A brief history of transit of Saturn and Rahu conjunction in Libra

Some very interesting observations about Saturn and Rahu conjunction in Libra:

  • Since a long time I have been continuously mentioning that Dharma should come into force once Saturn receives the 5th aspect of exalted Jupiter on November 2, 2014.
  • Secondly, long before the recently held general election, I did mention that the election will never be able to give political stability due to the fact that, the then retrograde Saturn conjunct Rahu in Libra indicates frauds of all sorts.
  • Thirdly, Saturn got retrograde in Libra when it was in the 9th (future) amsa.
  • Fourth most important point is Mars had just moved into Libra and had just entered the 2nd amsa, its own 8th sign of the Zodiac.
  • Jupiter was retro on 7th November, 2013 while it was transiting in its 8th amsa of Gemini corresponding to the Ascendant or Lagna of Indian Independence Chart.
  • Jupiter restored its forward motion on 6th March, 2014 while it was transiting in 5th amsa of Gemini.
  • On May 26, 2014, when the new Government was formed, most exciting and splendid Astrological point worth a few billion dollars is that, Jupiter in Gemini was in the 8th amsa; retrograde Saturn in Libra was in its 8th amsa in Taurus; Mars which got direct on May 20, 2014 was in Virgo and was in its 5th amsa corresponding to Taurus. Taurus, as already mentioned is the Ascendant or Lagna of India.
  • Quite ironically, I see a definitive relationship between the amsa of Jupiter and Mars as ‘5’ and that of Saturn as ‘8’.
  • Thus, the trick of 5 and 8 of suddenness/abrupt/unexpected is being indeed witnessed.

General inference of above points:

  • The entire process of election looked apparently judicious while retrograde Saturn had no choice except to go along with Rahu. Rahu’s unique qualities have already been mentioned in the earlier posts.
  • Jupiter which could not control retrograde Saturn because of Rahu’s tricks then will now control it effectively.
  • The glimpses of my Astrological dream about a possible mid-term poll looks not very far.

Points worth noting:

  • I have already pointed out that Saturn in Scorpio from November 2, 2014 receiving the 5th aspect of Jupiter is an Astrological phenomenon not seen in the last two centuries.
  • The earlier conjunction of Rahu and Saturn in Libra dates back to June 1865 (hopefully I am right on this point).

A bit of philosophical outlook:

  • This world is an illusion. The first star in the Zodiac is Ashwini of Ketu which depicts ‘Maya’.
  • Physical world is called ‘Pinda’ which is finite.
  • The next world above is ‘Anda’ or the Astral plane which has no physical concepts and none of the physical laws apply there.
  • Above ‘Anda’ is ‘Brahmanda’ or the casual plane.
  • Above ‘Brahmanda’ is pure spiritual plane.
  • ‘Maya’ or illusion exists up to Brahamanda. Maya or illusion is like heat and it cannot be separated from fire. This phenomenon exist up to Brahamanda and not beyond.
  • Therefore, despite God controlling this world, HE cannot separate fire and heat as they are part and parcel of each other. Thus we see lots of frauds, scandals and irregularities in our life as if honesty and truth has no place. However, with the transit of planets through the tools of Astrology we can estimate pointers towards truth and honesty.

In one of my earlier posts, I have already mentioned that there is nothing like ‘Pralaya’ or Grand dissolution in physical form at all. ‘Pralaya’ and ‘Maha Pralaya’ is the prerogative of Yogis in their meditation when their soul transcends from ‘Pinda’ to ‘Anda’ is ‘Pralaya’ and from ‘Anda’ to ‘Brahmanda’ is ‘Maha Pralaya’.

After having mentioned points above, human beings are always bound to face all sorts of illusions including political terrorism.

K Jagadish,
Bangalore, India.
October 28, 2014.