Is Jupiter the voice of God?

I would like to recapitulate time and again about Saturn moving to Scorpio and receiving exalted Jupiter’s 5th aspect which I have observed that it has not happened in the last two centuries at least. I surely consider this as a spectacular Astrological event leading to control of Adharma (injustice) and sowing the seeds of Dharma again.

With specific reference to Indian Independence Chart (IIC), Saturn moves over natal Ketu and in Navamsa Ketu is in the sign of Leo. I do hope that the baleful political tribe in India will be compelled to learn lessons and pay a heavy price for their unthinkable misdeeds of all sorts ever since the independence. I appreciate the political slogan “Achhe Din” (good days) which was so well thought off during the election campaign which now God is sure to make it happen! Let us join the author of the slogan and pray for success of the slogan!

While “Achhe Din” has indeed already begun, I propose to bring the following transit of planets and draw an Astrological estimate of possible outcome;

  • Mars moves to 4th amsa of Sagittarius on November 1, 2014. 4th amsa is Cancer the 4th sign of the Zodiac. Mars has inherent affinity towards 4. Before November 1, I expect a lot of bickering amongst members of the ruling party and their associates. Already Shiva Sena is at logger heads with the ruling BJP.
  • Once Saturn moves to Scorpio, the firs amsa is that of Cancer and, Mars conjoins Saturn in Cancer. Cancer being the 3rd house in IIC. It is likely that there will be further boost to frustration amongst coalition partners. Saturn has its intrinsic divisive tactics in conjunction with Mars.
  • Saturn till it moves to Scorpio on November 2 is casting its 10th aspect on Cancer where in IIC there are 5 planets viz., Moon, Mercury, Sun, Venus and Saturn. 10th aspect of Saturn on these planets despite transit Jupiter rolling over these planets was of very little help since Saturn has its intrinsic dilatory characteristics as well. However, once Mars entered Sagittarius on September 18, it set the ball rolling with 8th aspect (on all the 5 planets and transit Jupiter) which greatly has terminating perspectives. Therefore, this point set the base for judiciary to act.
  • Five planets in IIC in Cancer owned by Moon and Moon itself being posited there clearly reveals that the qualities and effect of the rest of the planets is only at a thought and talk level which we have witnessed since the independence.
  • Mars moves to Capricorn, its exalted sign on November 27 and it establishes 6/8 ‘Srastastka’ relationship with natal Mars in IIC. This is the probable time intense political activity and hopefully many articles in this blog should logically get the best of attention of the readers.
  • When Mars moves to Capricorn as mentioned above, it receives the 3rd aspect of Saturn from Scorpio while Saturn itself will be in the sway of exalted Jupiter’s 5th aspect while Mars itself gets the direct 7th aspect of exalted Jupiter. The law enforcing executive wing of the Government is very likely to be hauled by the judiciary so much so some very highly placed officials may eventually go behind bars. Mars is bound to trigger all the 5 planets in Cancer in IIC.

Jupiter turns retrograde on December 9, 2014:

  • This is yet another very important milestone in the political scenario in India. Very interestingly, Jupiter is getting retrograde while it is in its own house Pisces, the 9th amsa of Cancer where Jupiter is now transiting.
  • Jupiter enters the 9th amsa on November 3 and this itself is highly significant for so many cases involving the crooks. Obviously, between November 3 and December 9, many landmark judgments may come out from the judiciary across India.
  • However, once Jupiter turns retrograde on December 9, many litigants might appeal for review of orders of court.
  • Jupiter turns direct on 8th April, 2015 while it will be in 6th amsa of Cancer corresponding to its own sign Sagittarius and finally it moves to 9th amsa again on 26th June, 2015. This is the time for further judgments which should put Indian democracy quite a bit on track. On July 14, 2015 Jupiter moves into Leo and by then I do hope many anomalies in governance might see an ocean change for the better. It is best not to hazard a guess right now and invite problems.
  • It will be exciting to note that on March 14, 2015 Saturn in Scorpio gets retrograde and a mix and match of various transits will be a highly interesting game.

There are, of course, so many points of Astrological interest which will have to be integrated to estimate the future. However, specifically the transit of Rahu in the asterism of Moon and Sun in Virgo needs special consideration. On the whole, the Jupiter aspecting Saturn should be a game changer. Jupiter is bound to speak out loud and clear.

K Jagadish,                                                                     
Bangalore, India.
October 30, 2014.

A brief history of transit of Saturn and Rahu conjunction in Libra

Some very interesting observations about Saturn and Rahu conjunction in Libra:

  • Since a long time I have been continuously mentioning that Dharma should come into force once Saturn receives the 5th aspect of exalted Jupiter on November 2, 2014.
  • Secondly, long before the recently held general election, I did mention that the election will never be able to give political stability due to the fact that, the then retrograde Saturn conjunct Rahu in Libra indicates frauds of all sorts.
  • Thirdly, Saturn got retrograde in Libra when it was in the 9th (future) amsa.
  • Fourth most important point is Mars had just moved into Libra and had just entered the 2nd amsa, its own 8th sign of the Zodiac.
  • Jupiter was retro on 7th November, 2013 while it was transiting in its 8th amsa of Gemini corresponding to the Ascendant or Lagna of Indian Independence Chart.
  • Jupiter restored its forward motion on 6th March, 2014 while it was transiting in 5th amsa of Gemini.
  • On May 26, 2014, when the new Government was formed, most exciting and splendid Astrological point worth a few billion dollars is that, Jupiter in Gemini was in the 8th amsa; retrograde Saturn in Libra was in its 8th amsa in Taurus; Mars which got direct on May 20, 2014 was in Virgo and was in its 5th amsa corresponding to Taurus. Taurus, as already mentioned is the Ascendant or Lagna of India.
  • Quite ironically, I see a definitive relationship between the amsa of Jupiter and Mars as ‘5’ and that of Saturn as ‘8’.
  • Thus, the trick of 5 and 8 of suddenness/abrupt/unexpected is being indeed witnessed.

General inference of above points:

  • The entire process of election looked apparently judicious while retrograde Saturn had no choice except to go along with Rahu. Rahu’s unique qualities have already been mentioned in the earlier posts.
  • Jupiter which could not control retrograde Saturn because of Rahu’s tricks then will now control it effectively.
  • The glimpses of my Astrological dream about a possible mid-term poll looks not very far.

Points worth noting:

  • I have already pointed out that Saturn in Scorpio from November 2, 2014 receiving the 5th aspect of Jupiter is an Astrological phenomenon not seen in the last two centuries.
  • The earlier conjunction of Rahu and Saturn in Libra dates back to June 1865 (hopefully I am right on this point).

A bit of philosophical outlook:

  • This world is an illusion. The first star in the Zodiac is Ashwini of Ketu which depicts ‘Maya’.
  • Physical world is called ‘Pinda’ which is finite.
  • The next world above is ‘Anda’ or the Astral plane which has no physical concepts and none of the physical laws apply there.
  • Above ‘Anda’ is ‘Brahmanda’ or the casual plane.
  • Above ‘Brahmanda’ is pure spiritual plane.
  • ‘Maya’ or illusion exists up to Brahamanda. Maya or illusion is like heat and it cannot be separated from fire. This phenomenon exist up to Brahamanda and not beyond.
  • Therefore, despite God controlling this world, HE cannot separate fire and heat as they are part and parcel of each other. Thus we see lots of frauds, scandals and irregularities in our life as if honesty and truth has no place. However, with the transit of planets through the tools of Astrology we can estimate pointers towards truth and honesty.

In one of my earlier posts, I have already mentioned that there is nothing like ‘Pralaya’ or Grand dissolution in physical form at all. ‘Pralaya’ and ‘Maha Pralaya’ is the prerogative of Yogis in their meditation when their soul transcends from ‘Pinda’ to ‘Anda’ is ‘Pralaya’ and from ‘Anda’ to ‘Brahmanda’ is ‘Maha Pralaya’.

After having mentioned points above, human beings are always bound to face all sorts of illusions including political terrorism.

K Jagadish,
Bangalore, India.
October 28, 2014.

Astrology – Scientific arts or Artistic Science? ……… a deep dive into Sagittarius sign of the Zodiac!

Taking a cue from the comment below from an esteemed reader and an Astrologer of proven record, I am compelled to post this write up:

“Dear Jagadish,
Transit Mars entered Gem today the 27 Oct “14 and is forming “Agni (FIRE )Maruth (AIR) Yoga ” with Saturn stationed already there .Gem is an airy sign , you may take note . Mars= FIRE & SAT=WIND ; so AGNI MARUTH Yoga

Your erudition in this subject solicited ..

With the above comment, my mind got activated on a gamut of ideas! A bit of reverse engineering technique and a holistic look at the unique qualities of Sagittarius sign itself, unfolds a host of issues and, this way sky may not be the limit for Astrology! I have more axe to grind as to how transits in Navamsa are probably the surest way of timing of events.

Yes, Agni Maruth Yoga will make sense. However, the root cause of this Yoga lies in the fact that typically, the first amsa of Sagittarius is Aries as we all know, while my take is with the perspective as Aries the first sign of the Zodiac. Now, to me, Mars the lord of the first and 8th sign of the Zodiac transiting in the 9th sign of the Zodiac is certainly the exclusive prerogative of Mars alone. Thus, Mars is sure to trigger ‘Agni Maruth’ in the universe.

To zero-in right on to our context, the following points will drive home what we can expect and in which areas:

  • Mars triggers many areas of democracy depicted by Saturn.
  • Exalted Saturn is already in the 9th amsa (future) which is the 3rd sign of the Zodiac.
  • Saturn has its receptivity of its own special 3rd
  • Lord of the 3rd sign of the Zodiac Mercury depicting intelligence (Buddhi) is now in its own other house Virgo in Rasi (direct since 26th October) and in Navamsa is in the 7th amsa and uncomfortable since the amsa lord is Moon. Thus, the Government of India has acted without any option or choice due to Jupiter (in Rasi transiting in its exalted sign), the judiciary.
  • November 1, Mars moves to 4th amsa corresponding to the 4th sign of the Zodiac and Saturn moves to Scorpio on November 2 and thus again in Navamsa, Mars conjoins Saturn.
  • Therefore we can expect Agni (fire) in democracy for every move of amsa of Mars while transiting in Sagittarius.

The beauty of Sagittarius:

The 9th sign of the Zodiac simply means future and its lord Jupiter known to be the greatest benefactor for mankind and depicting Judiciary, has its excellent, powerful and spectacular qualities which no other sign of the Zodiac has. The first amsa of Sagittarius is the first sign of the Zodiac and therefore any planet transiting in Sagittarius makes a new beginning and ends up in creating a new future for sure, be it political, science/technology or personal life concerns. Further, we have the stars of the lord of Ketu – Moola (from the root), Venus – Purvasshada (Purva-East, Ashada-when Sun transits in Cancer) and Uttarashada (Uttara-heading North of Ashada towards East). Why Agni Maruth? Gemini, the opposite sign of Sagittarius has Mrigasira of Mars, Ardira of Rahu-the head of the serpentine, and Punarvasu of Jupiter-the lord of equity and justice. Therefore, there is no wonder as to what is happening now in India is nothing short of proving Astrology right in the most scientific manner, but artistically.

Every navamsa movement of Mars while in Sagittarius shall be a milestone in democracy and when Mars moves to Capricorn, it shall be an effective follow up of events as aggressively as practical.

Saturn while in Scorpio, the 8th sign of the Zodiac and aspected by exalted Jupiter with the 5th aspect, I do expect big boulders to be thrown by the judiciary. Dharma shall prevail under all conditions and all sorts of fraud, fudging and manipulations of at least the last 29 to 30 years shall take a severe beating. It will be thrilling to know what is in store for India since in the last two centuries Saturn never received exalted Jupiter’s 5th aspect.

Numeral of – the Zodiac sign, aspect of planet/s and numeral of the amsa; stands out and holds the key to the secrets of Astrology and prediction is my well considered opinion.

Satya Mev Jayate! No power on earth can stop the developments to deliver justice and, I appeal to readers to join me in prayer towards the goal to stop injustice.

K Jagadish,
Bangalore, India.
October 27, 2014.

PS: Due to paucity of time and patience as well, I am unable to revise the write up and therefore, I am prone to errors. I hope esteemed readers will take it in the right perspective.

Political Kaleidoscope of Saturn in Scorpio from 2nd November, 2014

Saturn in Scorpio can be a game changer in Indian politics like a Kaleidoscope; a continually changing pattern of shapes and colors.

Saturn will surely bring – the corrupt, looters, fraudsters, public money swindlers, Dharma Gurus who have amassed wealth under the guise of religion and God who have fooled gullible public – to justice. I think I am very confident of the above scenario emerging sooner than later.

In my post captioned “Never in the last two centuries!” posted on 16th October, I have touched upon some points at the outer periphery of the subject. In this post I will cover some points more objectively and estimate the probabilities.

Here are some Astrological perspectives:


  • The 10th and 11th lord of the Zodiac, Saturn, in the 8th sign, to me, would mean the Scorpio will be under the tight grip of Saturn.
  • Saturn’s aspect will be – 3rd aspect on Capricorn, 7th aspect on Taurus and 10th aspect on Leo.
  • With respect to Capricorn Saturn will have a harmonious and gainful 3/11 relationship while with respect to Aquarius and Taurus and Leo it will be a hard aspect. This forms an exact square in the Zodiac which will be under the sway of Saturn, the executor of Dharma.
  • Exalted Jupiter in Cancer (4th sign of the Zodiac) is aspecting with 5th aspect on Scorpio (8th sign of the Zodiac) and 7th aspect on Capricorn (10th sign of the Zodiac) and the 9th aspect on Pisces (12th sign of the Zodiac).
  • God rules the entire creation through the Zodiac and its planets and, in effect the whole universe is represented by the Zodiac and anything and everything that we see in the world is artistically and scientifically embedded in the Zodiac. My specific focus is on the numerals integration like the number of the Zodiac sign and its lord, aspect number of the planet/s and the numeral of the Zodiac sign aspected.
  • With the ingress of Saturn into Scorpio, I find the game of numerals 5 and 8 playing up to its horizon. Generally, in predictive Astrology, the 5th and 8th combination, interlinking and mutual affinity leads to ‘sudden and abrupt’ developments. Good or bad of the effects depends on a gamut of points involved.
  • 5 (5th house, 5th sign of the Zodiac, 5th aspect of Jupiter and so on) stands for past while 8 (8th house, 8th sign of the Zodiac, 8th aspect of Mars and so on) stands for the store of Karmas of the past, money payable to other/opponents apart from gain to the opponents, difficulties/obstacles, 8th being 11th to 10th gain in democracy and so on.

An estimate of impact, probabilities and possibilities of points above on Indian independence Chart (abbreviated as IIC):

  • Saturn in Scorpio means rolling over natal Ketu, a planet of knowledge, information, deception and in 7th sign means general public, now getting publicized.
  • 3rd aspect on Capricorn means Saturn controlling the 9th house (obstacles/Badhaka). This may result in new values in democracy in IIC separating/distancing the old pattern.
  • 7th aspect of Saturn on Taurus the Ascendant in IIC where Rahu is posited means all attributes of Rahu like fraud, synthetic ‘feel good factors of democracy’, rigging of sorts, ill-gotten wealth, concealed wealth hidden overseas etc., from the time of independence of India may get triggered.
  • Judiciary playing a key role to stop the deception of citizens of India in a big way, of course obviously through the impending cases before the courts.
  • Several old cases stalled in the court/s will now fast forward.
  • Many big wigs will get caught very badly and in an unexpected manner and moment as well.
  • Exalted Jupiter already aspecting the 12th sign of the Zodiac with the 9th aspect means that there has to be a new beginning in the whole democratic system while terminating the existing age old and obsolete methods.
  • Out sourced vote catching ‘hub and spoke’ mechanism highly perfected and accurate system may find its natural death thus enhancing the intrinsic value of each vote.
  • So called umpteen excellent businessmen in the garb of ‘Dharma Gurus’ living posh and splendid life in Ashrams and acting as political power centers may get caught badly.
  • Many heroes and heroines in silver screen and small screen may get into problems involving money and sexual scandals.

I would like to caution readers that these are estimates, and as far as time frame is concerned it would be wrong to expect all at once beginning 2nd November, 2014. Triggering of evens will depend upon transit of Mars and timing will be as per navamsa transit of planets.

Planets are sure to deliver results which are judicious and reasonable. I do hope that by God’s grace, all those who have transgressed the laws of nature and obstructed delivery of natural principles of justice, will be caught mercilessly. It hardly matters who belongs to which political party and their strength as far as numbers are concerned, they will never be able to reach up to the planets and fool the planets.

Sathyamev Jayate. Truth will win!

K Jagadish,
Bangalore, India.
October 23, 2014.

Never in the last two centuries!

An Astrological event, perhaps, never in the last two centuries minimum, is now in the offing. With the best of my ability, I have flipped the software to make sure of this. However, due to oversight, if at all I have missed out a point, any esteemed reader is most welcome to point out and the same can be taken up for further analysis.

A comment of inspiration from one of our esteemed readers Mr.Madhu N Nair has motivated me to point out the most significant, historic and exciting event, soon. This should invariably prove us if our understanding of the intrinsic and unique qualities of planets and the Zodiac signs is correct, holistic and valid.

What is the event?

Well, it is so simple and straight forward when only one planet is considered. But, if we take the other major planet Jupiter, I think it opens up new annals in Astrology and probably sky may not be the limit for knowledge. Never before in the last two centuries, exalted Jupiter’s 5th aspect fell on Saturn while it was in the 8th sign of the Zodiac.

Saturn moves to Scorpio on November 2, 2014. What is great about it? Of course, every 28 to 30 years which is normally one cycle of Saturn across the Zodiac it comes to the same sign. However, the ensuing ingress of Saturn into Scorpio is extremely special, significant and should be highly eventful. Why?

Jupiter is already in Cancer its exalted sign. Thus when Saturn moves into Scorpio, it receives the 5th aspect of exalted Jupiter (from the 4th sign of the Zodiac) while Saturn will be in the 8th sign of the Zodiac. To me it simply implies that the 8th sign of the Zodiac will be under the excitation of both Saturn and Jupiter. Further, the 10th sign of the Zodiac viz., Capricorn will be under the bombardment of both Saturn and Jupiter with 3rd aspect and normal 7th aspect, respectively.

What is the impact of Saturn and Jupiter in above scenario?

Saturn manifesting ‘Dharma’ and Jupiter manifesting ‘Justice’ has to prevail, universally. The impact will vary from country to country depending upon the independence chart.

Impact on Indian independence chart:

  • There are 5 planets in the Indian Independence chart in Cancer and now Jupiter is transiting over those planets. Jupiter has it inherent characteristic of ‘expansion’. Therefore, we in India are hearing lot new and creative information. Since natal Moon is also there along with other planets viz., Saturn, Mercury, Sun and Venus, mere talk on several concerns in India are obvious. Anything with respect to Moon is normally at the mind level and those points translating into action is a remote possibility.
  • Till November 2, 2014, exalted Saturn’s 10th aspect is falling on all the five planets and this is another Astrological signature of what we have been hearing all along.
  • When Saturn moves to Scorpio on the 2nd November, all the above mentioned five planets and transit Jupiter will thus be in the 9th house from Saturn. The 9th sign for a fixed sign Scorpio is a ‘Badhaka Rasi’. Thus for Saturn depicting democracy, all those planets are sure to become a Badhaka or obstacles.
  • Jupiter’s 5th aspect on Saturn is sure to bring forth many old issues, subjects and manipulations in various aspects of governance to the forefront and deliver justice.
  • As I have been all along maintaining that the digits like the number of the Zodiac sign, the aspect number (like 3rd) has enormous meaning embedded in it. Generally, 5th and 8th involvement conveys a very ‘sudden and unexpected’ trend in its impact.

Which is the trigger point?

  • Mars, the great trigger enters Sagittarius on October 18. This is an excellent turning point for future. The first amsa of Sagittarius is Aries its own sign. From there (in Navamsa chart) it aspects again its own house the negative sing Scorpio with the 8th This is an exciting Astrological ambiance to bring the guilty to justice.
  • Secondly, in Rasi itself, Mars in Sagittarius owned by Jupiter aspects another sign of Jupiter viz., Pisces with the 4th aspect and with the 8th aspect it aspects transit Jupiter. This may result in judiciary delivering many eventful negative judgments involving bigwigs. Here again all crooks will go behind bars for sure. I shall avoid referring specific names to avoid unnecessary complications as everyone knows what I mean.
  • Until 5th Jan, 2015 before Mars enters Aquarius, India is bound to witness many drastic changes which shall impact the way democracy is working.
  • Retrogression of Jupiter on 9th December, 2014 synchronizing with transit of other planets and specifically Mars might result in major overhauling of the governance of the country.

I am sorry that I have not been able to address directly many points of great interest in generic terms which are easily understood by everyone since I cannot stray into unwanted controversies. However, the resultant effect of what has been presented in this post is presumably understood by all.

PS: I have not even revised this post before publishing thus prone to errors .

K Jagadish,
Bangalore, India.
October 16, 2014.

Mars in 8th amsa

Mars transiting in Libra will hit the 8th amsa around 1330 hrs IST. Saturn also transiting in Libra is already in the 8th amsa since August 20. Thus, both Saturn and Mars in Navamsa have occupied Taurus, the Lagna or Ascendant of Indian Independence chart.

The 8th amsa for any planet will always mean termination of some events related to specific bhava and the portfolio of that planet applicable to individual chart. The nature and characteristics of the impact depends on a number of issues like the dasa, bhukti and antra, natal placement of planets etc.

As far as India is concerned, Saturn and Mars have now become very powerful and conjunction of these two planets specifically in Libra, the exalted sign of Saturn is not a welcome sign. More so when even in Navamsa they are conjoined. With this transit, perhaps, the Government is more likely to be under further attack from several corners and a point worth considering is the activism of the judiciary. Probably, many judgments from Courts may go against the Government. Further, there could be escalation of territorial border related tensions apart from chances of internal violence and use of force in the public domain.

K Jagadish,
Bangalore, India.
August 25, 2014.

Please recapitulate comments on Navamsa transits

As already mentioned several times in the past about transits in Navamsa, in an upbeat mood, specifically about Saturn’s move to 8th amsa on August 20, 2014, the Government in India has already run into rough weather on a number of issues. A point worth noting is the judicial intervention which I have already covered under the caption “Jupiter will start firing”.

Since August 20, we find several important subjects coming up before the judiciary and many or most of them are likely to have wide spread and deep negative repercussions on the Government.  The current issues are just small samples of many more mega events which are very likely to come up when Jupiter enters Mercury star on September 3, 2014.

It is Astrologically exciting to watch out the performance of the Government in the days to come.

K Jagadish,                                       
Bangalore, India.
August 22, 2014.

4th Amsa of Libra for Mars

Ironically, it looks that many events planned by a Indian political party, Aam Aadmi Party is like an Astrological missile, at least as far as I am considered. Since my mind is totally on planets transit in Navamsa, invariably, given a chance, it harps right on to Navamsa.

My take on transit of Mars in total isolation of any chart is as follows:

Rasi considerations

  • Mars in Libra means, its 8th sign characteristics are fairly diluted
  • Its ownership of Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac is greatly enhanced
  • Planets conjunct transit Mars, planets aspecting it get moderated to take on the qualities and impact of Mars
  • It has its veto power on Libra and as well the signs its aspect viz., Capricorn, Aries and Taurus apart from the amsa signs, as and when it moves forward or backward if retrograde

Navamsa considerations

The following amsa of Mars, in my opinion is very significant

  • First amsa viz., Libra itself
  • 4th amsa viz., Capricorn
  • 7th amsa viz., Aries
  • 8th amsa viz., Taurus

Obviously, this is nothing short of an off shoot of its aspects, 4, 7 and 8.  To keep the write up short and precise for reasons best known to all of us and not to create any panic amongst readers, I have reproduced below the image of Mars move into 4th amsa on August 2nd at 2039 hrs IST.


I am compelled to draw your attention to my post on Saturn moving to 8th amsa on 20th August. Incidentally, Mars too moves to 7th amsa on the same day. It is best that we witness events and then check back what Astrology has for us. Let all of us hope and pray God for peace and tranquility while truth and justice has to prevail.

Astrology is best experienced than read.

K Jagadish,
Bangalore, India.
August 1, 2014.

8th Amsa of Libra for Saturn

Saturn now direct in motion since July 21 and which is still slow in its longitudinal speed enters the 8th amsa of Libra on August 20, 2014. I have been very keenly watching the retrogression of planets and its impact on our life from a very long time. Of course, it is needless to mention that the events in life take place entirely depending upon planets transit in Navamsa.

It is worth recapitulating that impact of any planet getting retrograde is almost like re-doing or revisiting a subject again when it gets direct. To make it amply clear, the following points are critical to judge the impact of retrogression:

  • What is the Zodiac sign (both the number of the sign and its characteristics) in which a planet gets retrograde
  • What is the Navamsa sign when it gets retrograde
  • What is the amsa of the planet in terms of numeral. Example: Saturn when it got retrograde in March 2014 was transiting in its 9th amsa (future) and it got direct when it had moved back to 7th amsa (opposite party/general public)
  • Which are the planets conjunct/aspecting the planet in question and what is its Navamsa sign and the number (like 7th amsa, 8th amsa etc.) of the amsa
  • The outer planets viz., Jupiter, Saturn and Mars having special aspects getting retrograde and then direct can never be compared with other planets viz., Venus and Mercury while Rahu/Ketu is ever retrograde.
  • The outer planets always creates multiple activation and excites the Zodiac signs and some signs may be bombarded by the influence of more than one planet

With the above briefing let me move directly on to the subject. For those who are familiar with Astrology, to drive home my point and views thereon, I have reproduced the image of the chart when Saturn moves to its 8th amsa.


From the chart above the following significant points are worth noting:

  • Mars in 7th amsa while transiting in the 7th sign of the Zodiac
  • Saturn in 8th amsa while transiting in the 7th sign of the Zodiac
  • Jupiter in 5th amsa from the 4th sign of the Zodiac, its exalted sign
  • Sun in the 1st amsa when it is transiting in the 5th sign of the Zodiac which is its own house while in Navamsa it will be in ‘Badhaka amsa’ (obstructions/difficulties)

The following signs will be hyperactive:

  • Aries (12th sign of Indian Independence chart say IIC)
  • Taurus (the Lagna or Ascendant of IIC)
  • Cancer (the 3rd sign of IIC – self-strength, courage and confidence) will be under bombardment of Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. I have repeatedly mentioned that IIC has 5 planets in the 3rd house
  • Libra (the 6th sign of IIC)
  • Scorpio (the 7th sign of IIC) will be under severe pressure because of Jupiter, Saturn and 8th aspect of Mars from its own powerful house Aries
  • Aquarius (the 10th sign of IIC)

Since it is not wise on my part to come to specific conclusions in terms of effects of transit when Saturn moves to 8th amsa, I propose to generalize and vaguely find the following points which might be relevant:

  • Libra the 7th sign of the Zodiac stands for democracy, trade and commerce, citizens (when we are on mundane Astrology), entertainment, pleasure and sexual relationship etc. As an evidence of the last item, in India, there is so much of news, day on day, about rapes
  • Media, communication, strength and confidence will be under attack. Perhaps the neighbourhood events too can distract attention
  • Several critical events that took place after March 2014, across the globe might get reviewed, revised, cancelled or it will go into terrible turbulence
  • Jupiter depicting judiciary may deliver verdict against many misdeeds, be it rape cases, trade and commerce matters or democracy related. All the events will come to surface
  • It is also a likely that a number of accidents, fire, water flooding etc., may be noticed. Hope God will be kind to save people
  • On the whole, there appears to be severe conflict of interest in transit in terms of aspects. For example, in Navamsa Mars transiting in the 7th sign in Rasi chart aspecting its own house Aries and with the 8th aspect aspecting Saturn in 8th amsa while in Rasi chart it is conjunct Mars.

I appeal to the readers not to get scared or take any point wrong. The comments are highly general in nature and the impact on individual charts should not be taken on these lines. May be many good people will stand to gain in a big way while the crooks, dishonest and fraudsters will get completely washed out.

Let us watch out the events carefully instead of coming to conclusions.

K Jagadish,
Bangalore, India.
July 30, 2014


Musings on Planets Retrogression

I have been continuously keeping abreast of the transit of planets for a number of years. Invariably, I find that it surely impacts our life in a number of ways, sensitively touching upon many areas of our activities. It is quite possible that we would not have paid much attention to minute aspects of our routine from the perspective of planetary movements, specifically retrogression of planets.

Your attention may please be drawn to a couple of earlier postings. To be very specific, as an Astrological estimate, I have dealt with the retrogression of Saturn and Mars during the recent general election in India. Unmindful of whether the Astrological estimate proves right or not and, being absolutely insensitive to anything like personal reputation, I would like to mention that Saturn turning direct past midnight on July 20th (IST), perhaps there is bound to be a political holocaust. I personally feel the effect of Saturn turning direct will surely have wide spread repercussions in many walks of our life, of course, the honest and cultured human beings will gain a lot and, the crooks are sure to experience huge loss*.

I rely on my liberty in frank and fair expression of astrological views and, never to misguide, mislead or create false hopes on any subject to anyone. I am pretty sure that every time I touched upon critical transits in the recent past, there were significant events that cropped up, out of the blue. Thus, it tempted me to caption one post as “Chicken and Egg” to drive home how the events surface in tune with transit of planets.

After having shared my views on retrogression of planets, generally tracking events in my own life, on a routine basis, I am pretty confident to mention that we can take advantage, practically. First and foremost, it is best not to initiate new actions whenever planets are retrograde. I must add here that, a few days before a planet turns retrograde, the planet will be apparently stationary, normally, for a few days. This phenomenon will hold good for slow moving planets viz., Saturn and Jupiter. However, how long a planet will be apparently stationary depends on several factors and there need be no consistency.

As already stated above, Saturn gets direct on July 20th past midnight or say early morning July 21st and by almost 9 AM (IST) on July 21st, it gains a bit of momentum and moves forward by 0.001 degrees (longitudinal speed). Therefore, Saturn gets active almost immediately. Further, since Mars is conjunct Saturn, I do expect very quick or almost instantaneous impact. Saturn/Mars conjunction is certainly not good, of course, as per the category of people mentioned above with the asterisk* mark above.

Let me make it abundantly clear that, it is quite possible that we may not be the cause of many actions done by others. For example, if someone gets a new job during the time a planet is retrograde, let it not be misconstrued that there is going to be some problem. However, there could be certain areas of review or re-visit to some functional aspects. For those have the prerogative of initiating actions voluntarily, they can always consider the point of retrogression of planets as much as practical. Just for information, I have given below the table of retrogression of planets for the year 2014 and 2015, separately (time mentioned is IST):

Retrogression of Planets: Year 2014

Mars Turns retrograde on March 01, 2014 at 21:54 hrs

Turns direct on May 20, 2014 at 7:2 hrs

Mercury Turns retrograde on February 07, 2014 at 3:14 hrs

Turns direct on February 28, 2014 at 19:31 hrs

Turns retrograde on June 07, 2014 at 17:27 hrs

Turns direct on July 01, 2014 at 18:20 hrs

Turns retrograde on October 04, 2014 at 22:33 hrs

Turns direct on October 26, 2014 at 0:47 hrs

Jupiter Is retrograde on January 01, 2014 at 0:0 hrs

Turns direct on March 06, 2014 at 16:12 hrs

Turns retrograde on December 09, 2014 at 2:11 hrs

Venus Is retrograde on January 01, 2014 at 0:0 hrs

Turns direct on February 01, 2014 at 2:19 hrs

Saturn Turns retrograde on March 02, 2014 at 21:49 hrs

Turns direct on July 21, 2014 at 2:6 hrs

Retrogression of Planets: Year 2015

Mercury Turns retrograde on January 21, 2015 at 21:25 hrs

Turns direct on February 11, 2015 at 20:27 hrs

Turns retrograde on May 19, 2015 at 7:19 hrs

Turns direct on June 12, 2015 at 4:3 hrs

Turns retrograde on September 17, 2015 at 23:40 hrs

Turns direct on October 09, 2015 at 20:28 hrs

Jupiter Is retrograde on January 01, 2015 at 0:0 hrs

Turns direct on April 08, 2015 at 22:27 hrs

Venus Turns retrograde on July 25, 2015 at 14:59 hrs

Turns direct on September 06, 2015 at 14:0 hrs

Saturn Turns retrograde on March 14, 2015 at 20:33 hrs

Turns direct on August 02, 2015 at 11:23 hrs


For reasons stated above, I feel that there may be a lot of political turmoil (Saturn depicting democracy) and swift actions (Mars) and since Saturn is shedding its 10th aspect on exalted Jupiter and, Jupiter squaring Mars, which is termed as ‘hard aspect’, Judiciary may be duty bound to act tough on many current political and politics related issues.

K Jagadish,
July 20, 2014.
Bangalore, India.