The Zodiac a 12 Volts Battery?

I think again it may look funny. There is a valid reason to say this. The principle of microcosm and macrocosm exist in the universe. Whatever we find in the outside world is something which is already within every human being.

Human brain – a supercomputer, eyes – a camera, ears – telecommunication and so on. The so called innovation that we find in the world today is nothing short of a replication of all the faculties that God has embedded in us. The human body has everything – name any branch of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics and so on. The neuro fuzzy logic is just in-built in every function of the body.

Moving on to the Zodiac, for the information of the readers, the first sign of the Zodiac viz., Aries is Astrologically treated as +ve (positive) sign and the next sign Taurus is treated as –ve (negative) sign, and then it alternates in the same order. This order is further extended in Astrological parlance that the first sign viz., Aries is treated as ‘Male’ and the second sign Taurus is treated as ‘Female’. These points are most often factored, contextually, while delineating birth charts.

Thus the 12 signs of the Zodiac amount to a 12V battery. I wonder whether the inventor of the battery ever thought that he has chosen one volt per cell and thus it became a standard 12 Volts battery although the scientific reasoning could be from a different perspective.

K Jagadsih

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