Saturn gets a booster dose!

Sounds strange at least for the astrologers’ community. How can Saturn be hyperactive is the obvious and logical question? My own take on this can be imaginative, intuitive or can even be wrong. Wait, watch and then infer. After all we have the right to be wrong also, often times, but not quite often!

Oh! Somehow Saturn has been made infamous for wrong reasons and projected as a dreaded planet. Some even project it as a destroyer; like a missile with nuclear warhead! I beg to differ from these opinions and would like to take a call on my own.

I would also like to draw the attention of readers to the article posted long back about ‘Sade Sathi’ involving Saturn.

It is imperative that before saying anything on Saturn, called “Dharmakarmadipathi” in Vedic system, at the outset, I need to do Karma in tune with Dharma. Karma means action and Dharma means, judiciously executing the action required. To abridge the long message, I will narrate a few points about Saturn which matters at this point in time:

  • Saturn owns the 10th and 11th sign of the Zodiac and its most active or hyperactive sign or exalted sign is Libra (right now it is transiting in Libra)
  • 10th house is called MC, the meridian cusp meaning the highest point in Zodiac
  • In Janma Kundli 10th house stands for profession/career etc., and 11th for gain
  • 10th house also stands for name and fame
  • Saturn is the slowest moving planet and it takes about 30 years to complete one cycle of Zodiac (in our Janma Kundli, whenever transit Saturn comes to the same point as at time of birth, it is called Saturn Return. Usually, Saturn will completely overhaul our life, thought process, attitude, most often physical body too shows considerable symptoms of aging, all that to refine us)
  • Saturn is strict disciplinarian and keeper of Dharma – justice and equality, independent of all extraneous conditions, but, strictly as per our Karmas
  • Saturn executes justice while Jupiter decides justice
  • It is also a planet depicting longevity and hence called ‘Ayushkaraka’
  • It is the causative planet for democracy while Sun stands for power

What is special about Mars joining Saturn in Libra?

Basically Mars and Saturn relationship is highly uncomfortable mainly due to the intrinsic qualities of each other. Many of them are diametrically opposite to each other and this is typically termed by Astrologers as  ‘enemies’. I must add here that the vocabulary of Astrologers’ may be in a way deficient or, proper choice of words are not taken into account and, may be the words closest to what has to be conveyed is chosen. Most often, the focus is on prediction and not on writing or speaking, and hence it is obvious that some anomalies creep in. I will take an independent view of the point above for these reasons:

  • Please recapitulate special aspects of Saturn, Mars and Jupiter as 3, 4, 5 and 8, 9 and 10 (all planets have 7th aspect in common)
  • This implies that Mars always drives a wedge in between Saturn and Jupiter
  • Mars owns 8th sign of the Zodiac and Jupiter owns 9th, Saturn owns 10th on one side and on the other Saturn also owns 11th (gain), Jupiter owns 12th (liquidation) and Mars owns 1st sign (beginning)
  • Now straight on to conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Libra;
  • * it can be seen that Saturn aspects the 9th sign with the 3rd aspect (distancing), Mars aspects its own exalted Rasi Capricorn, the 10th sign of the Zodiac

* 7th aspect of both Saturn and Mars on Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac (beginning)

* the 8th aspect of Mars on Taurus, the Lagna of Indian Independence chart

* the 10th aspect of Saturn on Cancer, the 3rd sign of India where Jupiter is transiting.

* Starting from Jupiter in Cancer, the 5th aspect of it is on the 8th sign of the Zodiac viz., Scorpio, the lord of which is Mars, the 7th direct aspect on Capricorn owned by Saturn which is already receiving the 4th aspect of Mars and the 9th aspect of Jupiter on Pisces, the 12th sign of the Zodiac and net to it is Aries receiving the 7th and direct aspect of Saturn and Mars.

Since the write up may be construed as preparing for a doctorate in Astrology, I will quickly take a break and infer like this:

  • Any planet which turns retrograde and then direct, normally it will be apparently stationary for some time. Slower the planet, more the period of being stationary (apparent)
  • For the case in hand, though Saturn will be apparently stationary for some time, it is very likely that Mars will trigger it faster than anyone would expect.
  • Mars triggering Saturn in a movable sign will set raise to a number of major conflicts and lead to explosive situations starting immediately on July 21
  • Incidentally, on the very same day Mars moves from 1st amsa to 2nd amsa and thus Taurus sign India’s Ascendant will be under multiple activation. This will aggravate the above point
  • On the whole, a major controversy may arise and Judiciary may be hyperactive and no wonder if some heads role

One can round off the date July 21st in red and, look out for more and more exciting developments. As it is the day Mars entered Libra on July 14th has indeed been significant as far as news reports on a number of issues. Probably, one can expect to all of them and further complex additions once Saturn gets direct on July 21st. By November 2nd when Saturn moves to Scorpio, perhaps, there will be further escalation of what might begin now.

Going a little away from politics, let us see the global impact of Mars/Saturn conjunction and Saturn getting direct. Microsoft is in news announcing terrible job cuts. God knows who will be the next. Thus, there will  a number of concerns globally also. Let me caution that honest people following Dharma need not get tensed up while the dishonest and criminals, are sure to be hauled up, very fast. Why should we blame Saturn? It is ever a friend to good people.

K Jagadish,
July 16, 2014
Bangalore, India.

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