The Astrological compass

I am constrained to draw the kind attention of the esteemed readers on to my post of July 26, 2014 captioned “Jupiter attacking big-wigs” together with the post captioned Political Kaleidoscope of Saturn in Scorpio from 2nd November, 2014” , posted on October 23, 2014 and I have already pointed out certain events in the last few days.

Perhaps, today I could add a few more points like the Imam of Jamma Masjid successor appointment, another highly popular Swami Ji in Bangalore facing charges of land encroachment, as far as the impact of Jupiter on Saturn regarding “Dharma Gurus” subject is concerned. Secondly, today’s comment of Supreme Court of India asking CBI Director to recuse himself in the Telecom scam case. This is quite apart from several Governments including the Central Government being often pulled up by Courts.

In my well considered opinion, Mars moving to Capricorn on November 27 should boost catalyse the Astrological reactions in various aspects of governance and I have always repeatedly held on to the point that Dharma has to prevail at any cost. Further, December 12, 2014, Jupiter turns retrograde and that will be another milestone for the future of India. I shall write on that in due course.

Drawing a tangent philosophically, the cosmic energy flows from the higher spiritual planes. The higher planes are a reflection of the one above it and, finally on the physical plane, we are constrained to believe that what we see, touch and feel is real to us and, of course, quite obviously human beings do not have any choice except to face events with this backdrop. All this happens at the conscious level. Our knowledge of Super-consciousness is certainly lacking while the life events are actually controlled from the Super-conscious plane. Thus, ignorance is bliss. In reality, microcosm is a reflection of macrocosm, while we have no knowledge of macrocosm which is nothing but the super-conscious plane. Incidentally, the human brain is divided into two hemispheres. The one on the left of the brain controls 17% of the activities in the areas of human intelligence, logic, arithmetics and a gamut of other faculties thereof while the right hemisphere has 83% control related to creativity, intuition, spiritual upliftment and may be a bit close to super conscious realm. According to psychologists, an average human being uses just about 10% of the brain mostly from the left hemisphere.

After having mentioned the facts above, it is obvious that all our estimates, calculations and planning glaringly lacks the macrocosm realm of awareness and thus, it is nothing short of ‘Maya’ or illusion. The game of numbers, power equations, greed for power and money, and in effect everything undesirable for life originates from illusion. Our politicians have absolutely forgotten the Karmic Law; as you sow, so you reap. The entire creation of God is within the ambit of Karma theory and there are absolutely no exceptions whatsoever.

God controls His creation through the planets and all the time, planets will have the final say in any matter irrespective of what we are seeing with our own eyes. Just to drive home this point for better clarity, let me state that a cardiac specialist certifies that a patient’s heart is absolutely fine, say at 12 noon on a day. The doctor is absolutely right in his understanding as per various scientific instruments in his possession. This is also absolutely true at that instant while he is not saying that the heart will function fine, say at 1 PM and at 1 PM the patient may die of a cardiac arrest. This point, a good Astrologer may be able to mention by reading the planetary positions and that is where we can see the cosmic forces acting.

The first and foremost point that I would like to mention is that, being born as a human being itself is a rare gift of God. This life is meant for refining ourselves to the maximum extent for being eligible for at least re-birth as a human being and not as any other species. If the political class and some businessmen/industrialists want to deliberately say good bye to this basic parameter, obviously, they are digging their own grave faster.

In conclusion, perhaps the political scenario what we are seeing with our own eyes vis-à-vis what may come up in the near future may be entirely different defying the current situation.

Satya Mev Jayate!!!!

K Jagadish,
Bangalore, India.
November 20, 2014.

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