The chemistry of Astrology

The influence of planets on our life is highly sensitive, sometimes very glaring and well pronounced, and at times, extremely subtle and can even be a silent blaster. I would like to categorically mention that all the planets are active 24 X 7 X 365 in our chart and so the Hindus worship the Navagrahas (9 planets). Depending upon the Dasa, Bhukti and Antra which is nothing short of say – calendar and clock, a few planets can be said to be lead planets.

Back Engineering of Narendra Modi’s chart:

In Astrology, we have to take factor-in the effects of ‘incubation’ just like in a pathological laboratory or as to how an under developed baby is put in the incubator. Here comes the association of planets specifically while in retrogression, and even more so when the associate planet is also retrograde. The case in point is that of retrograde Saturn, and Rahu, which of course is always retrograde/shadowy and Mars. Let us note that both Saturn and Mars were moving forward and only Rahu was moving away (backward). Rahu joined Saturn in Libra on December 24, 2012. This may be the precise time when Narendra Modi started his mission for Prime Minister’s chair. At that time, Mars was in Capricorn, its exalted sign aspecting Leo, Narendra Modi’s 10th house. This is how the seed has been sown, presumably.

Mars entered Libra and joined Saturn and Rahu on Feburary 4, 2014. However, on March 1 and March 2, 2014, Mars and Saturn both became retrograde respectively. Thus, the earlier incubation of Saturn with Rahu got triggered and March 5, the Election was officially announced. Saturn, the planet of Dharma got doped with Rahu, only to be triggered by retrograde Mars.

Rahu is a planet of utmost importance in Astrology. It can make and unmake things and alter our life in ways which is beyond our imagination. I have been repeatedly mentioning that it is a planet of illusion, fraud, unethical, shrouded with mysteries, secrets and grouping up similar elements etc., of course, contextually. Let us also note that there is Rahu behind some scientist’s innovation, new technology etc., on the positive side.

Mars is like the computer keyboard ‘Enter’ key. On May 20, 2014, Mars became direct and by noon Narendra Modi was elected unanimously the leader by the newly elected Members of the Parliament. Just 5 hours after Mars became direct!

The very same Mars which is now direct enters Libra on July 14, 2014 at 07:47 hrs and joins retrograde Saturn and Rahu. The incubation which took place while it was retrograde earlier in association with retrograde Saturn and Rahu which I shall term ‘it as a baby in the incubator’, whether the oxygen will be cut off is to be seen than believed. May I point out that earlier during incubation there was Jupiter’s aspect on retrograde Saturn, Rahu and retrograde Mars while now viz., now on July 14, it lacks Jupiter’s 5th aspect when Jupiter moves to Cancer on June 19th. Let us see whether lack of Jupiter’s aspect means cutting off oxygen supply.

How Mars is aggressive – a live and contemporary personal experience:

It is best to experience Astrology than assumptions and bookish examples. Just feel Astrology practically. I am compelled to share my personal experience with the readers not to impress, but to express my take on Mars and retrogression of planets and then getting direct.

I was living in Bangalore till 24th February, 2014 when moved to Ahmedabad. Personally, I had no inclination or desire to move out and all of a sudden due to circumstances I had to move out very abruptly – lock, stock and barrel. I have already mentioned that Mars and Saturn got retro on 1st and 2nd March respectively. Suddenly, on 20th May when Mars became direct, these planets are again pushing me back to Bangalore with no role to play on my side. Looks funny, but true.

I am not saying that everyone is relocating and may be that some who took some steps during retrogression of Mars and Saturn, may have to retrace the steps. Of course, the role of Mars and Saturn is different for each individual. It may mean job for some, may mean money and so on.


Mars is the lagna lord and Rasi lord for Narendra Modi. Mars is now moving forward to his 12th house from 11th house of gain and soon it will be exactly square to natal Uranus, a planet which from nowhere can create wonders, both positive and or negative. What it means to him let us watch.

Most TV channels barring a few here and there have praised Narendra Modi’s Janma Kundli and the searing-in ceremony Muhurat. Some Astrologers appearing on a few channels are highly apprehensive about the whole scenario. Why am I going along with the minority while the majority is in Delhi? Let us see and then believe.

It is time to catch up with live swearing-in chart when he spells the first word. Good luck to him!

K Jagadish


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