Never in the last two centuries!

An Astrological event, perhaps, never in the last two centuries minimum, is now in the offing. With the best of my ability, I have flipped the software to make sure of this. However, due to oversight, if at all I have missed out a point, any esteemed reader is most welcome to point out and the same can be taken up for further analysis.

A comment of inspiration from one of our esteemed readers Mr.Madhu N Nair has motivated me to point out the most significant, historic and exciting event, soon. This should invariably prove us if our understanding of the intrinsic and unique qualities of planets and the Zodiac signs is correct, holistic and valid.

What is the event?

Well, it is so simple and straight forward when only one planet is considered. But, if we take the other major planet Jupiter, I think it opens up new annals in Astrology and probably sky may not be the limit for knowledge. Never before in the last two centuries, exalted Jupiter’s 5th aspect fell on Saturn while it was in the 8th sign of the Zodiac.

Saturn moves to Scorpio on November 2, 2014. What is great about it? Of course, every 28 to 30 years which is normally one cycle of Saturn across the Zodiac it comes to the same sign. However, the ensuing ingress of Saturn into Scorpio is extremely special, significant and should be highly eventful. Why?

Jupiter is already in Cancer its exalted sign. Thus when Saturn moves into Scorpio, it receives the 5th aspect of exalted Jupiter (from the 4th sign of the Zodiac) while Saturn will be in the 8th sign of the Zodiac. To me it simply implies that the 8th sign of the Zodiac will be under the excitation of both Saturn and Jupiter. Further, the 10th sign of the Zodiac viz., Capricorn will be under the bombardment of both Saturn and Jupiter with 3rd aspect and normal 7th aspect, respectively.

What is the impact of Saturn and Jupiter in above scenario?

Saturn manifesting ‘Dharma’ and Jupiter manifesting ‘Justice’ has to prevail, universally. The impact will vary from country to country depending upon the independence chart.

Impact on Indian independence chart:

  • There are 5 planets in the Indian Independence chart in Cancer and now Jupiter is transiting over those planets. Jupiter has it inherent characteristic of ‘expansion’. Therefore, we in India are hearing lot new and creative information. Since natal Moon is also there along with other planets viz., Saturn, Mercury, Sun and Venus, mere talk on several concerns in India are obvious. Anything with respect to Moon is normally at the mind level and those points translating into action is a remote possibility.
  • Till November 2, 2014, exalted Saturn’s 10th aspect is falling on all the five planets and this is another Astrological signature of what we have been hearing all along.
  • When Saturn moves to Scorpio on the 2nd November, all the above mentioned five planets and transit Jupiter will thus be in the 9th house from Saturn. The 9th sign for a fixed sign Scorpio is a ‘Badhaka Rasi’. Thus for Saturn depicting democracy, all those planets are sure to become a Badhaka or obstacles.
  • Jupiter’s 5th aspect on Saturn is sure to bring forth many old issues, subjects and manipulations in various aspects of governance to the forefront and deliver justice.
  • As I have been all along maintaining that the digits like the number of the Zodiac sign, the aspect number (like 3rd) has enormous meaning embedded in it. Generally, 5th and 8th involvement conveys a very ‘sudden and unexpected’ trend in its impact.

Which is the trigger point?

  • Mars, the great trigger enters Sagittarius on October 18. This is an excellent turning point for future. The first amsa of Sagittarius is Aries its own sign. From there (in Navamsa chart) it aspects again its own house the negative sing Scorpio with the 8th This is an exciting Astrological ambiance to bring the guilty to justice.
  • Secondly, in Rasi itself, Mars in Sagittarius owned by Jupiter aspects another sign of Jupiter viz., Pisces with the 4th aspect and with the 8th aspect it aspects transit Jupiter. This may result in judiciary delivering many eventful negative judgments involving bigwigs. Here again all crooks will go behind bars for sure. I shall avoid referring specific names to avoid unnecessary complications as everyone knows what I mean.
  • Until 5th Jan, 2015 before Mars enters Aquarius, India is bound to witness many drastic changes which shall impact the way democracy is working.
  • Retrogression of Jupiter on 9th December, 2014 synchronizing with transit of other planets and specifically Mars might result in major overhauling of the governance of the country.

I am sorry that I have not been able to address directly many points of great interest in generic terms which are easily understood by everyone since I cannot stray into unwanted controversies. However, the resultant effect of what has been presented in this post is presumably understood by all.

PS: I have not even revised this post before publishing thus prone to errors .

K Jagadish,
Bangalore, India.
October 16, 2014.

One thought on “Never in the last two centuries!

  1. Dear Jagadish,
    Tr Mars entered Gem today the 27 Oct “14 and is forming “Agni (FIRE )Maruth (AIR) Yoga ” with Saturn stationed already there .Gem is an airy sign , you may take note . Mars= FIRE & SAT=WIND ; so AGNI MARUTH Yoga
    Your erudiction in this subject solicited ..

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