Astrology, beyond predictions

We normally feel that Astrology is just about predictions alone. I differ from this view quite a bit. It is obvious that the mind gets fixed on exploring future through Astrology. Firstly, from time immemorial, it is possible that Astrologers’ themselves may have projected the focus more on ‘foretelling’ rather than navigating birth charts from different angles in an exploratory path. By this mechanism we seem to sit in decision ‘only this far and no further’ attitude which may not be the right thought process. By doing so, are we limiting ourselves and defining boundaries, rather than exploring possibilities and prospects?

It is indeed best to think out of the box, and stretch our thoughts way beyond what the foretellers might say. Just as a citation, let us say someone in the higher age group looking for continuity of employment hits a psychological dead-end. This is just the time to meet an Astrologer to discuss on the possibilities of ‘getting profitably’ engaged instead of limiting the Astrologer’s mind only to further employment. May be, he/she has to tell the Astrologer – I am here to discuss generally on my life twilight pattern instead of asking a very pointed question and getting a reply either positive or negative.

After having stated points which tends towards a paradigm shift on a psychological plane, I will attempt to highlight, briefly, some Astrological points to bring about a balance between what can be expected from an Astrologer vis-à-vis how to activate the mind of an Astrologer to get the best out of a counseling session. The underlying Astrological parameters are:

  • The entire subject of Astrology revolves around the Karma theory, as you sow, so you reap.
  • The point when translated to Astrological terms simply conveys 1-5-9, the trinity of values. ‘1’ current life (current issues or concerns), ‘5’ past life (past efforts?) and ‘9’ future life (future of an event in question).
  • Each planet has its unique characteristics and portfolio. By portfolio, as an example, let us say Jupiter is normally taken into consideration from the point of as ‘Puthrakaraka’ or progeny apart from host of multiple qualities. Many are of intrinsic and or permanent and, some are modulated in combination or conjunction or aspects of other planets. This is called ‘Graha Tatwa’.
  • Each sign of the Zodiac just as in the case of planets has its unique and distinct qualities, characteristics and effects on the planets. This is called ‘Rasi Tatwa’.
  • Next comes the ‘Bhava Tatwa’. This point arises from the point of view of what is the rising sign viz., the Ascendant or Lagna in the chart. To make it clear, let me give an example. If Aries sign is the Ascendant, then, any planet in Aries itself is termed as Lagna Bhava. Next house viz., Taurus is the second Bhava. Second Bhava means a gamut of its own specific and generic meaning. This point is so vast and when exaggerated a bit, sky may be the limit. Just to give an example, 2nd Bhava may mean money, bank balance, food, family, knowledge, speech and so on. I must clarify here that the word Bhava in a technical sense for Astrologers means slightly different and a special chart called as Bhava chart is also drawn or often referred to pick and choose a specific point that may possibly emanate out of the second Bhava.

Taking clue out of the points above, since the horizon of an Astrological ‘estimate’ as I would love to put it, is so vast and wide and far-reaching. Any question that we have in mind about future, it is best that it is broad based instead of sharp and pin-pinpointed to avoid limiting the thoughts of Astrologer. Further, the word ‘accurate prediction’ comes up in the mind of us, and quite rightly so. This is an aftermath of tremendous psychological pressure we may be experiencing on any given issue. The best way to get over this pressure is to look for all or any alternative that the planet/s is likely to influence. However, I know there are situations where the question will have to be specific and pointed.

Moving on to Mundane Astrology, recently a very close and leaned friend of mine, in a casual discussion gave me an idea to explore country’s chart. I have already made a beginning in that direction in the post captioned “Homemade Electricity and India”.

In conclusion, through Astrology it is possible to explore charts to find out the natural intellectual faculties, personality traits and resources which are a sort of ‘natal promise’ and take cognizance of it and then move ahead. There are cases where a chart may be a ‘king maker chart’ while he may be trying to become a ‘king’ and thus it might be time unproductively spent. Likewise, many charts do not permit getting on to business/self-employed while the person might be slogging all through the life to make business successful. Therefore, the million dollar question is – do we want accurate predictions or meaningful predictions or estimate.

I am writing this post, to an extent, summarizing my encounters with some elite and resourceful persons who were counseled by me to re-orient their trajectory of business. A slight difference in the approach to a question by sheer application of mind and thinking in an ‘unconventional’ manner simply amounts to working in an Astrological laboratory. It can even be termed as ‘thinking experiment’ which yields excellent results.

K Jagadish