mercury being a fast moving planet, in its own or opposite dual signs, the negative effects may not be very pronounced.

I place before you some points which might be of general interest to get an idea about Jupiter’s ingress into Cancer, it’s so called exalted sign:

  • Jupiter owns one Fiery sing (Sagittarius) and one Watery sign (Pisces).
  • Cancer is a Watery sign and is the 5th sign from Jupiter’s second sign viz., Pisces and thus it trines. Effects should be good.
  • However, Jupiter will have an adverse relationship from Sagittarius for two reasons. (a) Sagittarius is a Fiery sign and its lord Jupiter transiting in a Watery sign perhaps loses its shine due to disharmony. (b) While in Cancer, Jupiter will have a 6/8 (shrashtaka) relationship which is not favourable.
  • Jupiter will receive the 10th aspect of retrograde Saturn till July 21, 2014 and thus it renders itself weak while its effect gets duly modulated by Saturn. To me it looks that some ‘Adharma’ (injustice) might get addressed by a re-visit to the judicial aspects.
  • Saturn was being aspected by Jupiter (5th aspect) since May 31, 2013 all along during its journey in Gemini and it thus created a ‘make-believe’ situation of synthetic simulation in so many walks of our life and specifically for those are intrinsically corrupt thus ‘engineering success’.
  • In continuation of the point above, Jupiter itself being highly uncomfortable in Gemini all along giving scope to duality of ‘justice’ or the flip side of ‘justice’ weighing in favour of corrupt, perhaps once Jupiter moves into Cancer and it received the 10th aspect of Saturn, the countdown for the crooks may hopefully start.
  • Obviously, the loss of crooks may be a gain for the honest.
  • Judicial activism may be very well pronounced.
  • Since Cancer is a Watery sign and Jupiter with reference to Sagittarius, a Fiery sign and, displaying a 6/8 relationship means the Ocean surface getting hotter impacting the weather conditions.

For the benefit of readers from India, I would like to shortlist a few points for your consideration:

  • In continuation of the above point, the El Nino effect, first and foremost, affecting India may lead to a drought and situation in certain parts and floods in some parts.
  • As if enough is not enough, Jupiter transiting in its exalted sign may do more harm than anything good on many fronts.
  • Attention is obviously drawn to the Indian Independence chart. We have *Moon, Saturn, Mercury, Venus and Sun in Cancer, the 4th sign of the Zodiac and, the third house of India.
  • Jupiter is a planet of expansion and whichever it touches, it expands. The good or bad effect depends upon a number of other factors. Of course, approximately every 12 years, Jupiter transits in Cancer and then why there should be so much of noise this time?
  • Yes, though the above statement is true, the specialty this time is that, transit Saturn is aspecting all the planets mentioned above while Jupiter will be conjunct with all the planets*.
  • It is very likely that a ‘touch and go’ situation may prevail on a gamut of issues of governance.

Summarising the effects of the Astrological ambiance, the following points may be relevant:

  • Huge imbalance between supply and demand for many commodities including food articles, vegetables, fruits and common household daily needs.
  • Overall increase in cost of living.
  • Pronounced instability in a number of aspects of our life.
  • National security may also become a serious point of consideration for the party in power.
  • Relationship with neighbours needs very careful attention to safeguard against backstabbing.
  • Trade relationship with other countries may have to be reviewed.

Jupiter’s ingress into Cancer on a personal note may be very good for large number of people. Uncertainties that prevailed since May 31, 2013 may get over soon. Of course, much depends upon Janma Kundli, but, under all conditions, perhaps some solace can be expected.

K Jagadish, Bangalore, India.

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