Mars in 8th amsa

Mars transiting in Libra will hit the 8th amsa around 1330 hrs IST. Saturn also transiting in Libra is already in the 8th amsa since August 20. Thus, both Saturn and Mars in Navamsa have occupied Taurus, the Lagna or Ascendant of Indian Independence chart.

The 8th amsa for any planet will always mean termination of some events related to specific bhava and the portfolio of that planet applicable to individual chart. The nature and characteristics of the impact depends on a number of issues like the dasa, bhukti and antra, natal placement of planets etc.

As far as India is concerned, Saturn and Mars have now become very powerful and conjunction of these two planets specifically in Libra, the exalted sign of Saturn is not a welcome sign. More so when even in Navamsa they are conjoined. With this transit, perhaps, the Government is more likely to be under further attack from several corners and a point worth considering is the activism of the judiciary. Probably, many judgments from Courts may go against the Government. Further, there could be escalation of territorial border related tensions apart from chances of internal violence and use of force in the public domain.

K Jagadish,
Bangalore, India.
August 25, 2014.

Please recapitulate comments on Navamsa transits

As already mentioned several times in the past about transits in Navamsa, in an upbeat mood, specifically about Saturn’s move to 8th amsa on August 20, 2014, the Government in India has already run into rough weather on a number of issues. A point worth noting is the judicial intervention which I have already covered under the caption “Jupiter will start firing”.

Since August 20, we find several important subjects coming up before the judiciary and many or most of them are likely to have wide spread and deep negative repercussions on the Government.  The current issues are just small samples of many more mega events which are very likely to come up when Jupiter enters Mercury star on September 3, 2014.

It is Astrologically exciting to watch out the performance of the Government in the days to come.

K Jagadish,                                       
Bangalore, India.
August 22, 2014.

4th Amsa of Libra for Mars

Ironically, it looks that many events planned by a Indian political party, Aam Aadmi Party is like an Astrological missile, at least as far as I am considered. Since my mind is totally on planets transit in Navamsa, invariably, given a chance, it harps right on to Navamsa.

My take on transit of Mars in total isolation of any chart is as follows:

Rasi considerations

  • Mars in Libra means, its 8th sign characteristics are fairly diluted
  • Its ownership of Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac is greatly enhanced
  • Planets conjunct transit Mars, planets aspecting it get moderated to take on the qualities and impact of Mars
  • It has its veto power on Libra and as well the signs its aspect viz., Capricorn, Aries and Taurus apart from the amsa signs, as and when it moves forward or backward if retrograde

Navamsa considerations

The following amsa of Mars, in my opinion is very significant

  • First amsa viz., Libra itself
  • 4th amsa viz., Capricorn
  • 7th amsa viz., Aries
  • 8th amsa viz., Taurus

Obviously, this is nothing short of an off shoot of its aspects, 4, 7 and 8.  To keep the write up short and precise for reasons best known to all of us and not to create any panic amongst readers, I have reproduced below the image of Mars move into 4th amsa on August 2nd at 2039 hrs IST.


I am compelled to draw your attention to my post on Saturn moving to 8th amsa on 20th August. Incidentally, Mars too moves to 7th amsa on the same day. It is best that we witness events and then check back what Astrology has for us. Let all of us hope and pray God for peace and tranquility while truth and justice has to prevail.

Astrology is best experienced than read.

K Jagadish,
Bangalore, India.
August 1, 2014.

8th Amsa of Libra for Saturn

Saturn now direct in motion since July 21 and which is still slow in its longitudinal speed enters the 8th amsa of Libra on August 20, 2014. I have been very keenly watching the retrogression of planets and its impact on our life from a very long time. Of course, it is needless to mention that the events in life take place entirely depending upon planets transit in Navamsa.

It is worth recapitulating that impact of any planet getting retrograde is almost like re-doing or revisiting a subject again when it gets direct. To make it amply clear, the following points are critical to judge the impact of retrogression:

  • What is the Zodiac sign (both the number of the sign and its characteristics) in which a planet gets retrograde
  • What is the Navamsa sign when it gets retrograde
  • What is the amsa of the planet in terms of numeral. Example: Saturn when it got retrograde in March 2014 was transiting in its 9th amsa (future) and it got direct when it had moved back to 7th amsa (opposite party/general public)
  • Which are the planets conjunct/aspecting the planet in question and what is its Navamsa sign and the number (like 7th amsa, 8th amsa etc.) of the amsa
  • The outer planets viz., Jupiter, Saturn and Mars having special aspects getting retrograde and then direct can never be compared with other planets viz., Venus and Mercury while Rahu/Ketu is ever retrograde.
  • The outer planets always creates multiple activation and excites the Zodiac signs and some signs may be bombarded by the influence of more than one planet

With the above briefing let me move directly on to the subject. For those who are familiar with Astrology, to drive home my point and views thereon, I have reproduced the image of the chart when Saturn moves to its 8th amsa.


From the chart above the following significant points are worth noting:

  • Mars in 7th amsa while transiting in the 7th sign of the Zodiac
  • Saturn in 8th amsa while transiting in the 7th sign of the Zodiac
  • Jupiter in 5th amsa from the 4th sign of the Zodiac, its exalted sign
  • Sun in the 1st amsa when it is transiting in the 5th sign of the Zodiac which is its own house while in Navamsa it will be in ‘Badhaka amsa’ (obstructions/difficulties)

The following signs will be hyperactive:

  • Aries (12th sign of Indian Independence chart say IIC)
  • Taurus (the Lagna or Ascendant of IIC)
  • Cancer (the 3rd sign of IIC – self-strength, courage and confidence) will be under bombardment of Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. I have repeatedly mentioned that IIC has 5 planets in the 3rd house
  • Libra (the 6th sign of IIC)
  • Scorpio (the 7th sign of IIC) will be under severe pressure because of Jupiter, Saturn and 8th aspect of Mars from its own powerful house Aries
  • Aquarius (the 10th sign of IIC)

Since it is not wise on my part to come to specific conclusions in terms of effects of transit when Saturn moves to 8th amsa, I propose to generalize and vaguely find the following points which might be relevant:

  • Libra the 7th sign of the Zodiac stands for democracy, trade and commerce, citizens (when we are on mundane Astrology), entertainment, pleasure and sexual relationship etc. As an evidence of the last item, in India, there is so much of news, day on day, about rapes
  • Media, communication, strength and confidence will be under attack. Perhaps the neighbourhood events too can distract attention
  • Several critical events that took place after March 2014, across the globe might get reviewed, revised, cancelled or it will go into terrible turbulence
  • Jupiter depicting judiciary may deliver verdict against many misdeeds, be it rape cases, trade and commerce matters or democracy related. All the events will come to surface
  • It is also a likely that a number of accidents, fire, water flooding etc., may be noticed. Hope God will be kind to save people
  • On the whole, there appears to be severe conflict of interest in transit in terms of aspects. For example, in Navamsa Mars transiting in the 7th sign in Rasi chart aspecting its own house Aries and with the 8th aspect aspecting Saturn in 8th amsa while in Rasi chart it is conjunct Mars.

I appeal to the readers not to get scared or take any point wrong. The comments are highly general in nature and the impact on individual charts should not be taken on these lines. May be many good people will stand to gain in a big way while the crooks, dishonest and fraudsters will get completely washed out.

Let us watch out the events carefully instead of coming to conclusions.

K Jagadish,
Bangalore, India.
July 30, 2014


Musings on Planets Retrogression

I have been continuously keeping abreast of the transit of planets for a number of years. Invariably, I find that it surely impacts our life in a number of ways, sensitively touching upon many areas of our activities. It is quite possible that we would not have paid much attention to minute aspects of our routine from the perspective of planetary movements, specifically retrogression of planets.

Your attention may please be drawn to a couple of earlier postings. To be very specific, as an Astrological estimate, I have dealt with the retrogression of Saturn and Mars during the recent general election in India. Unmindful of whether the Astrological estimate proves right or not and, being absolutely insensitive to anything like personal reputation, I would like to mention that Saturn turning direct past midnight on July 20th (IST), perhaps there is bound to be a political holocaust. I personally feel the effect of Saturn turning direct will surely have wide spread repercussions in many walks of our life, of course, the honest and cultured human beings will gain a lot and, the crooks are sure to experience huge loss*.

I rely on my liberty in frank and fair expression of astrological views and, never to misguide, mislead or create false hopes on any subject to anyone. I am pretty sure that every time I touched upon critical transits in the recent past, there were significant events that cropped up, out of the blue. Thus, it tempted me to caption one post as “Chicken and Egg” to drive home how the events surface in tune with transit of planets.

After having shared my views on retrogression of planets, generally tracking events in my own life, on a routine basis, I am pretty confident to mention that we can take advantage, practically. First and foremost, it is best not to initiate new actions whenever planets are retrograde. I must add here that, a few days before a planet turns retrograde, the planet will be apparently stationary, normally, for a few days. This phenomenon will hold good for slow moving planets viz., Saturn and Jupiter. However, how long a planet will be apparently stationary depends on several factors and there need be no consistency.

As already stated above, Saturn gets direct on July 20th past midnight or say early morning July 21st and by almost 9 AM (IST) on July 21st, it gains a bit of momentum and moves forward by 0.001 degrees (longitudinal speed). Therefore, Saturn gets active almost immediately. Further, since Mars is conjunct Saturn, I do expect very quick or almost instantaneous impact. Saturn/Mars conjunction is certainly not good, of course, as per the category of people mentioned above with the asterisk* mark above.

Let me make it abundantly clear that, it is quite possible that we may not be the cause of many actions done by others. For example, if someone gets a new job during the time a planet is retrograde, let it not be misconstrued that there is going to be some problem. However, there could be certain areas of review or re-visit to some functional aspects. For those have the prerogative of initiating actions voluntarily, they can always consider the point of retrogression of planets as much as practical. Just for information, I have given below the table of retrogression of planets for the year 2014 and 2015, separately (time mentioned is IST):

Retrogression of Planets: Year 2014

Mars Turns retrograde on March 01, 2014 at 21:54 hrs

Turns direct on May 20, 2014 at 7:2 hrs

Mercury Turns retrograde on February 07, 2014 at 3:14 hrs

Turns direct on February 28, 2014 at 19:31 hrs

Turns retrograde on June 07, 2014 at 17:27 hrs

Turns direct on July 01, 2014 at 18:20 hrs

Turns retrograde on October 04, 2014 at 22:33 hrs

Turns direct on October 26, 2014 at 0:47 hrs

Jupiter Is retrograde on January 01, 2014 at 0:0 hrs

Turns direct on March 06, 2014 at 16:12 hrs

Turns retrograde on December 09, 2014 at 2:11 hrs

Venus Is retrograde on January 01, 2014 at 0:0 hrs

Turns direct on February 01, 2014 at 2:19 hrs

Saturn Turns retrograde on March 02, 2014 at 21:49 hrs

Turns direct on July 21, 2014 at 2:6 hrs

Retrogression of Planets: Year 2015

Mercury Turns retrograde on January 21, 2015 at 21:25 hrs

Turns direct on February 11, 2015 at 20:27 hrs

Turns retrograde on May 19, 2015 at 7:19 hrs

Turns direct on June 12, 2015 at 4:3 hrs

Turns retrograde on September 17, 2015 at 23:40 hrs

Turns direct on October 09, 2015 at 20:28 hrs

Jupiter Is retrograde on January 01, 2015 at 0:0 hrs

Turns direct on April 08, 2015 at 22:27 hrs

Venus Turns retrograde on July 25, 2015 at 14:59 hrs

Turns direct on September 06, 2015 at 14:0 hrs

Saturn Turns retrograde on March 14, 2015 at 20:33 hrs

Turns direct on August 02, 2015 at 11:23 hrs


For reasons stated above, I feel that there may be a lot of political turmoil (Saturn depicting democracy) and swift actions (Mars) and since Saturn is shedding its 10th aspect on exalted Jupiter and, Jupiter squaring Mars, which is termed as ‘hard aspect’, Judiciary may be duty bound to act tough on many current political and politics related issues.

K Jagadish,
July 20, 2014.
Bangalore, India.


Jupiter will start firing!

Sun has moved to Cancer today. Though it is 12th from its own sign Leo, after all it is Sun, the king of the planetary kingdom. King will never sleep nor allow others to sleep!

Sun is now supporting Jupiter and, Jupiter will call the shots, unhesitatingly. The luminaries viz., Sun and Moon are very important in Astrology and they are supposed to fill the sign with power, light and energy and strengthen any other planet there, both, in transit and in Janma Kundli as well.

Simple logic is that Jupiter will become very strong from today. Let me draw a tangent here and deflect your attention to disseminate my personal take by a comparison. This is something unique and is probably the basis of how human beings are born and how the basic Tattvas (five elements) viz., Prithvi (Earth), Jal (Water), Vaayu (Wind), Agni (Fire), Aakash (Space) manifest in us. Prenatal Epoch theory throws a lot of light on many issues in our life and given a chance without offending anyone, I feel that we do not ourselves let alone knowing anyone else. This may sound quite ridiculous and stupid, but it is true. An insight into certain aspects of Prenatal Epoch has the answers to many of our questions from a philosophical perspective. How and why of so many day to day events can be better assimilated thus keeping the mind a bit calm. Further, I prefer to quote an extract from Prenatal Epoch which clearly indicates as to how the Ascendant is so critical while we can never ignore the Moon sign. Here is the quotation; “According to the Ancient Wisdom, “The World-Breath has a definite and periodic pulsation, a systole and diastole action, whereby birth and death are controlled.” This idea of periodicity, well established by modern science, furthers the idea that birth can take place only in respect to any single locality at intervals, that these intervals are in accord with lunar motion, and that only every seventh impulse of the World-Breath permits of human births.”

Now on to my point about Sun, it is Sun when it transits in nine Zodiac signs, it activates different Tattvas  of each Zodiac sign and then embeds them in fetus before it is born. Thus, the gestation period of approximately nine months plus nine days and nine hours figure.

After having side tracked the main subject, selectively, whenever Sun hits any natal planet or a planet in transit, that planet derives extraordinary energy from Sun. However, Astrologers say that, that planet has become ‘Asth’ or inactive. Instead of contesting any school of Astrology or Astrologers, it is best that we experience Astrology rather than believing it.

With the case in hand, transit Sun will cross over transit Jupiter around July 23 and that might be an interesting date to expect some firing from the judiciary. However, a planet in the orbit of another planet can also trigger events depending upon the position of Moon, then. An orbit is nothing but one Amsa of Navamsa meaning 3 degrees and 20 minutes of the Zodiac.

In the Indian Independence chart we have five planets in Cancer wherein Jupiter is transiting and now Sun has just entered Cancer which should logically strengthen Jupiter and at the same time hit the five natal planets including Saturn. All this happens with the active stewardship of Saturn’s 10th aspect.

My inference after the long write up above is, yes, we are sure to witness a lot of spectacular fireworks in the political arena in India. We have lot of space in other public domain like the print and electronic media and I do not find any need to take your time again in this space. Moreover, I have already dropped quite a few hints which will have to now pass a litmus test.

Hearing is motivation, seeing is believing and experiencing is truth.

K Jagadish,
July 17, 2014.
Bangalore, India.

Saturn gets a booster dose!

Sounds strange at least for the astrologers’ community. How can Saturn be hyperactive is the obvious and logical question? My own take on this can be imaginative, intuitive or can even be wrong. Wait, watch and then infer. After all we have the right to be wrong also, often times, but not quite often!

Oh! Somehow Saturn has been made infamous for wrong reasons and projected as a dreaded planet. Some even project it as a destroyer; like a missile with nuclear warhead! I beg to differ from these opinions and would like to take a call on my own.

I would also like to draw the attention of readers to the article posted long back about ‘Sade Sathi’ involving Saturn.

It is imperative that before saying anything on Saturn, called “Dharmakarmadipathi” in Vedic system, at the outset, I need to do Karma in tune with Dharma. Karma means action and Dharma means, judiciously executing the action required. To abridge the long message, I will narrate a few points about Saturn which matters at this point in time:

  • Saturn owns the 10th and 11th sign of the Zodiac and its most active or hyperactive sign or exalted sign is Libra (right now it is transiting in Libra)
  • 10th house is called MC, the meridian cusp meaning the highest point in Zodiac
  • In Janma Kundli 10th house stands for profession/career etc., and 11th for gain
  • 10th house also stands for name and fame
  • Saturn is the slowest moving planet and it takes about 30 years to complete one cycle of Zodiac (in our Janma Kundli, whenever transit Saturn comes to the same point as at time of birth, it is called Saturn Return. Usually, Saturn will completely overhaul our life, thought process, attitude, most often physical body too shows considerable symptoms of aging, all that to refine us)
  • Saturn is strict disciplinarian and keeper of Dharma – justice and equality, independent of all extraneous conditions, but, strictly as per our Karmas
  • Saturn executes justice while Jupiter decides justice
  • It is also a planet depicting longevity and hence called ‘Ayushkaraka’
  • It is the causative planet for democracy while Sun stands for power

What is special about Mars joining Saturn in Libra?

Basically Mars and Saturn relationship is highly uncomfortable mainly due to the intrinsic qualities of each other. Many of them are diametrically opposite to each other and this is typically termed by Astrologers as  ‘enemies’. I must add here that the vocabulary of Astrologers’ may be in a way deficient or, proper choice of words are not taken into account and, may be the words closest to what has to be conveyed is chosen. Most often, the focus is on prediction and not on writing or speaking, and hence it is obvious that some anomalies creep in. I will take an independent view of the point above for these reasons:

  • Please recapitulate special aspects of Saturn, Mars and Jupiter as 3, 4, 5 and 8, 9 and 10 (all planets have 7th aspect in common)
  • This implies that Mars always drives a wedge in between Saturn and Jupiter
  • Mars owns 8th sign of the Zodiac and Jupiter owns 9th, Saturn owns 10th on one side and on the other Saturn also owns 11th (gain), Jupiter owns 12th (liquidation) and Mars owns 1st sign (beginning)
  • Now straight on to conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Libra;
  • * it can be seen that Saturn aspects the 9th sign with the 3rd aspect (distancing), Mars aspects its own exalted Rasi Capricorn, the 10th sign of the Zodiac

* 7th aspect of both Saturn and Mars on Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac (beginning)

* the 8th aspect of Mars on Taurus, the Lagna of Indian Independence chart

* the 10th aspect of Saturn on Cancer, the 3rd sign of India where Jupiter is transiting.

* Starting from Jupiter in Cancer, the 5th aspect of it is on the 8th sign of the Zodiac viz., Scorpio, the lord of which is Mars, the 7th direct aspect on Capricorn owned by Saturn which is already receiving the 4th aspect of Mars and the 9th aspect of Jupiter on Pisces, the 12th sign of the Zodiac and net to it is Aries receiving the 7th and direct aspect of Saturn and Mars.

Since the write up may be construed as preparing for a doctorate in Astrology, I will quickly take a break and infer like this:

  • Any planet which turns retrograde and then direct, normally it will be apparently stationary for some time. Slower the planet, more the period of being stationary (apparent)
  • For the case in hand, though Saturn will be apparently stationary for some time, it is very likely that Mars will trigger it faster than anyone would expect.
  • Mars triggering Saturn in a movable sign will set raise to a number of major conflicts and lead to explosive situations starting immediately on July 21
  • Incidentally, on the very same day Mars moves from 1st amsa to 2nd amsa and thus Taurus sign India’s Ascendant will be under multiple activation. This will aggravate the above point
  • On the whole, a major controversy may arise and Judiciary may be hyperactive and no wonder if some heads role

One can round off the date July 21st in red and, look out for more and more exciting developments. As it is the day Mars entered Libra on July 14th has indeed been significant as far as news reports on a number of issues. Probably, one can expect to all of them and further complex additions once Saturn gets direct on July 21st. By November 2nd when Saturn moves to Scorpio, perhaps, there will be further escalation of what might begin now.

Going a little away from politics, let us see the global impact of Mars/Saturn conjunction and Saturn getting direct. Microsoft is in news announcing terrible job cuts. God knows who will be the next. Thus, there will  a number of concerns globally also. Let me caution that honest people following Dharma need not get tensed up while the dishonest and criminals, are sure to be hauled up, very fast. Why should we blame Saturn? It is ever a friend to good people.

K Jagadish,
July 16, 2014
Bangalore, India.

The great choreographer, Mars!

Mars, the lord of the first and the 8th sign of the Zodiac is a planet of energy, power, instantaneous and immediate action. Mars is the planet closest to earth. Its influence in our life is perhaps the maximum and, if we say it is the lifeline, it may be quite appropriate. Without the intervention of Mars, we cannot lift even a straw. Being the lord of the first sign of the Zodiac it has the power to kick start a process and, being the lord of the eighth sign of the Zodiac, it can terminate a process or event. Under both circumstances, it can act by the time we blink our eyes!

God’s creation of the Zodiac is with unimaginable meaning and purpose to target judicious delivery of ‘reward and punishment’, strictly in accordance with karmic theory; as you sow, so you reap. There is nothing in this universe to match the calculations of super computer of God. The accuracy of digital weighing machines which are used to weigh precious metals cannot match that of God. I know that we are all gasping for breath with this statement as to why we are seeing everything going wrong when most unscrupulous criminals are enjoying their life and, the honest continue to suffer. Well, we are not able to comprehend their past lives nor we know about their future either; so is ours too. Probably, the undesirable set, do not know or they do not mind the difference between re-birth and re-incarnation. Re-birth is being born as human and re-incarnation might mean birth as some other species.

Mars, most often, acts like a switch. Electricity is already present in the circuit and Mars switches it on or off. The presence of electricity in the circuit may be on account of generation of electricity by other planets and Mars has the role to act like a switch. I am not saying that Mars has no independent role.

I have shortlisted a few distinct functions for which Mars stands for. The list is practically endless, but, I have chosen a few to quickly convey some points:

  • Mars represents blood
  • Complete neurological system in human body is under the purview of Mars and it is like complete wiring of the entire system
  • Mars represents sexual activity/aggression
  • It typically stands for force thus depicting army, police, law enforcing agencies etc.
  • It represents fire, explosion, accidents etc.
  • It also represents sports, exercise, adventure and many types of physical activities

Transit Mars entered Virgo on November 26, 2013. Virgo is a sign deterrent to the portfolio of Mars. My take on this is as follows:

  • The first and eight lord of Zodiac in 6th sign of Zodiac means that it enhances the 8th lordship thus meaning more of termination of process/events
  • Because of its 4th aspect on the 9th sign of Zodiac when the 8th lordship being enhanced as mentioned in the point above, the 9th sign of future suffers or becomes weak
  • The seventh aspect of Mars was on the 12th sign of Zodiac. 12th sign is generally viewed as the last sign almost meaning a state of retirement of events
  • Worst is the 8th aspect of Mars on its own 1st sign

From the logic as above, it only means that whatever was started prior to November 26, 2013 might have got terminated or has set the ground for termination before entering Libra today, or in other words, there will be a new beginning from today, July 14, 2014. Let not readers draw wrong conclusion by this statement. These are general comments to explain how the transit of Mars from November 26, 2013 till today has created more confusion than any sustainable activity. As a professional Astrologer, I have continuously heard so many difficulties experienced by my clients specifically from the dates mentioned here apart from the worst period from the time Rahu entered Libra on December 24, 2012. So to say, Mars during its transit in Virgo created a situation of bad to worse. In fact, I am sure that many readers would tacitly support this point. Let me be frank that, I have also practically experienced, irrespective of my birth chart and, uniformly across the board, almost all my clients have been constantly interacting with me for multiple reasons.  Even global scenario on so many fronts also matches with this line of thinking.

The next big Astrological event will be when Saturn gets direct on July 21. This should bring some level of satisfaction, by and large, to a great majority of people. I must add here that personal chart should not be addressed like national charts. The issues are different and the same planets convey different meaning to individuals.

On a personal note, I must say that we now be in action mode instead of wait and watch situation.

K Jagadish,
July 14, 2014
Bangalore, India.

Saturn’s sabbatical in Libra ends!

Rahu is out of Libra. Thus Saturn becomes independent. Thank God!

The Astrological ambiance ever since Rahu entered Libra on December 24, 2012; Rahu practically disabled and shadowed the power of Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars. This simply means the outer planets bestowed with special aspects of 3, 4 and 5 on one hand, followed by 8, 9 and 10 on the other hand, came under the clutches of Rahu. This point has already been explained in my earlier post.

Libra is the 7th sign of the Zodiac and the positive sign of Venus. This sign is very important for number of reasons which are very significant specifically from the point of view of democratic form of Government.

Rahu being a shadowy planet, it functions like a steroid masking intrinsic functions and portfolio of the lord of the sign in which it is posited and, any planet/s in the same sign and, as well the planets aspecting Rahu. Thus, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars got afflicted since December 24, 2012. Take a look at the data below and correlate with the politics in India and, many readers who may be well versed in political developments and decisions taken during the period mentioned herein, may easily wrap up and arrive at conclusions. Perhaps they will conclude that a conspiracy was thus hatched:

  • Venus is the Lagna or Ascendant lord of India and Rahu is posited in the Lagna itself
  • Jupiter entered Gemini on May 31, 2012 casting its 5th aspect on Rahu
  • Mars entered Libra on April 2, 2014 and became retrograde soon
  • Saturn entered Libra on August 4, 2012

Rahu fundamentally classified as a planet born out of deception as per Hindu mythology, has immense capability to make and unmake things beyond our imagination. People in India have already witnessed it. Rahu supports all kinds of unthinkable manipulations of all sorts and, yet give a clean judicial package for frauds.

I must add here that personal chart of individuals should not be misread or, nothing of what has been mentioned here should cause any anxiety or tension in the mind of readers if they are running the dasa of Rahu or in any way connected with it. This write up is purely from the point of view of democratic set up of Government. However, it is worth noting that Rahu conjoining Saturn has indeed bothered a lot of people in so many ways. Specifically, number of business / industrial organizations did roll into huge problems and thus, hopefully with Rahu leaving the company of Saturn may give relief to many establishments and individuals. May be, it can bring back the smile on the face, by God’s grace!

Rahu is now in Virgo the lord of which is Mercury. Thus, Mercury’s portfolio will now be under the sway of Rahu. What does this mean to Indian Independence chart? Following possibilities can be estimated:

  • Mercury is the 2nd and 5th lord for India posited in the 3rd house
  • 2nd stands for financial matters, talk/statements/commitments
  • Because Mercury is posited in the 3rd house, obviously, media, communication etc., will be under the sway of Rahu
  • Since the 3rd house is being aspected by transit Saturn and transit Jupiter being posited there, perhaps this will lead to judicial decisions on many issues and review of current activities also
  • The Government will be compelled to backtrack on many points and lose credibility
  • Number of contracts of the Government will come under judicial attack and Saturn, the lord of Dharma will not spare anyone, no matter how high and mighty they are.
  • Since Mercury is also the lord of 5th house which is 11th to 7th, the public articulation will be loud and clear
  • It may not be a easy walk-over for the Government to roll over the public with their might

These are some of the important points which strike to me apart from a host of other issues. Only consolation is that sign of Virgo for Rahu is supposed to be good according some schools of Astrology and therefore, I feel that Saturn, Jupiter and Mars which got afflicted earlier will now derive strength from Rahu. Rahu may give back double returns on what it had covered up earlier where the general public were at a loss, is a strong possibility. Further, I have always held on to the point that whenever a planet enters a dual sign (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces), the planet will surely rake up the past, immediately. Rest, I will leave it to your imagination and let us wait and watch out how far the points mentioned herein comes to the forefront.

Please standby for more on Mars entering Libra on July 14, 2014.

K Jagadish,
July 12, 2014,
Bangalore, India.

Experience Applied Astrology

Instead of a lengthy debate, citations from books, historical data and assumptions of sorts, it should be definitely interesting to go by practical experience and bench mark the events. From a learning curve perspective, it will be highly educative to focus the Astrological lens on contemporary issues, right in front of us. It is quite possible that it could be a pigmy account while it still totals to a good sum, eventually.

Transit of planets:

I have been repeatedly mentioning that mixture of events in our life is an off shoot of transits in Navamsa. Of course, the Rasi chart cannot be given a good bye. There are five Astrological layers, like a multi-layer printed circuit board for electronic circuits. The circuit is interconnected through the layers. Although each layer functions independently, it is still an integral part of the total functionality. Likewise, each event in our life is an independent event by itself, but yet an integral part of the effects of Rasi Kundli or natal chart. I would like to highlight the worthy points for consideration which are essential for delineation of charts as under:

  • Layer 1 – the Zodiac.
  • Layer 2 – Individual Janma Kundli or natal chart superimposed on Layer 1.
  • Layer 3 – Navamsa Kundli of D9 Divisional chart superimposed on Layer 2.
  • Layer 4 – Current transit chart or Gochaara superimposed on Layer 2.
  • Layer 5 – Navamsa (D9) chart of Gochaara superimposed on Layer 4.

With the foundation above, next complexity would be to identify the Karakatva (portfolio) of each planet, both generic and specific, to the chart under study and link it up to the bhava (house) in question and draw a conclusion. In the whole exercise, I find that the movement of planets in Navamsa to trigger events.

The exercise above is highly interesting and exciting. When we observe the turn of some current events in the ongoing political drama in India, because of the highly volatile situation questioning the basic morality of many big wigs, the study of Navamsa transits has attracted my attention. Adding to this, I am indeed using the ‘Prasna’ method to get some additional dimension to Astrology. My inference is that, any which way we go, I think ‘Dharma’ or Justice of the yesteryears of India has to ‘now’ prevail. It does not matter who is what in this country, and this statement is independent of that.

In a highly explosive Astrological ambiance prevailing now, Mars plays a very important role to trigger some unexpected events, highly significant for democratic governance. July 6th, around 2200 hrs IST Mars moves to its 9th amsa, thus making a new beginning of a chain of events. Let us note that it becomes ‘Vargottama’ meaning, in Rasi and Navamsa, it will be in the same sign viz., Virgo. This simply means that, Mars is likely to show its full power being exerted in the Zodiac. Mars being an aggressive planet and fast also, the events too will be fast, and may be, we can expect, event on event, one after the other.

As a prelude to what has been stated above, we have already heard as to how a powerful politician is caught on audio CD with ‘money for seat’ affair. This is just the tip of the iceberg and although every Indian knew about such practices, it is the first ever time that, that politician has clearly mentioned that all political parties are doing it. I would like to mention the following points for better clarity of my presentation on transits in Navamsa:

  • The first Navamsa of a movable sign is the sign itself. This clearly means current issues will be in focus.
  • The first Navamsa of a fixed sign is the 9th sign from it. This clearly means future of events will be in focus.
  • The first Navamsa of a dual sign is the 5th sign from it. This clearly means past events will be in focus.

Vargottama of planets in different signs:

  • Movable sign, the same amsa is the Vargottama of the planet. Maximum thrust on current issues.
  • Fixed sign, the 5th amsa will be the Vargottama of the planet. Maximum thrust on past issues.
  • Dual sign, the 9th amsa will be the Vargottama of the planet. Maximum thrust on future issues.

We are aware that the Jupiter depicting judiciary is in an exalted movable sign clearly meaning judicial matters will be abreast of time. Secondly, Saturn depicting democracy, though retrograde now, is also in a movable sign. Thirdly, Mars will join Saturn on July 14th in movable sign. Saturn and Mars do not gel with each other and will manufacture ‘firecrackers’, very effectively, specifically after July 21st when Saturn gets direct. However, as soon as it joins retrograde Saturn, it is very likely to make its presence known in ‘style’.


Mars will now start triggering a chain of events in Indian politics and we can expect (from 2200 hrs IST, July 6, 2014) many heads to roll, presumably. Specifically, Jupiter now in 2nd amsa, the judiciary may be hitting headlines. With Mars now Vargottama, the last leg of its journey in Virgo, means investigation of past actions and once it enters Libra on July 14th and joins Saturn, more fireworks in so called democracy.

K Jagadish,
July 6, 2014,
Bangalore, India.