Experience Applied Astrology

Instead of a lengthy debate, citations from books, historical data and assumptions of sorts, it should be definitely interesting to go by practical experience and bench mark the events. From a learning curve perspective, it will be highly educative to focus the Astrological lens on contemporary issues, right in front of us. It is quite possible that it could be a pigmy account while it still totals to a good sum, eventually.

Transit of planets:

I have been repeatedly mentioning that mixture of events in our life is an off shoot of transits in Navamsa. Of course, the Rasi chart cannot be given a good bye. There are five Astrological layers, like a multi-layer printed circuit board for electronic circuits. The circuit is interconnected through the layers. Although each layer functions independently, it is still an integral part of the total functionality. Likewise, each event in our life is an independent event by itself, but yet an integral part of the effects of Rasi Kundli or natal chart. I would like to highlight the worthy points for consideration which are essential for delineation of charts as under:

  • Layer 1 – the Zodiac.
  • Layer 2 – Individual Janma Kundli or natal chart superimposed on Layer 1.
  • Layer 3 – Navamsa Kundli of D9 Divisional chart superimposed on Layer 2.
  • Layer 4 – Current transit chart or Gochaara superimposed on Layer 2.
  • Layer 5 – Navamsa (D9) chart of Gochaara superimposed on Layer 4.

With the foundation above, next complexity would be to identify the Karakatva (portfolio) of each planet, both generic and specific, to the chart under study and link it up to the bhava (house) in question and draw a conclusion. In the whole exercise, I find that the movement of planets in Navamsa to trigger events.

The exercise above is highly interesting and exciting. When we observe the turn of some current events in the ongoing political drama in India, because of the highly volatile situation questioning the basic morality of many big wigs, the study of Navamsa transits has attracted my attention. Adding to this, I am indeed using the ‘Prasna’ method to get some additional dimension to Astrology. My inference is that, any which way we go, I think ‘Dharma’ or Justice of the yesteryears of India has to ‘now’ prevail. It does not matter who is what in this country, and this statement is independent of that.

In a highly explosive Astrological ambiance prevailing now, Mars plays a very important role to trigger some unexpected events, highly significant for democratic governance. July 6th, around 2200 hrs IST Mars moves to its 9th amsa, thus making a new beginning of a chain of events. Let us note that it becomes ‘Vargottama’ meaning, in Rasi and Navamsa, it will be in the same sign viz., Virgo. This simply means that, Mars is likely to show its full power being exerted in the Zodiac. Mars being an aggressive planet and fast also, the events too will be fast, and may be, we can expect, event on event, one after the other.

As a prelude to what has been stated above, we have already heard as to how a powerful politician is caught on audio CD with ‘money for seat’ affair. This is just the tip of the iceberg and although every Indian knew about such practices, it is the first ever time that, that politician has clearly mentioned that all political parties are doing it. I would like to mention the following points for better clarity of my presentation on transits in Navamsa:

  • The first Navamsa of a movable sign is the sign itself. This clearly means current issues will be in focus.
  • The first Navamsa of a fixed sign is the 9th sign from it. This clearly means future of events will be in focus.
  • The first Navamsa of a dual sign is the 5th sign from it. This clearly means past events will be in focus.

Vargottama of planets in different signs:

  • Movable sign, the same amsa is the Vargottama of the planet. Maximum thrust on current issues.
  • Fixed sign, the 5th amsa will be the Vargottama of the planet. Maximum thrust on past issues.
  • Dual sign, the 9th amsa will be the Vargottama of the planet. Maximum thrust on future issues.

We are aware that the Jupiter depicting judiciary is in an exalted movable sign clearly meaning judicial matters will be abreast of time. Secondly, Saturn depicting democracy, though retrograde now, is also in a movable sign. Thirdly, Mars will join Saturn on July 14th in movable sign. Saturn and Mars do not gel with each other and will manufacture ‘firecrackers’, very effectively, specifically after July 21st when Saturn gets direct. However, as soon as it joins retrograde Saturn, it is very likely to make its presence known in ‘style’.


Mars will now start triggering a chain of events in Indian politics and we can expect (from 2200 hrs IST, July 6, 2014) many heads to roll, presumably. Specifically, Jupiter now in 2nd amsa, the judiciary may be hitting headlines. With Mars now Vargottama, the last leg of its journey in Virgo, means investigation of past actions and once it enters Libra on July 14th and joins Saturn, more fireworks in so called democracy.

K Jagadish,
July 6, 2014,
Bangalore, India.