Paradoxical Jupiter and India

Assuming Jupiter to be a sober planet under the guise of ‘Gurubala’ (good aspect of Jupiter) should not be taken for granted to expect the Moon! Jupiter is universally known as a planet of expansion and whatever it touches, it expands. What if it touches a planet which is highly unfavourable? Is it not that results could be disastrous?

Both Jupiter and Mars own, one fiery sign and one watery sign. Therefore, it is evident it is capable of setting fire and extinguishing fire as well. Synonymous with this, even the prerogative special aspects of these two planets seem to bring in some more significant synergy. Mars has special 4th and 8th aspect followed by Jupiter’s 5th and 9th aspect. Thus, Jupiter can even be a silent blaster!

Jupiter takes approximately 12 years to cover one round of Zodiac which in Vedic language is termed as ‘Pariyaya’. At the time of 5th Pariyaya that is the 60th birth day, traditional Hindus perform a ‘Santhi’ praying for longevity. Taking a leaf from Western Astrology which can be termed as a ‘Pariyaya’, the Ascendant at the time of birth is supposed to cover 30 degrees in one year and thus it comes to the same degree as at birth, every 12 years. The movement of the Ascendant or Lagna is called the Profection Ascendant. Astrologers map the Profection Ascendant to other planets and predict future.

Applying the above thumb rule to the Indian Independence chart, the Profection Ascendant on 15th August, 2014 will be in the 7th house for India which is the 8th sign of the Zodiac. Further, the 8th and 11th lord Jupiter now transiting in the 3rd house aspects this with the 5th aspect. Generally, any relationship between 5 and 8, pops up sudden unexpected events.

After having stated the impact of Jupiter’s transit in Cancer, on many occasions I have mentioned that India has 5 planets in Cancer. Therefore, please expect expansion of all those planets can offer. The immediate point on hand is – transit Jupiter crosses over natal Moon on July 7 at 1845 hrs IST. I expect that the whole country may be totally disappointed with the Government and public outcry on several points will be loud and clear. In fact, the mind of the people, and hence the Government may be absolutely shattered. Many hidden ‘big lies’ will be exposed to the utter disappointment of people. In fact, we already have enough to talk in the last few weeks.

Jupiter having its fundamental portfolio of Justice, one can easily expect a lot from the judiciary perspective. Wrong doers will start getting their due reward of punishment. Let us standby and watch out.
Since the blog has a large number of overseas readers and my comments only on India is a bit boring, you are most welcome to send me your contry’s chart and I will attempt to comment. 

K Jagadish,

July 2, 2014,
Bangalore, India.


2 thoughts on “Paradoxical Jupiter and India

  1. Sharp, clever and creative mind who knows that it should first mention Mars aspect and then Jupiter’s cause they are in order (4, 5, 8, 9).
    Wrote the last line on purpose to tell the Indians that there are others who respect your blogs more than them.
    This line serves quite a few purposes which are conveniently mentioned below:
    (1) ” Wow his blogs are read by foreigners. I should start taking his blogs seriously. ” (Excellent Marketing Technique).
    (2) To tell the Indians how dim witted they are, which in all fairness they are.

    On July 7 power tariff in Delhi will be hiked.
    Two reasons, well I should say 2 probabilities why you mentioned July 7.
    (1) You already knew before writing this blog about this hike and very creatively without anyone knowing gave a hint by mentioning July 7 (Impressive mind which knows how to attract people to it’s blog).
    (2) Well second one is that you didn’t knew about this hike before and you just wrote your observations.

    Mind has good Imaginative powers also. Owns a fiery and water sign. As soon as you wrote this your mind imagined about fire and water and their fundamental attributes which is to set fire or extinguish it respectively.

    Allow me to draw an analogy. The one who sets the fire (Narendra Modi) and the one who extinguishes it (Arvind Kejriwal).

    I read your blogs regularly and believe you me I don’t find them boring at all, not one bit.

    One more thing and this one on a more serious note. No no not that Rs 1000 note not that Rs 100 note, by the way seeing the way in which prices are being hiked we will need these notes also big time.

    I want to focus on Arvind Kejriwal’s Saturn mahadasha which will begin somewhere in 2020.

    His Saturn is very strong. Debilitated, retrograde and Vargottama.
    Saturn receives Neech Bhang because it’s exaltation lord Venus is in Kendra not only from the Ascendent but from Moon and Sun also. Plus Venus is also Vargottama and in it’s own nakshatra and getting Dik Bala also.
    Also Saturn is Yoga Karka for Taurus Ascendant.

    Can you please tell how will his Saturn Mahadasha be. Particular emphasis on Saturn because in his horoscope I find Saturn to be the X factor.
    Will Saturn cause Revoultion 2020?

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