Mercury turns direct on July 1

Mercury being always within about 18 degrees from Sun turns retrograde often.  Although the retrogression is for a brief period of approximately about 20 days, I always feel that new seeds of events related to its portfolio may have been sown while many past events might also get revised. By this I mean when Mercury turns retrograde and as well when it becomes direct,  sets new trends with its intrinsic portfolio.

Mercury turned retrograde on June 7 in Gemini, its own house and when Jupiter was conjunct. In India, we observed the following points:

  • A big media house management changed hands.
  • Several court cases against the high and mighty politicians reached a stage.
  • The new Government’s words either got into turbulence or lost its credibility.
  • Internal communication within political parties became a hot subject for discussion.
  • The hype and enthusiasm created during the election campaign died down.

What are the possible effects when Mercury turns direct on July 1? The major point worth underlining is that, Mercury becomes more powerful in the company of Sun till the July 17th.  Since Jupiter has moved out of Gemini on June 19th to its exalted Rasi of Cancer leaving its footprints strongly, both Sun and Mercury are now free to act independently but follow the footsteps of Jupiter, the planet of justice. Thus, I feel that the following points may be worth considering:

  • Many false statements and spoken words will get publicity.
  • Electronic media which mainly became a mouthpiece for political parties, selectively, will now repent and may be compelled to report truth against the very same people who were praised a little while ago.
  • Court matters may proceed fast.
  • Many decisions taken by the Government since June 7th are very likely to be revised and, when Sun moves to Cancer on July 17th, they will again be compelled to relook and may come under attack by the judiciary when Mercury moves to Cancer on June 29th.
  • With a stellium (group) of 5 planets in Cancer in the Indian Independence chart and transit Jupiter aspected by the 10th aspect of retrograde Saturn, the Government may come under severe attack from several quarters.
  • Under all conditions, crossing over of transit Mars over Rahu on July 13/14th in Virgo may not be good.
  • Once Saturn turns direct on July 21st, I expect a lot of political activity due to a number of Astrological reasons.

Nothing of what has been written above should cause any unwanted tension in the mind of readers since each human being birth chart is distinctly different and unique. For many people, Mercury turning direct may bring smile on their face!

K Jagadish,
Dated June 30, 2014,
Bangalore, India.

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