Why Saturn depicts Democracy?

This article might interest the readers in many ways about the role of Saturn in democracy and also throw up ideas as to why Libra is the exalted sign of Saturn. Right at the outset, let me admit that I have an axe to grind in my conviction that the general elections held in India during April and May, 2014 may not last long. It is not an attempt to estimate/predict the dooms day of the last election, but it can be highly informative from a research perspective. I have also mentioned repeatedly in my earlier posts that exalted Jupiter never shelled its benevolent 5th aspect on Saturn since the last over two centuries. Since the blog has large number of readers from across the globe, not knowing their basic interest in Astrology, I will present my views in a highly abridged manner. Here are my simple and straight forward views targeting what has been mentioned about Election 2014:

  • Saturn owns one Earthly sign (Capricorn) and one Airy sign (Aquarius).
  • It is harmonious in those (Earth and Airy) signs owned by other planets and in other signs it is obvious that it is uncomfortable in discharging its duties.
  • Libra is an Airy sign and it is the seventh sign of the Zodiac pictoriously represented by a ‘weighing scale’. We should be amazed as to how time immemorial the picture was arrived at!
  • The above point simply throws up the idea that on earth air is absolutely required for the entire creation and it should be distributed, judiciously (Jupiter) and no one should obstruct it. This is democracy. Likewise, giving due regard to the sign of exaltation of each planet we can arrive at conclusion of distribution ‘Five’ Tatvas or basic elements for survival viz., Earth, Fire, Air, Water and Space, uniformly across the globe.
  • The Navamsa perspectives like the first amsa of a moveable sign is the sign itself; for a fixed sign, the first being the 9th sign; and for a dual sign, the first amsa being the 5th sign – and the systematic movement of planets ensures equal and judicious distribution of the five Tatvas on earth to every living being.
  • The Zodiac itself is unique and the speed of movement of each one of the planets is so harmonious with each other ensuring uniform distribution of Panch Tatvas, the life giving and life sustaining elements.
  • Exalted sign of each one of the planets have unique meaning in a very natural and systematic pattern.

Straight on to the subject of Election 2014 and my apprehension about its sustainability is that Jupiter was transiting in Gemini then, and Jupiter owning Sagittarius, a Fiery sign and Pisces, a Watery sign, transiting in Airy sign Gemini was ineffective. Further, Saturn was not only retrograde but also shadowed by Rahu. Further, Mars, the lord of first and eighth sign of the Zodiac was also retrograde. Mars owns Fiery sign Aries and Watery sign Scorpio and when it transited in Libra that too retrograde and conjunct retrograde Saturn and Rahu, the whole process of Election then, shall not sustain is my take on the subject.

Looking at the ground realities, no one will buy the Astrological theory that the Election will not sustain. However, now in transit, Jupiter exalted and currently retrograde and aspecting Saturn in a watery sign Scorpio and getting retrograde on March 14, 2015, depending upon the transit of Mars which will enter Aries on March 23, 2015, I think we can surely keep our fingers crossed and look out for many interesting political developments. In fact, the process begins or we are likely to get hints by February 25, 2015 itself while Jupiter getting direct on April 8, 2015 shall also be very interesting to watch. All these factors integrated together, perhaps March 14, when Saturn becomes retrograde may send strong signals to my take on Astrology.

2015: Delhi Election that shines India, is a very important even for the entire world wherein it has been more than proved that Election can be contested by hard work convincing people as to why they should vote for a particular party. A precedence of the last 67 years where money, liquor and muscle power won the election has been set aside by Saturn and Jupiter, of course Mars fully cooperating in transit. Name of the party and the leader does not matter as far as Astrology is concerned. Harnessing the point mentioned herein with the retrogression of planets and its impact on our life, I strongly feel that the general elections held in 2014 may not sustain for long. If Saturn is called ‘DharmaKarmadipathi’ and if Jupiter is called the lord of justice, then it is imperative that they should discharge their duties sincerely and faithfully. Only time will prove whether my stand on these points will be upheld or will it crash to the ground. Let me repeat that there is no question of reputation when it comes to knowledge. This I had mentioned even in my earlier posts and to prove my point about Arvind Kejriwal specifically on the Prasna Astrology, it did prove my point though time frame overshot while the context (Election 2014) also may re-open.

This post obviously is an off shoot of hunger for knowledge duly applying to Indian politics, more than prediction and therefore I decided to share with all of you.

K Jagadish,

Bangalore, India.

February 19, 2015.

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