Jupiter enters Virgo soon

Jupiter after being under the influence of Saturn’s 10th aspect in the 5th sign of the Zodiac viz., Leo will enter Virgo on August 11, 2016. Much better way of comprehending its sojourn in Leo is as under:

  • Jupiter, the 9th and 12th lord of the Zodiac transiting in the 5th sign of the Zodiac Leo aspecting its own house (9th sign) with the 5th aspect and with the 9th aspect aspecting the 1st sign of the Zodiac viz., Aries is certainly significant. However, since January 30, 2016 it is conjoined with Rahu and thus Rahu camouflaged Jupiter and possibly in a way the intrinsic nature and characteristics of Jupiter’s purity thus got modulated.
  • But for Rahu conjoining Jupiter and Saturn’s 10th aspect, the ‘golden trine’ of 1, 5 and 9 should have shown up its divine effects very logically.
  • Yet another effect which got diluted is that Saturn, the lord of 10th and 11th sign of the Zodiac transiting in the 8th sign the lord of which is Mars and which is also the lord of 1st sign was conjoined. Both Mars and Saturn became retrograde and now of course, has become direct after its revisit to Libra in retrograde mode. It has thus left its retrograde ‘foot prints’ in Libra which happens to be the 6th house of Ascendant lord Venus in Indian Independence chart.
  • After Mars re-entered its own 8th sign when transit Saturn is retrograde, there is conflict of interest between Mars and Saturn in the 7th house of Indian Independence chart. There is ample scope for sudden explosive situations and more so after Saturn becomes direct on Aug 13, 2016 and by which time Jupiter would have moved to Virgo.
  • Jupiter entered its 9th amsa of Leo viz., its own 9th sign Sagittarius on July 24 night and in Navamsa it is now aspecting Aries the 1st sign with the 5th This, nevertheless indicates a new beginning or certain events and as well termination of some old issues.
  • From now on until Mars moves to Sagittarius on September 18, 2016 may prove to be an environment charged with explosive conflicts.
  • Mars and retrograde Saturn are aspecting the Ascendant Taurus and once Jupiter moves to Virgo on August 11, Taurus will receive the 9th aspect of Jupiter. Whether there will be anything new to India is to be seen more than writing.
  • As per the Indian Independence Chart, there are lots of planetary influence of conflicts than any harmony.
  • On the whole, there has to be a new beginning in many areas and Rahu’s influence will evaporate from August 11, 2016.

I wish I could write a lot more but not only due to paucity of time but also due to reasons of maintaining a judicial distance from inviting problems, I prefer to be brief.

K Jagadish,

Bengaluru, India.

July 25, 2016.






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Space-Time has been dealt with by scientists, mathematicians, physicists and several associated experts and there have been mixed reactions, sometimes conflicting each others opinion and at times a common agreement, selectively, on some points. Same is the case with ‘weightlessness’ in outer space.

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K Jagadish

Bengaluru, India.

July 25, 2016.

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K Jagadish,

Bangalore, India.
July 21, 2016


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K Jagadish,
Bangalore, INDIA.
June 19, 2016

Today Mars excites Five planets in Aquarius

Venus enters Aquarius by 2054 hrs IST today to conjoin transit Sun, Mercury, Ketu and of course Moon and receives the 4th aspect of Mars from its own house (the 8th sign of the Zodiac) where transit Saturn is also posited. Although the sign Aquarius is aspected by retrograde Jupiter conjunct Rahu in Leo while this sign itself is under bombardment of Saturn conjunct Mars from Scorpio, the role of Jupiter gets very much limited. The chemistry between Saturn and Mars in Scorpio is quite deadly and thus Mars gets extraordinary power of destruction.

Just glancing the Indian Independence chart, we find five planets in Cancer and in the narration above, it is quite evident that harmony between between the transit planets and the natal planets gets adversely affected because of 6/8 relationship. Further, with reference to the Ascendant (Taurus), in transit, all the planets have a square aspect between themselves. That is Ascendant Taurus square Rahu/Jupiter (Leo), square Saturn/Mars (Scorpio), square Sun/Moon/Mercury/Venus/Ketu (Aquarius).

In my last post viz., “Expect more from Mars now in 2nd amsa” dated February 28, 2016, I have indeed brought about some salient points about the possible ill-effects of Mars/Saturn conjunction. Quite naturally, we now find a nation wide high security alert already sounded in the media. In this context, let me also add that on March 25, Saturn will turn retro and on April 17, Mars too will turn retro while Jupiter is already retrograde. Earlier, I have already mentioned that all the ‘outer planets’ viz., Saturn, Mars and Jupiter would be retrograde simultaneously. It is worthwhile drawing the attention of my readers that in 1984 a similar planetary situation existed and the year was horrible with Bhopal Gas tragedy etc. However, in some countries, a lot of good things too took place.

With specific reference to the overall situation in India, I think everyone would agree that the loss of political equilibrium is being witnessed without any doubt. God knows as to what could be more in store for us. Ensuing conjunction, transit and retrogression of Mars/Saturn will ultimately culminate on August 24, 2016 at 1655 hrs when Mars and Saturn will be at the same degree in Scorpio and by then all the outer planets will be direct. Thus, is it that India is heading for important events from now on to see something more on the said date?

Today the March 7, 2016 transits are quite precarious Astrologically. Moon is already in the star of Mars receiving the 4th aspect of Mars and Venus too joins at 2055 hrs as already mentioned and by 2022 hrs Moon will enter the 4th pada of Mars star Dhanista in Aquarius and around 2330 hrs the Ascendant (transit) moves over Mars in Scorpio. Perhaps, as per security alert, North West region of India has to be guarded most and since Aquarius is an airy sign, by the blink of eyes, we can be fooled.

K Jagadish,
Bangalore, India.
March 7, 2016.

Expect more from Mars now in 2nd amsa of Scorpio

Further to my last post “The Prowess of Mars” posted on February 17, 2016, I believe that the readers agree with me about many unfavourable developments in Indian politics that have taken place since then.

Today at 1515 hrs IST Mars moved to second amsa of Scorpio. To recapitulate what has already been mentioned in my last post, Mars is conjoined by Saturn in Scorpio and Saturn is aspecting the exalted sign of Mars viz., Capricorn thus working in tandem with many characteristics of Mars. In a way, it can be said as promoting are activating Mars. However, Mars in its first amsa of Scorpio might not be very effective although we did witness many ugly political battle while the 2nd amsa we should be able to witness multifold escalation and additional major battles on a variety of national issues.

Firstly, Mars second amsa corresponds to the sign Leo wherein transit retrograde Jupiter and Rahu are posited and is under the excitation of 10th aspect of Saturn. Therefore, both in Rasi and Navamsa Saturn/Mars has got a strong hold of the Zodiac. Moving on further, Mars having moved to Leo amsa has a 6/8 relationship with Saturn and I believe that this provides a great amount of elbow space to Mars to trigger further using its ‘ammunition store house’. Looking ahead with eagle eyes, Saturn becomes retrograde on March 25 while it is still in 7th amsa of Scorpio corresponding to Capricorn, the exalted sign of Mars. By then Mars would have moved to the amsa of Libra which is the 4th amsa for Mars and it starts aspecting retrograde Saturn.

On April 17, Mars also gets retrograde while it transits in its own sign Scorpio which is its ‘5th amsa’. The digit ‘5’ implies ‘past’ and in the company of retrograde Saturn, perhaps ‘democracy’ may get re-defined in India.

Of course, there are several other Astrological factors that will have to accounted for, but, under all conditions, Mars is bound show ‘what it is’ which unfortunately may be a period of turmoil for the common man. Let’s pray for peace and tranquility.

Satyameva Jayate!

K Jagadish,
Bangalore, India.
February 28, 2016.

The Prowess of Mars

Without an iota of involvement, directly or indirectly or even remotely, one cannot even lift a straw on this planet earth! Mars as we all know is a planet closest to earth. With reference to human body Mars is supposed to depict the complete neurological system apart from blood etc. The entire body is completely wired and integrated. In our routine life every moment whether we are awake or asleep, Mars is ever active unlike other planets which could be dormant, contextually.

In mundane Astrology, to visualize the contribution of Mars is perhaps beyond our imagination. The speed of delivery of effects of Mars is truly the speed of light.
Mars right now transiting in Libra moved to the 9th amsa on the morning of February 13. The political scenario in India was already sufficiently explosive from so many points of view and the moment Mars moved to 9th amsa, one could easily see an escalation of disturbances of sorts in addition to new dimensions of the old issues as well.
Mars will move to Scorpio the 8th sign of the Zodiac and join Saturn on February 20, 2016 at 1632 hrs IST. Although there is no dearth for Internet space, unfortunately, the overall situation is such that we cannot write in detail as to what are impact of the conjunction of Saturn and Mars in Scorpio. However, the following Astrological points can be mentioned while taking a call on the said conjunction read with the current transits of other planets as well:

• Scorpio the 8th sign of the Zodiac and the negative sign of Mars.
• Saturn depicting democracy and owning the 10th (negative sign) and 11th sign of the Zodiac is transiting in Scorpio and aspecting its own negative sign wherein Mercury and Venus the Ascendant lord of India and Mercury.
• Capricorn is a ‘Badhaka sign’ for Indian Independence chart.
• Saturn and Mars both aspect the Ascendant sign.
• Saturn also aspects retrograde Jupiter and Rahu in Leo, the 4th sign of India wherein Jupiter, the 8th and 11th lord of India. Transit Rahu in Leo being aspected by Saturn conjunct Mars, is practically in full control of all other planets which are aspecting it and thus it will fully use up the potential of each one of the planets.
• Rahu is the first planet in the chart at the lowest degree before the Ascendant.
• Mars once it joins Saturn on February 20 will aspect natal Mars with the 8th aspect while the 4th aspect will be on transit Sun in Aquarius which is aspected by retrograde Jupiter and Rahu.
• Rahu will hold the key to the planetary kingdom to introspect and move forward to deliver justice. Jupiter too being retrograde is another great point which should help delivery of justice.
• Saturn gets retrograde in Scorpio on March 25 while it will be in the 7th amsa while Mars while in 5th amsa gets retro and Jupiter got retro on January 8 when it was in 9th amsa of Leo. These points has a lot of meaning indicating a new direction to Saturn (democracy) in relation to its previous sojourn in Libra during the 2014 general election which was then supported by Rahu, quite adversely, since it had 6/8 relationship with natal Rahu.

Considering several other aspects not cited in this snap shot of analysis, if it can be called so, I find that the terminal houses viz., 4, 8 and 12 will get stronger and would give a new direction. It has to be noted with very keen interest that by April 17, 2016, all the outer planets viz., Mars, Saturn and Jupiter will be retrograde which means that the political establishment will be compelled to revamp several functions and I wonder whether there will be a new light in the political scenario. Jupiter gets direct on May 9, 2016 and by which time Jupiter (judiciary) may call the shots.

Under all conditions, Mars transit on February 20 will surely lead to a situation of a lot of unrest and may go to a point of ‘no return’.

K Jagadish,
Bangalore, India.
February 17, 2016.

Why is Rahu ever retrograde? Spiritual perspectives!

Oh, Rahu! Astrologers are waiting to unleash horror, all along. A highly biased, immature and agonizing characteristics of portraying Rahu in the worst possible light, astrologically. Yes, to an extent they may be right, out of practical experience. Well, one will have to be contended with their reasoning from a democratic perspective. What is that democratic perspective? Fifth or sixth decimal place of population hold/rule the life of almost the entire society. Ironical but true.

Astrology is a divine science but the divine ingredient has perhaps hit extremely low levels already only because of erroneous interpretation by Astrologers. Thus, it is possible that many a comment made by our age old sages, ascetics and people who were diligently following spiritual discipline has not been taken in proper spirit or misinterpreted. We cannot or should not take them wrong but we have to apply mind taking a holistic view of the subject collating a number of aspects of a birth chart in its ultimate entirety.

We can have a 360 degree view of all about Rahu through spiritual realms instead of falling back only on Astrology for the simple reason anything on this planet earth has its roots in Brahmanda. For that matter, be it science, technology, medicine, name anything that human beings are aware is emanating from Brhamanda. Therefore, lord Brahamma is the nucleus of all knowledge and nothing happens in this planet earth without an ingredient of Brhamma. Thus, Brahamma Gnana (knowledge of Brahamma) is universal, however silly a point that is involved.

The architecture of this wonderful human body is beyond our comprehension and we have not explored even a fractional digit percentage of human capability. Of course, the highest level of the fact that the life on earth is a grand illusion or Maya. I do not think that we will have few people to buy this argument at all despite the fact that everything on this planet earth is absolutely temporary while we are looking for permanency no matter what the subject is. The fact that this world is an illusion can only be experienced either after death or when a mystic attains the state of ‘Samadhi’, that is, when he becomes super-conscious.

Rahu, astrologically called the North Node has its mythological origin in Samudra mantana, that is, churning of the ocean as we all know. Cutting short the mythological perspectives and moving on to spiritual perspectives, it has to be noted with keen interest that on the top of a number of Hindu deities we find the snake hoods and the maximum number of hoods is Adi Sesha with 1000 hoods. Verbatim meaning of Aadi Sesha is – Aadi means from the root or from the bottom and Sesha means balance or left over. As per Karma theory, when one is able to finish the Karmas of past so many lives it may be possible to attain the super-conscious state and continue the spiritual journey. You may please recall the para just preceding this wherein I have referred to the human body, the temple of the living God as mentioned in the bible and Hindus have called it the ‘Nar Naryani Deha’. Human body is the Microcosm and the entire universe is Macrocosm which means that the entire universe is projected or reflected in the human body.

Walking a few baby steps further, it is also within our knowledge that there are seven Shakthi Kendras or energy centers or Chakras in the human body. Although the medical professionals may be apprehensive of calling it Chakras, perhaps they do subscribe to medical equivalents of that directly or indirectly. For example, the Agna Charkra is called medically as the pineal gland. Further, starting from the bottom of the body, Pingla nadi representing the solar energy on the right side of the body and Ida nadi representing the lunar energy on the left side of the body first crisscross at the bottom most point of the spinal cord which is called as Sushmna Nadi. The first point of intersection is called the Mooladhara Chakra. Likewise it moves up the spinal cord and finally ends up at the Eye Center or the Agna Chakra and further up it the Sahsrar Chakra, the 1000 petal lotus, the hood of the serpent. Why serpent? The two nadis from the bottom viz., Ida and Pingla twist themselves up at six points on the spinal cord, the Sushamna nadi like two serpents and moves upwards and ends up at Sahasrara chakra, the hood of the serpent. This is Rahu, astrologically, the shadowy planet.

Why Rahu is ever retrograde? The answer is very simple. When human being is born, the spiritual energy or the soul enters from the Sahsrar Chakra as attention current and gets spread all over the body through the same Chakras. When the soul has to go out of the body either at death or during meditation which can be said dying while living, it has to retrace the path back. The typical significance of Rahu’s retrograde motion is that the soul has to go back to its origin or else it has to remain in the giant wheel of birth and death with no guarantee of human life again. Rebirth need not mean reincarnation as human being.

In conclusion, Rahu is a planet signifying the soul’s natural inclination or destination of going back to its origin. Therefore, in delineation of astrological charts the position of Rahu is of utmost importance. When we say soul going back to its origin either voluntarily through meditation or at death, in either case, one meaning a reversible death and the other meaning permanent death, meaning the expiration of the current term of life, may be inflicted by Rahu. Permanent death inflicting characteristics can even be virtue of human beings catching up with terminal diseases. However, it is wrong to infer that Rahu is a deadly planet.

Moving further, it may be noted with extraordinary interest that Rahu depicting Sahasrar Chakra is the fountain head of knowledge, contextually. For worldly matters it may mean research and development, innovation, creativity and host of other mental faculties. Of course, the author is refraining from commenting on the doshas as an aftermath of all planets hemmed in between Rahu and Ketu as it is conventionally called as Kala Sarpa Dosha.

K Jagadish,
Bangalore, India.
January 9, 2016.

Expect plenty of fireworks from Mars

I hope my post captioned “Abruptness and 5th/ 8th bhava relationship” dated November 25 was an advance Astrological signature for the political developments what we witnessed in India which is rattling the ruling party. Apart from politics, there were a number of fire accidents, plane crash, rain havoc and railway derailments.

Mars moves to Libra on December 24 at 0543 thus leaving the company of Rahu in Virgo. The best point involved in this transit is that Capricorn, the sign of exaltation of Mars will be aspected by itself and Saturn as well. Capricorn being the 10th sign of Zodiac and Saturn its lord aspecting its own sign with the third aspect means heavy concentration of cosmic energy. Mercury moves to Capricorn on December 26 followed by Venus joining Saturn in Scorpio on December 30. Further, January 15, 2016, Sun moves to Capricorn. Astrologically interesting date. Saturn moving to the asterism of Mercury on December 28 will be another point of escalation of political war.

We have five planets viz., Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn in Cancer in the Indian Independence Chart and all these planets will be under the sway of the combined excitement of Saturn and Mercury triggered by Mars from Libra while the Ascendant receives the 8th aspect of Mars. Thus every Navamsa movement of Venus from Scorpio we can await critical developments in the political horizon and many will amount to putting the calendar back to 2014. Jupiter in Leo and in its 9th amsa corresponding to its own sign (9th) getting retrograde on January 4, 2016 will only support my take on the point above.

For Astrology lovers, I would like to reiterate that it is not the planet name but also the lordship of the number of the Zodiac sign and the special aspect digits that matter while delineating the chart. This is exactly what Nostradamus used in his writings presumably or as I interpret.

Unfortunately, further detailed analysis in the public domain will not be in good interest and thus the Astrological Keyboard has limited characters! Esteemed readers would have go my message right.

What we want is Truth should always win and Democracy should be in letter and spirit.

Satya Mev Jayate!

K Jagadish,
Bangalore, India.
Decemeber 23, 2015.