Saturn’s sabbatical in Libra ends!

Rahu is out of Libra. Thus Saturn becomes independent. Thank God!

The Astrological ambiance ever since Rahu entered Libra on December 24, 2012; Rahu practically disabled and shadowed the power of Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars. This simply means the outer planets bestowed with special aspects of 3, 4 and 5 on one hand, followed by 8, 9 and 10 on the other hand, came under the clutches of Rahu. This point has already been explained in my earlier post.

Libra is the 7th sign of the Zodiac and the positive sign of Venus. This sign is very important for number of reasons which are very significant specifically from the point of view of democratic form of Government.

Rahu being a shadowy planet, it functions like a steroid masking intrinsic functions and portfolio of the lord of the sign in which it is posited and, any planet/s in the same sign and, as well the planets aspecting Rahu. Thus, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars got afflicted since December 24, 2012. Take a look at the data below and correlate with the politics in India and, many readers who may be well versed in political developments and decisions taken during the period mentioned herein, may easily wrap up and arrive at conclusions. Perhaps they will conclude that a conspiracy was thus hatched:

  • Venus is the Lagna or Ascendant lord of India and Rahu is posited in the Lagna itself
  • Jupiter entered Gemini on May 31, 2012 casting its 5th aspect on Rahu
  • Mars entered Libra on April 2, 2014 and became retrograde soon
  • Saturn entered Libra on August 4, 2012

Rahu fundamentally classified as a planet born out of deception as per Hindu mythology, has immense capability to make and unmake things beyond our imagination. People in India have already witnessed it. Rahu supports all kinds of unthinkable manipulations of all sorts and, yet give a clean judicial package for frauds.

I must add here that personal chart of individuals should not be misread or, nothing of what has been mentioned here should cause any anxiety or tension in the mind of readers if they are running the dasa of Rahu or in any way connected with it. This write up is purely from the point of view of democratic set up of Government. However, it is worth noting that Rahu conjoining Saturn has indeed bothered a lot of people in so many ways. Specifically, number of business / industrial organizations did roll into huge problems and thus, hopefully with Rahu leaving the company of Saturn may give relief to many establishments and individuals. May be, it can bring back the smile on the face, by God’s grace!

Rahu is now in Virgo the lord of which is Mercury. Thus, Mercury’s portfolio will now be under the sway of Rahu. What does this mean to Indian Independence chart? Following possibilities can be estimated:

  • Mercury is the 2nd and 5th lord for India posited in the 3rd house
  • 2nd stands for financial matters, talk/statements/commitments
  • Because Mercury is posited in the 3rd house, obviously, media, communication etc., will be under the sway of Rahu
  • Since the 3rd house is being aspected by transit Saturn and transit Jupiter being posited there, perhaps this will lead to judicial decisions on many issues and review of current activities also
  • The Government will be compelled to backtrack on many points and lose credibility
  • Number of contracts of the Government will come under judicial attack and Saturn, the lord of Dharma will not spare anyone, no matter how high and mighty they are.
  • Since Mercury is also the lord of 5th house which is 11th to 7th, the public articulation will be loud and clear
  • It may not be a easy walk-over for the Government to roll over the public with their might

These are some of the important points which strike to me apart from a host of other issues. Only consolation is that sign of Virgo for Rahu is supposed to be good according some schools of Astrology and therefore, I feel that Saturn, Jupiter and Mars which got afflicted earlier will now derive strength from Rahu. Rahu may give back double returns on what it had covered up earlier where the general public were at a loss, is a strong possibility. Further, I have always held on to the point that whenever a planet enters a dual sign (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces), the planet will surely rake up the past, immediately. Rest, I will leave it to your imagination and let us wait and watch out how far the points mentioned herein comes to the forefront.

Please standby for more on Mars entering Libra on July 14, 2014.

K Jagadish,
July 12, 2014,
Bangalore, India.

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