8th Amsa of Libra for Saturn

Saturn now direct in motion since July 21 and which is still slow in its longitudinal speed enters the 8th amsa of Libra on August 20, 2014. I have been very keenly watching the retrogression of planets and its impact on our life from a very long time. Of course, it is needless to mention that the events in life take place entirely depending upon planets transit in Navamsa.

It is worth recapitulating that impact of any planet getting retrograde is almost like re-doing or revisiting a subject again when it gets direct. To make it amply clear, the following points are critical to judge the impact of retrogression:

  • What is the Zodiac sign (both the number of the sign and its characteristics) in which a planet gets retrograde
  • What is the Navamsa sign when it gets retrograde
  • What is the amsa of the planet in terms of numeral. Example: Saturn when it got retrograde in March 2014 was transiting in its 9th amsa (future) and it got direct when it had moved back to 7th amsa (opposite party/general public)
  • Which are the planets conjunct/aspecting the planet in question and what is its Navamsa sign and the number (like 7th amsa, 8th amsa etc.) of the amsa
  • The outer planets viz., Jupiter, Saturn and Mars having special aspects getting retrograde and then direct can never be compared with other planets viz., Venus and Mercury while Rahu/Ketu is ever retrograde.
  • The outer planets always creates multiple activation and excites the Zodiac signs and some signs may be bombarded by the influence of more than one planet

With the above briefing let me move directly on to the subject. For those who are familiar with Astrology, to drive home my point and views thereon, I have reproduced the image of the chart when Saturn moves to its 8th amsa.


From the chart above the following significant points are worth noting:

  • Mars in 7th amsa while transiting in the 7th sign of the Zodiac
  • Saturn in 8th amsa while transiting in the 7th sign of the Zodiac
  • Jupiter in 5th amsa from the 4th sign of the Zodiac, its exalted sign
  • Sun in the 1st amsa when it is transiting in the 5th sign of the Zodiac which is its own house while in Navamsa it will be in ‘Badhaka amsa’ (obstructions/difficulties)

The following signs will be hyperactive:

  • Aries (12th sign of Indian Independence chart say IIC)
  • Taurus (the Lagna or Ascendant of IIC)
  • Cancer (the 3rd sign of IIC – self-strength, courage and confidence) will be under bombardment of Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. I have repeatedly mentioned that IIC has 5 planets in the 3rd house
  • Libra (the 6th sign of IIC)
  • Scorpio (the 7th sign of IIC) will be under severe pressure because of Jupiter, Saturn and 8th aspect of Mars from its own powerful house Aries
  • Aquarius (the 10th sign of IIC)

Since it is not wise on my part to come to specific conclusions in terms of effects of transit when Saturn moves to 8th amsa, I propose to generalize and vaguely find the following points which might be relevant:

  • Libra the 7th sign of the Zodiac stands for democracy, trade and commerce, citizens (when we are on mundane Astrology), entertainment, pleasure and sexual relationship etc. As an evidence of the last item, in India, there is so much of news, day on day, about rapes
  • Media, communication, strength and confidence will be under attack. Perhaps the neighbourhood events too can distract attention
  • Several critical events that took place after March 2014, across the globe might get reviewed, revised, cancelled or it will go into terrible turbulence
  • Jupiter depicting judiciary may deliver verdict against many misdeeds, be it rape cases, trade and commerce matters or democracy related. All the events will come to surface
  • It is also a likely that a number of accidents, fire, water flooding etc., may be noticed. Hope God will be kind to save people
  • On the whole, there appears to be severe conflict of interest in transit in terms of aspects. For example, in Navamsa Mars transiting in the 7th sign in Rasi chart aspecting its own house Aries and with the 8th aspect aspecting Saturn in 8th amsa while in Rasi chart it is conjunct Mars.

I appeal to the readers not to get scared or take any point wrong. The comments are highly general in nature and the impact on individual charts should not be taken on these lines. May be many good people will stand to gain in a big way while the crooks, dishonest and fraudsters will get completely washed out.

Let us watch out the events carefully instead of coming to conclusions.

K Jagadish,
Bangalore, India.
July 30, 2014


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