My Books online now

My books titled “95%+ SUCCESS A Guide to Mind Building” and “Fasten your Mind to Excel … an insight into Mind Lab” are now available at six sites and another five is in the offing soon. Here are the links and by clicking on that you can right away hit the page that pertains to ordering my books:

  1. Online Gatha
  2. eBay
  3. PayHip
  4. SmashWords:
  5. Flipkart
  6. Ezebee:

Since both books have wealth of valuable information and when applied to life, it can positively improve life. The eBook is something which can be bought instantaneously and is just a matter of few rupees as far as price is concerned.

I request esteemed readers to patronage and also circulate the information in your circle of friends and associates. I also request you to please offer your reviews both at the site you buy and as well in this blog and offer your comments and suggestions, if any.

K Jagadish,

Bangalore, India.
July 21, 2016