Jupiter will start firing!

Sun has moved to Cancer today. Though it is 12th from its own sign Leo, after all it is Sun, the king of the planetary kingdom. King will never sleep nor allow others to sleep!

Sun is now supporting Jupiter and, Jupiter will call the shots, unhesitatingly. The luminaries viz., Sun and Moon are very important in Astrology and they are supposed to fill the sign with power, light and energy and strengthen any other planet there, both, in transit and in Janma Kundli as well.

Simple logic is that Jupiter will become very strong from today. Let me draw a tangent here and deflect your attention to disseminate my personal take by a comparison. This is something unique and is probably the basis of how human beings are born and how the basic Tattvas (five elements) viz., Prithvi (Earth), Jal (Water), Vaayu (Wind), Agni (Fire), Aakash (Space) manifest in us. Prenatal Epoch theory throws a lot of light on many issues in our life and given a chance without offending anyone, I feel that we do not ourselves let alone knowing anyone else. This may sound quite ridiculous and stupid, but it is true. An insight into certain aspects of Prenatal Epoch has the answers to many of our questions from a philosophical perspective. How and why of so many day to day events can be better assimilated thus keeping the mind a bit calm. Further, I prefer to quote an extract from Prenatal Epoch which clearly indicates as to how the Ascendant is so critical while we can never ignore the Moon sign. Here is the quotation; “According to the Ancient Wisdom, “The World-Breath has a definite and periodic pulsation, a systole and diastole action, whereby birth and death are controlled.” This idea of periodicity, well established by modern science, furthers the idea that birth can take place only in respect to any single locality at intervals, that these intervals are in accord with lunar motion, and that only every seventh impulse of the World-Breath permits of human births.”

Now on to my point about Sun, it is Sun when it transits in nine Zodiac signs, it activates different Tattvas  of each Zodiac sign and then embeds them in fetus before it is born. Thus, the gestation period of approximately nine months plus nine days and nine hours figure.

After having side tracked the main subject, selectively, whenever Sun hits any natal planet or a planet in transit, that planet derives extraordinary energy from Sun. However, Astrologers say that, that planet has become ‘Asth’ or inactive. Instead of contesting any school of Astrology or Astrologers, it is best that we experience Astrology rather than believing it.

With the case in hand, transit Sun will cross over transit Jupiter around July 23 and that might be an interesting date to expect some firing from the judiciary. However, a planet in the orbit of another planet can also trigger events depending upon the position of Moon, then. An orbit is nothing but one Amsa of Navamsa meaning 3 degrees and 20 minutes of the Zodiac.

In the Indian Independence chart we have five planets in Cancer wherein Jupiter is transiting and now Sun has just entered Cancer which should logically strengthen Jupiter and at the same time hit the five natal planets including Saturn. All this happens with the active stewardship of Saturn’s 10th aspect.

My inference after the long write up above is, yes, we are sure to witness a lot of spectacular fireworks in the political arena in India. We have lot of space in other public domain like the print and electronic media and I do not find any need to take your time again in this space. Moreover, I have already dropped quite a few hints which will have to now pass a litmus test.

Hearing is motivation, seeing is believing and experiencing is truth.

K Jagadish,
July 17, 2014.
Bangalore, India.

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