Excel in Life through 4D

I am pleased to announce that I have authored another book :Excel In Life through 4D … A New Lease Of Life from Today!”. You can please visit the page by clicking on the following link:


The excerpts from the book are given there.

The concept of Time has been dealt with from different perspectives. The approach to explain how Time is the 4th dimension in this Universe is from ‘Applied Spirituality’ and of course, the points mentioned therein is the Universal Truth. Time is not only a concept but also it is the mother of all Concepts and it is simply not Time, but Time Energy. It is a passive form of energy and thus does not show up in its impact immediately.

Space-Time has been dealt with by scientists, mathematicians, physicists and several associated experts and there have been mixed reactions, sometimes conflicting each others opinion and at times a common agreement, selectively, on some points. Same is the case with ‘weightlessness’ in outer space.

The book brings out a new dimension to our life and therefore, I request the members to patronage the book which will be available in popular online books stores and as well sold through this blog also.

I also request you to please write your comments in the space provided after reading the book.

K Jagadish

Bengaluru, India.

July 25, 2016.

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