The great choreographer, Mars!

Mars, the lord of the first and the 8th sign of the Zodiac is a planet of energy, power, instantaneous and immediate action. Mars is the planet closest to earth. Its influence in our life is perhaps the maximum and, if we say it is the lifeline, it may be quite appropriate. Without the intervention of Mars, we cannot lift even a straw. Being the lord of the first sign of the Zodiac it has the power to kick start a process and, being the lord of the eighth sign of the Zodiac, it can terminate a process or event. Under both circumstances, it can act by the time we blink our eyes!

God’s creation of the Zodiac is with unimaginable meaning and purpose to target judicious delivery of ‘reward and punishment’, strictly in accordance with karmic theory; as you sow, so you reap. There is nothing in this universe to match the calculations of super computer of God. The accuracy of digital weighing machines which are used to weigh precious metals cannot match that of God. I know that we are all gasping for breath with this statement as to why we are seeing everything going wrong when most unscrupulous criminals are enjoying their life and, the honest continue to suffer. Well, we are not able to comprehend their past lives nor we know about their future either; so is ours too. Probably, the undesirable set, do not know or they do not mind the difference between re-birth and re-incarnation. Re-birth is being born as human and re-incarnation might mean birth as some other species.

Mars, most often, acts like a switch. Electricity is already present in the circuit and Mars switches it on or off. The presence of electricity in the circuit may be on account of generation of electricity by other planets and Mars has the role to act like a switch. I am not saying that Mars has no independent role.

I have shortlisted a few distinct functions for which Mars stands for. The list is practically endless, but, I have chosen a few to quickly convey some points:

  • Mars represents blood
  • Complete neurological system in human body is under the purview of Mars and it is like complete wiring of the entire system
  • Mars represents sexual activity/aggression
  • It typically stands for force thus depicting army, police, law enforcing agencies etc.
  • It represents fire, explosion, accidents etc.
  • It also represents sports, exercise, adventure and many types of physical activities

Transit Mars entered Virgo on November 26, 2013. Virgo is a sign deterrent to the portfolio of Mars. My take on this is as follows:

  • The first and eight lord of Zodiac in 6th sign of Zodiac means that it enhances the 8th lordship thus meaning more of termination of process/events
  • Because of its 4th aspect on the 9th sign of Zodiac when the 8th lordship being enhanced as mentioned in the point above, the 9th sign of future suffers or becomes weak
  • The seventh aspect of Mars was on the 12th sign of Zodiac. 12th sign is generally viewed as the last sign almost meaning a state of retirement of events
  • Worst is the 8th aspect of Mars on its own 1st sign

From the logic as above, it only means that whatever was started prior to November 26, 2013 might have got terminated or has set the ground for termination before entering Libra today, or in other words, there will be a new beginning from today, July 14, 2014. Let not readers draw wrong conclusion by this statement. These are general comments to explain how the transit of Mars from November 26, 2013 till today has created more confusion than any sustainable activity. As a professional Astrologer, I have continuously heard so many difficulties experienced by my clients specifically from the dates mentioned here apart from the worst period from the time Rahu entered Libra on December 24, 2012. So to say, Mars during its transit in Virgo created a situation of bad to worse. In fact, I am sure that many readers would tacitly support this point. Let me be frank that, I have also practically experienced, irrespective of my birth chart and, uniformly across the board, almost all my clients have been constantly interacting with me for multiple reasons.  Even global scenario on so many fronts also matches with this line of thinking.

The next big Astrological event will be when Saturn gets direct on July 21. This should bring some level of satisfaction, by and large, to a great majority of people. I must add here that personal chart should not be addressed like national charts. The issues are different and the same planets convey different meaning to individuals.

On a personal note, I must say that we now be in action mode instead of wait and watch situation.

K Jagadish,
July 14, 2014
Bangalore, India.