Unique attributes of Rahu

Rahu is generally referred to as North Node and Ketu as South Node. Both of them have no physical body and therefore considered as shadowy planets. The word ‘shadow’ obviously conveys the meaning – more to hide than reveal. Therefore, the normal understanding is that they are very likely to be deceptive in nature.

Rahu and of course Ketu too, play a very important role in delineation of Astrological charts. If all the other physical planets are hemmed in between Rahu and Ketu, the chart is supposed to be having ‘Kalasarpa’ dosha (defect). This point is highly debatable and the Vedic school of Astrology puts down their feet on such charts and even move on to the extent of condemning it. The Indian Independence chart is a typical example of it. So what? It is not just the whole country and its citizens are written off. Obviously, I do not subscribe to the traditional views while it is best to be practical.

Rahu in any chart certainly becomes very important. It has a number of unique attributes like:

  • It completely engulfs the sign in which it is posited.
  • It becomes at total and absolute owner of that sign, normally.
  • Any other planet/s in the same sign where Rahu is posited also behaves as a representative of Rahu.
  • Any planet/s aspecting Rahu too becomes a representative of Rahu.
  • Rahu thus becomes a ‘Proxy’ under the above conditions.

Before I continue on this subject, I am compelled to clarify that I am not saying whether the above attributes of Rahu is good or bad. It will be wrong to generalize and make comments and infer the outcome. Since Rahu is a shadowy planet, shadowing other planets as mentioned above, one straight conclusion that we may be able make is that, other planets which are in association with Rahu becomes powerless, or their power is greatly reduced, depending upon several other astrological factors.

I have an axe to grind while commenting on Rahu. Let me share with you why I have been all along skeptical about Indian politics when the general election took place. Here is my take and, whether I am right or wrong, and how far the arguments can be carried forward, let us wait and watch the future events:

  • The general election took place when the causative planet depicting democracy viz., Saturn was conjunct Rahu, that too in the 7th sign of the Zodiac. 7th stands for general public apart from many other points.
  • Rahu became a total representative of Saturn.
  • Rahu was/is in Libra the lord of which is Venus, the Lagna lord of Indian Independence chart.
  • Rahu representing Venus means, India was totally represented only by Rahu!!!!
  • Jupiter was aspecting Libra with the 5th aspect and therefore Rahu shadowed Jupiter too.
  • When the election was announced, Mars too was in Libra, and therefore, Rahu represented Mars also.
  • Saturn, Mars and Jupiter, are called the outer planets having special aspects mentioned in my earlier posts.  Thus, the special aspects which manifest the Bhavas, 3, 4, 5 and 8, 9, 10 – all got into the clutches of Rahu.

Therefore, the resultant effect of general election was that we elected Rahu, and not Saturn, the planet manifesting democracy, whilst the planet of justice, Jupiter, was also duly and effectively shadowed by Rahu.

At last, Rahu is leaving the company of Saturn on July 14th and moving back to Virgo, the lord of which is Mercury. Thus from July 14th Rahu becomes a proxy for the fast moving planet Mercury. It is a million dollar question as to what moves fast and the role of Rahu in Virgo.

Thanks to Rahu!

K Jagadish,
July 4, 2014,
Bangalore, India.


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