Political Kaleidoscope of Saturn in Scorpio from 2nd November, 2014

Saturn in Scorpio can be a game changer in Indian politics like a Kaleidoscope; a continually changing pattern of shapes and colors.

Saturn will surely bring – the corrupt, looters, fraudsters, public money swindlers, Dharma Gurus who have amassed wealth under the guise of religion and God who have fooled gullible public – to justice. I think I am very confident of the above scenario emerging sooner than later.

In my post captioned “Never in the last two centuries!” posted on 16th October, I have touched upon some points at the outer periphery of the subject. In this post I will cover some points more objectively and estimate the probabilities.

Here are some Astrological perspectives:


  • The 10th and 11th lord of the Zodiac, Saturn, in the 8th sign, to me, would mean the Scorpio will be under the tight grip of Saturn.
  • Saturn’s aspect will be – 3rd aspect on Capricorn, 7th aspect on Taurus and 10th aspect on Leo.
  • With respect to Capricorn Saturn will have a harmonious and gainful 3/11 relationship while with respect to Aquarius and Taurus and Leo it will be a hard aspect. This forms an exact square in the Zodiac which will be under the sway of Saturn, the executor of Dharma.
  • Exalted Jupiter in Cancer (4th sign of the Zodiac) is aspecting with 5th aspect on Scorpio (8th sign of the Zodiac) and 7th aspect on Capricorn (10th sign of the Zodiac) and the 9th aspect on Pisces (12th sign of the Zodiac).
  • God rules the entire creation through the Zodiac and its planets and, in effect the whole universe is represented by the Zodiac and anything and everything that we see in the world is artistically and scientifically embedded in the Zodiac. My specific focus is on the numerals integration like the number of the Zodiac sign and its lord, aspect number of the planet/s and the numeral of the Zodiac sign aspected.
  • With the ingress of Saturn into Scorpio, I find the game of numerals 5 and 8 playing up to its horizon. Generally, in predictive Astrology, the 5th and 8th combination, interlinking and mutual affinity leads to ‘sudden and abrupt’ developments. Good or bad of the effects depends on a gamut of points involved.
  • 5 (5th house, 5th sign of the Zodiac, 5th aspect of Jupiter and so on) stands for past while 8 (8th house, 8th sign of the Zodiac, 8th aspect of Mars and so on) stands for the store of Karmas of the past, money payable to other/opponents apart from gain to the opponents, difficulties/obstacles, 8th being 11th to 10th gain in democracy and so on.

An estimate of impact, probabilities and possibilities of points above on Indian independence Chart (abbreviated as IIC):

  • Saturn in Scorpio means rolling over natal Ketu, a planet of knowledge, information, deception and in 7th sign means general public, now getting publicized.
  • 3rd aspect on Capricorn means Saturn controlling the 9th house (obstacles/Badhaka). This may result in new values in democracy in IIC separating/distancing the old pattern.
  • 7th aspect of Saturn on Taurus the Ascendant in IIC where Rahu is posited means all attributes of Rahu like fraud, synthetic ‘feel good factors of democracy’, rigging of sorts, ill-gotten wealth, concealed wealth hidden overseas etc., from the time of independence of India may get triggered.
  • Judiciary playing a key role to stop the deception of citizens of India in a big way, of course obviously through the impending cases before the courts.
  • Several old cases stalled in the court/s will now fast forward.
  • Many big wigs will get caught very badly and in an unexpected manner and moment as well.
  • Exalted Jupiter already aspecting the 12th sign of the Zodiac with the 9th aspect means that there has to be a new beginning in the whole democratic system while terminating the existing age old and obsolete methods.
  • Out sourced vote catching ‘hub and spoke’ mechanism highly perfected and accurate system may find its natural death thus enhancing the intrinsic value of each vote.
  • So called umpteen excellent businessmen in the garb of ‘Dharma Gurus’ living posh and splendid life in Ashrams and acting as political power centers may get caught badly.
  • Many heroes and heroines in silver screen and small screen may get into problems involving money and sexual scandals.

I would like to caution readers that these are estimates, and as far as time frame is concerned it would be wrong to expect all at once beginning 2nd November, 2014. Triggering of evens will depend upon transit of Mars and timing will be as per navamsa transit of planets.

Planets are sure to deliver results which are judicious and reasonable. I do hope that by God’s grace, all those who have transgressed the laws of nature and obstructed delivery of natural principles of justice, will be caught mercilessly. It hardly matters who belongs to which political party and their strength as far as numbers are concerned, they will never be able to reach up to the planets and fool the planets.

Sathyamev Jayate. Truth will win!

K Jagadish,
Bangalore, India.
October 23, 2014.