Thumb nail of transit of planets before Saturn turns retrograde-Part 2

In continuation of the article above posted on February 21, 2015 about politics in India, I hope the readers have sufficient evidence through print and electronic media about the veracity and truth of my statements through the Astrological lens.

This article is just to explain the criticality of transit of Mars.

Mars transiting in Pisces will move to 5th amsa corresponding to the eight sign of the Zodiac Scorpio, its own house on March 1, 2015 at 2040 hrs IST. We can be pretty sure of sudden fraudulent, corrupt, immoral, illegal events of the past popping up and terribly denting the Central Government, beyond repair. It may even be an event involving massive fraud about not so old transaction. This transit may have the power to shake the chairs of so many powerful people. Some dead bodies might have to be exhumed and more skeletons will fall off the cupboard.

Every passing hour from now on will start bringing the truth to surface and the buried big lies will become mountains and will fall on the most powerful. The writing on the wall is clear while colour will keep changing, and come March 23, 2015, the picture of hypocrisy, lies, greed for power, money, favoritism and so to say, everything under the Sun, totally unacceptable to God will be talk of the whole country.

Dharma has to prevail, no matter who is what and, forget about democracy standing on mere numbers. Democracy as per the Zodiac only will prevail. People will have a taste of the doctrine of Karma theory.

Each and every word and punctuation mark in this blog should come true is my prayer, of course, setting aside what has already come true so far.

The countdown has already begun! God is not for sale although there are many buyers!

K Jagadish,

Bangalore, India.

February 27, 2015.

Thumb nail of transit of planets before Saturn turns retrograde

Mars currently transiting in Pisces enters the 4th amsa on February 25, 2015 at 1204 hrs IST and conjoins Saturn also in 4th amsa of Scorpio viz., Libra which is its exalted sign. I have already mentioned about why Libra is the exalted sign of Saturn and how it depicts democracy and taken out a leaf from Nostradamus predictions about India.

Mars and Saturn conjunction and mutual aspects are generally unfavourable, specifically in politics. Mars generally tends to show up its power a little in advance and of course depending upon the position of Moon. Looking back, a couple of days before Mars entered its 3rd amsa of Pisces, on February 21 at 0352 hrs when it entered its 3rd amsa of Pisces viz., Virgo, it aspected Sun and Ketu in Sagittarius which was aspected by exalted Saturn in Navamsa. This led to an explosion of Corporate espionage which may snowball into a major controversy. Continuing on the same line, we can expect perhaps a lot more explosives on February 25, 2015 at 1204 hrs when Mars conjoins Saturn in Libra in Navamsa.

Further, Rahu now transiting in Virgo, will change its sookshma on February 28 at 2129 hrs and that is when many more skeletons may fall off from the cupboard. On March 14 at 2033 hrs, Saturn will turn retrograde in the amsa of Libra while Mars then would have moved to its 7th amsa of Pisces corresponding to Capricorn, the exalted sign of Mars. This point, I feel that there is a major problem for the Government and will directly reflect on the ‘deadwood’ in the Government and possibly a lot of truth cleverly hidden so far, is likely to come to the open.  From then on, it is extremely likely that it might be a razor edge walking for the Government.

By April 8, 2015, once Jupiter becomes direct in its exalted sign aspects the then retrograde Saturn in Scorpio (amsa in Libra) Mars in Aries will be in its 4th amsa in Cancer a debilitated sign for Mars, I expect a lot of political turmoil.

The points above may look like a story as of now, but, let us wait and watch instead of jumping the gun.

K Jagadish,

Bangalore, India.

February 21, 2015.

Nostradamus, this Blog and all my Prasnas of 2014

One of our esteemed readers sent a highly motivating and exciting link of a French journalist who has/had close interaction with all the Prime Ministers of India and also extracted a prediction of Nostradamus on India. Please go through the link: I sincerely thank the reader who sent me the link which I feel is just mere demonstration of God’s grace on this blog and the readers’ as well.

Let me right away mention that I am absolutely apolitical, neither the names of the leaders nor the parties, make any impact on me nor, I have absolutely any biases of any type. My subject is Astrology and I am personally bound to adopt a path of righteousness upholding truth, justice and equality, which are the basic ingredients of democracy.

I am indeed elated after going through the link mentioned above since it upholds my Astrological comments that I have been making since 2014 and specifically through Prasna Shasthra apart from the Indian Independence chart. However, on the face of my presentations, it may look that I am with the infant political party viz., AAP and even mentioned that Arvind Kejriwal may even be the future Prime Minister of India. This comment is merely based on Arvind Kejriwal’s natal chart superimposed on both the Prasna Kundli and Indian Independence chart. The articles posted about Arvind Kejriwal and his party was not on my personal wish, desire or motivation at all. It is now a point proved beyond doubt in view of the fact that he did prove that election in India can be won without money, liquor and muscle power during Delhi election. Further, it also appears that a great majority of volunteers were well educated and campaigned during Delhi election without any money while on the other hand they spent money from their pocket sacrificing their personal comfort of lodging, boarding, transport etc. Please do not mistake me as if I am trying to praise them, but, to appreciate facts is a pre-requisite to claim being honest and there I am.

I request all the readers to widely circulate the link of this Blog and resort to any kind of publicity so that all of us uphold truth and justice and, thus go along the divine path without any personal preference of name of the individuals or political parties.

I hope and trust this message will be well received by the esteemed readers without any attachment or bias of any kind in the most judicious way.


K Jagadish,

Bangalore, India.

February 20, 2015.

Why Saturn depicts Democracy?

This article might interest the readers in many ways about the role of Saturn in democracy and also throw up ideas as to why Libra is the exalted sign of Saturn. Right at the outset, let me admit that I have an axe to grind in my conviction that the general elections held in India during April and May, 2014 may not last long. It is not an attempt to estimate/predict the dooms day of the last election, but it can be highly informative from a research perspective. I have also mentioned repeatedly in my earlier posts that exalted Jupiter never shelled its benevolent 5th aspect on Saturn since the last over two centuries. Since the blog has large number of readers from across the globe, not knowing their basic interest in Astrology, I will present my views in a highly abridged manner. Here are my simple and straight forward views targeting what has been mentioned about Election 2014:

  • Saturn owns one Earthly sign (Capricorn) and one Airy sign (Aquarius).
  • It is harmonious in those (Earth and Airy) signs owned by other planets and in other signs it is obvious that it is uncomfortable in discharging its duties.
  • Libra is an Airy sign and it is the seventh sign of the Zodiac pictoriously represented by a ‘weighing scale’. We should be amazed as to how time immemorial the picture was arrived at!
  • The above point simply throws up the idea that on earth air is absolutely required for the entire creation and it should be distributed, judiciously (Jupiter) and no one should obstruct it. This is democracy. Likewise, giving due regard to the sign of exaltation of each planet we can arrive at conclusion of distribution ‘Five’ Tatvas or basic elements for survival viz., Earth, Fire, Air, Water and Space, uniformly across the globe.
  • The Navamsa perspectives like the first amsa of a moveable sign is the sign itself; for a fixed sign, the first being the 9th sign; and for a dual sign, the first amsa being the 5th sign – and the systematic movement of planets ensures equal and judicious distribution of the five Tatvas on earth to every living being.
  • The Zodiac itself is unique and the speed of movement of each one of the planets is so harmonious with each other ensuring uniform distribution of Panch Tatvas, the life giving and life sustaining elements.
  • Exalted sign of each one of the planets have unique meaning in a very natural and systematic pattern.

Straight on to the subject of Election 2014 and my apprehension about its sustainability is that Jupiter was transiting in Gemini then, and Jupiter owning Sagittarius, a Fiery sign and Pisces, a Watery sign, transiting in Airy sign Gemini was ineffective. Further, Saturn was not only retrograde but also shadowed by Rahu. Further, Mars, the lord of first and eighth sign of the Zodiac was also retrograde. Mars owns Fiery sign Aries and Watery sign Scorpio and when it transited in Libra that too retrograde and conjunct retrograde Saturn and Rahu, the whole process of Election then, shall not sustain is my take on the subject.

Looking at the ground realities, no one will buy the Astrological theory that the Election will not sustain. However, now in transit, Jupiter exalted and currently retrograde and aspecting Saturn in a watery sign Scorpio and getting retrograde on March 14, 2015, depending upon the transit of Mars which will enter Aries on March 23, 2015, I think we can surely keep our fingers crossed and look out for many interesting political developments. In fact, the process begins or we are likely to get hints by February 25, 2015 itself while Jupiter getting direct on April 8, 2015 shall also be very interesting to watch. All these factors integrated together, perhaps March 14, when Saturn becomes retrograde may send strong signals to my take on Astrology.

2015: Delhi Election that shines India, is a very important even for the entire world wherein it has been more than proved that Election can be contested by hard work convincing people as to why they should vote for a particular party. A precedence of the last 67 years where money, liquor and muscle power won the election has been set aside by Saturn and Jupiter, of course Mars fully cooperating in transit. Name of the party and the leader does not matter as far as Astrology is concerned. Harnessing the point mentioned herein with the retrogression of planets and its impact on our life, I strongly feel that the general elections held in 2014 may not sustain for long. If Saturn is called ‘DharmaKarmadipathi’ and if Jupiter is called the lord of justice, then it is imperative that they should discharge their duties sincerely and faithfully. Only time will prove whether my stand on these points will be upheld or will it crash to the ground. Let me repeat that there is no question of reputation when it comes to knowledge. This I had mentioned even in my earlier posts and to prove my point about Arvind Kejriwal specifically on the Prasna Astrology, it did prove my point though time frame overshot while the context (Election 2014) also may re-open.

This post obviously is an off shoot of hunger for knowledge duly applying to Indian politics, more than prediction and therefore I decided to share with all of you.

K Jagadish,

Bangalore, India.

February 19, 2015.

May I have your attention please?

This is the 100th post since the Blog got active in 2014.

I think it will be nice to draw your attention to my article published on July 3, 2014 captioned as “Looking for trillion dollar political capital?” when we were all reeling under utter disappointment about God’s unwillingness then, to demonstrate and uphold ‘Truth & Justice’ despite herculean effort put in by sincere, honest and good people.

I request the readers to once again go through the post cited above. My attention is particularly on the paragraph quoted below:

“Mammoth and gigantic elephant weighing in tones possessing the prowess to uproot trees, building etc., by just a deep breath, is afraid of ants weighing say, 2 milligrams to 5 milligrams. Surprising? No, it is indeed true that if a few ants get into the trunk of the elephant, elephant gets dysfunctional and may even die. Elephants do not go near a plant or tree infected with ants. I am compelled to leave it to the readers to visualize or stretch the imagination and conclude who these ants are?”

Of course, it may be intriguing as to why, out of the blue, I have suddenly brought out the particular post. God willing, this may even be the right time to take it with all seriousness it deserves and act from February 10, 2015 itself.

Jupiter is very well known to be the greatest benefactor in the planetary kingdom while it also turns out to be the worst enemy for the wrong doers, no matter how powerful they are in every conceivable way under the Sun. Saturn is another hard task master who will not allow ‘Adharma’ at any cost. But, the billion dollar question is about the timing. This is where Astrology comes into picture. Is this the time to look out for “Corruption free India or Free corruption India”, while the number of alphabets and words are one and the same in both the statements?

Let us hope for the best.

K Jagadish,

Bangalore, India.

February 6, 2015.

A Selfie with all of you!!!!!

Thank you for patronizing this blog. I am sure that you will not only continue to go along with this blog but also refer your friends too and thus increase the readership. Of course, many points regarding Astrological analysis may be difficult for normal readers to follow since it is not their domain. However, many Astrology enthusiasts presumably are happy to receive my ‘out of the box’ and unconventional approach in Astrology.

I am happy to share with you the statistics of this blog as presented by WordPress at  just for your information. The most exciting accomplishment would not have been possible without your cooperation and encouragement. In such a case the blog might have been a sports stadium without audience. Therefore, I express my deep and heartfelt gratitude to all the readers.

I do admit that the ‘Prasna’ or horary Astrology which I did regarding the Indian politician in limelight Mr.Arvind Kejriwal has not gone well in terms of time frame and results as well. However it does not mean it is neither incorrect nor gone haywire. It has certainly overshot the runway and I am sure that eventually everything will fall in place by God’s grace.

Prasna Shasthra or Horary has indeed been my most favourite tool in Astrology and the experience of my clients across the globe and domestic as well, has been amazingly accurate and I would say it is almost ‘out of the world’ predictions. Nevertheless, the person/s actually involved in the subject on hand should be anxious to know the future, whereas, I had to do it on my own, for my own passion. Therefore, the results were not satisfactory. Prasna Shasthra, I feel is God’s gift to me. Soon, I will try to share some of the salient points on this with all of you.

Thanks again for your encouragement, inspiration and motivation by staying with this blog.

K Jagadish,

Bangalore, India.

January 13, 2014.

Will exalted Retrograde Jupiter’s 8th amsa rattle the powerful?

May be yes! Jupiter after entering its exalted sign of Cancer on 19th June, 2014 moved on to the end of its sojourn in Cancer and entered the 9th amsa. On December 9, 2014, it became retrograde and is moving back to 8th amsa corresponding to Aquarius at 2100 hrs on January 12, 2015.

Earlier during the forward direction when it transited over natal Rahu in Aquarius in Navamsa of the Indian Independence chart, we did notice a lot of fireworks in the judicial matters across the country. Quite interestingly, the Delhi Election has just been announced today the January 12, 2015. India is now running Sun/Venus/Rahu. It is the last level of antara which is conspicuous while the last general elections were held, by and large, in Sun/Ketu/Sun. It is irony of fate that the major events are taking place in the sub period or sub-sub period of shadowy planets. What will be really shadowed is more to be seen than believed.

Interestingly enough, in the Indian Independence chart, Rahu and Jupiter have a hard aspect (square) while retro Jupiter and Rahu in transit till February 8, 2015 will have a 6/8 Shrashtaka relationship with natal Rahu in Navamsa. Therefore, the planetary geometry during the Delhi Election may not be favourable for the ruling party at the Center.

However, for the ‘Muffler man’ as he is mentioned by his opponents, Astrologically, it looks interesting. In his natal chart, Rahu is well placed in the 11th house representing Jupiter both in the Rasi and Navamsa. Further, the last time he became the Chief Minister, his lagna lord Venus was then retrograde, and fortunately in the current scenario it is in direct motion. Further, transit Rahu is opposing natal Rahu almost at the same degree during the election on February 7, 2015. On February 15, 2015, transit Rahu and natal Rahu will be exactly opposite to each other which I feel is good for him.

K Jagadish,

Bangalore, India.

January 12, 2015.

The Astrological compass

I am constrained to draw the kind attention of the esteemed readers on to my post of July 26, 2014 captioned “Jupiter attacking big-wigs” together with the post captioned Political Kaleidoscope of Saturn in Scorpio from 2nd November, 2014” , posted on October 23, 2014 and I have already pointed out certain events in the last few days.

Perhaps, today I could add a few more points like the Imam of Jamma Masjid successor appointment, another highly popular Swami Ji in Bangalore facing charges of land encroachment, as far as the impact of Jupiter on Saturn regarding “Dharma Gurus” subject is concerned. Secondly, today’s comment of Supreme Court of India asking CBI Director to recuse himself in the Telecom scam case. This is quite apart from several Governments including the Central Government being often pulled up by Courts.

In my well considered opinion, Mars moving to Capricorn on November 27 should boost catalyse the Astrological reactions in various aspects of governance and I have always repeatedly held on to the point that Dharma has to prevail at any cost. Further, December 12, 2014, Jupiter turns retrograde and that will be another milestone for the future of India. I shall write on that in due course.

Drawing a tangent philosophically, the cosmic energy flows from the higher spiritual planes. The higher planes are a reflection of the one above it and, finally on the physical plane, we are constrained to believe that what we see, touch and feel is real to us and, of course, quite obviously human beings do not have any choice except to face events with this backdrop. All this happens at the conscious level. Our knowledge of Super-consciousness is certainly lacking while the life events are actually controlled from the Super-conscious plane. Thus, ignorance is bliss. In reality, microcosm is a reflection of macrocosm, while we have no knowledge of macrocosm which is nothing but the super-conscious plane. Incidentally, the human brain is divided into two hemispheres. The one on the left of the brain controls 17% of the activities in the areas of human intelligence, logic, arithmetics and a gamut of other faculties thereof while the right hemisphere has 83% control related to creativity, intuition, spiritual upliftment and may be a bit close to super conscious realm. According to psychologists, an average human being uses just about 10% of the brain mostly from the left hemisphere.

After having mentioned the facts above, it is obvious that all our estimates, calculations and planning glaringly lacks the macrocosm realm of awareness and thus, it is nothing short of ‘Maya’ or illusion. The game of numbers, power equations, greed for power and money, and in effect everything undesirable for life originates from illusion. Our politicians have absolutely forgotten the Karmic Law; as you sow, so you reap. The entire creation of God is within the ambit of Karma theory and there are absolutely no exceptions whatsoever.

God controls His creation through the planets and all the time, planets will have the final say in any matter irrespective of what we are seeing with our own eyes. Just to drive home this point for better clarity, let me state that a cardiac specialist certifies that a patient’s heart is absolutely fine, say at 12 noon on a day. The doctor is absolutely right in his understanding as per various scientific instruments in his possession. This is also absolutely true at that instant while he is not saying that the heart will function fine, say at 1 PM and at 1 PM the patient may die of a cardiac arrest. This point, a good Astrologer may be able to mention by reading the planetary positions and that is where we can see the cosmic forces acting.

The first and foremost point that I would like to mention is that, being born as a human being itself is a rare gift of God. This life is meant for refining ourselves to the maximum extent for being eligible for at least re-birth as a human being and not as any other species. If the political class and some businessmen/industrialists want to deliberately say good bye to this basic parameter, obviously, they are digging their own grave faster.

In conclusion, perhaps the political scenario what we are seeing with our own eyes vis-à-vis what may come up in the near future may be entirely different defying the current situation.

Satya Mev Jayate!!!!

K Jagadish,
Bangalore, India.
November 20, 2014.

Yet another small sample of Jupiter/Saturn interaction

In continuation of the post of November 18, 2014 on the above subject, today the Mumbai police effectively prevented a disaster of attack on two well known film personalities as per TV reports. Here is what I wrote on October 23, 2014;-

  • “Many heroes and heroines in silver screen and small screen may get into problems involving money and sexual scandals.”

What is of utmost importance for all of us is the major events about how Saturn (democracy) will be impacted by Jupiter (judiciary). I think we need to wait with some more patience to experience this part of the Astrological estimate, if and when it comes out.

K Jagadish,
Bangalore, India.
November 19, 2014.

Mars moving to 8th amsa – Expect more severe problems about Rampal Ashram

Transit Mars in Sagittarius is in the 7th amsa corresponding to the 7th sign of the Zodiac. It moves to 8th amsa at 1924 hrs IST today the November 18, obviously corresponding to the 8th sign of the Zodiac and surely it triggers considerable violence since its 8th aspect in Navamsa falls on Saturn, Sun and Rahu in the 4th sign of the Zodiac viz., Cancer.

The ground realities too reflect the tense situation. God has HIS unique ways to punish the guilty and link up factors/issues/repercussions beyond human perception. Planets are under the Cosmic influence of Superconscious Plane and only people who are in the Superconscious level can visualize the outcome.

I hope human lives will have some value and may God save the situation.

K Jagadish,
Bangalore, India.
November 18, 2014.