The ‘Black Box’ of your turbulent MIND!

If you are a critic of Astrological predictions, it is exactly what I am looking for! You are welcome on board. No conflicts, no controversies and absolutely no hard feelings at all! I will love your comments and enjoy, but yet share my thoughts honestly for boosting up your morale.

If you think Rockefeller is a big name and is being dragged to hype up this article, it’s also OK. But, unfortunately, I have only very great achievers and global figures to talk about and quoting ‘no miracle’. Rockefeller’s cheque story if by any chance you are not familiar, please click here

The story of none other than the former President of India and also called ‘the Missile Man’, Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam is worth reading in just a few lines. Here we go.

Dr.APJ was a newspaper distribution boy in his school days. He learnt the trick of successfully throwing up the News Paper form the road to the first floor of buildings, while inside the mind of the young boy then, started enjoying launching something to space! Thus, the seed of future success story was planted in his mind. Secondly, his father was also a great inspiration. As a young boy, playing with his cousins after climbing a tree, a strong wind engulfed the tree and the caretakers of his cousins told their wards “not to leave their hands” Dr.APJ’s father told “hold your hands on the tree firmly”. His cousins fell down and only Dr.APJ held on to the tree. I think you will all agree that Dr.APJ’s father gave instruction in a positive way which got firmly fixed in his mind and served the purpose effectively by bringing positive vibrations in Dr.APJ’s mind although the effect of wind was the same for everyone on the tree.

‘How we say’ is more important than ‘what we say’. Of course, apart from ‘what we say, ‘where we say’ is also very important and I am saying at the right place! Ability to motivate, inspire and induce confidence at the right time, are the key factors for success in achieving our goal.

Now right on to my subject of Astrology: – Horoscope is something that everyone is familiar with. This pertains to the birth chart. Whilst, it is a transit chart of the mother when a baby is just born and we call it Natal Chart! In reality, it is a transit chart. Now, when you speak to me, at the very same instant, I cast a Prahna Kundli chart and nothing could be more accurate at that instant. The Prashna Lagna becomes the nucleus of interpretation. The Spiritual perspectives of this is – nothing short of saying, nothing in this life can ever be permanent or everything is mortal. Everything is changing all the time including your ‘so-called’ natal chart, rather it is progressing and has progressed to the instant of Prashna time! Therefore, it is the progressed chart of your life which can push and pull information about the future in relevance to the past.

After having said so much about the Prashna chart or the “INSTANT CHART”, I can, give you the Rockefeller’s cheque, while I am sane enough! Don’t laugh, but laugh off your anxieties and tensions, over a few minutes of telephone call!

The ‘Black Box’ of your turbulent MIND is with me and go ahead with my ‘Aplomb’ (meaning – equanimity, balance, coolness, self-possession, tact, surety and poise).

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Mind Box Parachute!

Parachute functions only when open. Open the parachute of your Mind Box. Come on, speak out and get relief!

Mind is a chatter box inviting thoughts, both good and bad, for and against, best to the worst, round the clock. It never sleeps and it wrecks the human body when it thinks of ‘the worst’ and builds castles in the air when ‘the best’ crosses it. No respite or relief of any kind. Through Astrology, by virtue of planetary position at birth and transiting planets at any given point of time, we can comfort the mind, not by giving hyped up predictions but knowledgeable inputs which can put the mind at rest.

After having stated ‘put the mind at rest’, it is imperative to add a few more lines about the methodology. The birth chart of any human being is a transit chart of the mother when the baby is born. And that becomes the ‘Natal Chart’ of the baby thus born. In effect, the natal chart of the baby is superimposed on the mother’s chart. Therefore, the so-called natal chart of human beings is a transit chart of another human that is mother! Extending our imagination, a bit further, the Prashna Kundli is a Kundli super imposed on the natal chart of the questioner. To elaborate a little, natal chart is the first layer and on that the Prashna Kundli, that is the accurate transit chart with the Ascendant or the Prashna Lagna as the nucleus and the position of the luminaries viz., Sun and Moon and in conjunction of other planets and its aspects is super imposed and this reveals tones of meaning and it reflects what is happening to the questioner and what may be the final outcome. Therefore, the Prashna Kundli is the Realtime dynamic chart of the questioner. Nevertheless, interpretation and experience of the Prashna Astrologer is of utmost importance and that assures the comfort zone for the questioner.

I can certainly give you an Astrological Compass to help you navigate your future actions through Prashna!

Just relax on the bed of Prashna Kundli and get inspired and motivated! Motivational words can see you through for days, months and years.

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New Articles

Dear Friends,

I regret that I could not post new articles for quite some time now. This is because of paucity of time. Nevertheless, my time was being used entirely for conducting TV Episodes on Astrology over a Regional Channel and in the regional language that too live phone-in programme taking questions from telephone callers. I wish it was in English so that I could share it with all my esteemed readers. However, the link below will take you to YouTube, just for your information:

Very soon, I will resume posting interesting articles apart from completing Part 2 and Part 3 about Saturn pending since long. I also intend video presentations over YouTube, quite soon.

Thanks for your patience.

K Jagadish,

Bangalore, India. August 10, 2017.

Part 1 of 3 – Saturn in Sagittarius – a virtual walkthrough!  


This post is in the context of Saturn having moved to Sagittarius on January 26 around 1801 hrs IST and hence this article;

Part 1

The basic or fundamental nature and characteristics of the planet, the Zodiac sign where it is posited before moving to the next sign and what it means to each individual in terms of his/her natal chart. Briefing it up from a traditional perspective – the Rasi Tatwa, the Graha Tatwa and the Bhava Tatwa.

First and foremost, which I would like to bring out is that the 10th and 11th lord of the Zodiac viz., Saturn is transiting in the 9th sign of the Zodiac viz., Sagittarius aspecting the 11th sign (its own sign) with the 3rd aspect. The primary inference is that it amounts to the loss of effects of 10th sign, by and large from a very generic perspective. Saturn basically depicts democracy and 10th sign goes hand-in-hand with this.

Further, Saturn during its sojourn in the asterism of Moola (from the root), it is very likely that many points involving democracy might show up to result in wrong doings in governance, no matter where on earth, is very likely to get exposed. Saturn also depicting ‘Dharma’ and transiting in the sign owned by Jupiter, the lord of justice implies and thus we can expect Dharma to prevail in a judicious manner. However, since Astrology is a subject involving the other planets as well, I think it is prudent to avoid taking a very narrow band view of the effects and avoid drawing conclusions in a hasty manner. I must add here that Rahu transiting in Leo until August 18, 2017 trains Saturn. Leo indicates power. Yet another important factor is that Saturn is now aspecting  Jupiter (retrograde until June 9, 2017) acts as a catalyst for my take on the subject.

I am also compelled to bring out the glaring ‘dis-harmony’ in aspects of Saturn. To be bit more clear, my take and consideration is like this;

  • The 10th and 11th lord of the Zodiac transiting in the 9th sign and aspecting the 11th sign, the 3rd sign and the 6th sign is one set of issues.
  • The 9th and 12th (retiring last sign) transiting in the 6th sign and aspecting with the 5th aspect (the past issues) the 10th sign, aspecting its own 12th sign (retiring) and aspecting the 3rd sign with the 9th aspect is another set of points. It is worth adding here that Taurus, the 2nd sign and its lord Venus also owning the 7th sign is of great importance in my opinion since the 7th sign is a generic sign meaning the opponents and in case of democracy, the people being ruled by the Government.
  • Yet another thought is when Saturn gets retrograde and moves back to Scorpio on June 21, 2017 is surely Astrologically and interesting point to give very good credence to my thought process.

Therefore, the summary of my paragraph above is that between January 26, 2017 and August 18, 2017 when Rahu moves to Cancer and depending upon the position of Mars, there is a strong possibility of considerable changes in democratic set up across the globe. This shall not convey that all Governments will be under turbulence.

It is worth adding in the above context that Rahu rolling over Sun, Moon, Saturn, Mercury and Venus in the Indian Independence Chart will have a great impact on the Government. Rahu is in the Ascendant and thus it is an absolute representative of Venus.

In a nut shell, the last general election held in 2014 may become yet more unstable, further, of course, only if a section of the readers subscribe to ‘instability’ theory.

To meet the expectations of our esteemed reader who are not familiar with Astrology, I have the following points for your consideration;

  • Please stop worrying about Saturn moving to Sagittarius from the point of view of the ‘dreaded Sade Sathi’ as picturized by the Astrologers.
  • The concept of Moon sign as commonly interpreted by the Astrological community in general cannot hold waters while it is just the ASCENDANT which matters, always. In one Moon Sign there will be several hundred babies born in any given locality/spot. I will touch up on this point from a scientific base, soon.
  • One has to look at the position of Saturn in their natal chart and correlate it with the position of transit Saturn. This might make maximum impact and of course, depending upon several other factors and most importantly the Dasa, Bhukti and Antra. Nevertheless, the asterism of Saturn in the natal chart impacts the maximum. Just merely interpreting the position of Saturn from the Moon sign may be totally misleading and inducing fear psychosis.
  • Astrology is a tool for getting over ‘General Anxiety Disorder’ and not to entertain more worries.
  • Though every planet including Saturn has its unique and intrinsic qualities, these qualities and portfolio gets modulated depending upon what each planet stands for in terms of portfolio (asterism based) for every person is totally different.
  • No analysis of birth chart is complete without considering the Navamsa chart. Just because Saturn is transiting in a sign behind, on the Moon sign and the sign next to Moon sign is simply no reason to call it ‘Sade Sati’ and implant hazardous thoughts in our mind and thus cause self-injury.

I will post Part 2 of the subject, soon and request you to please spread the social message about the wrong or incomplete understanding of Sade Sati and relieve the tension of your friends and relatives.

K Jagadish,
March 5, 2017.
Bangalore, India.


Saturn in Sagittarius – a virtual walkthrough!

The subject matter necessitates to be taken up in three parts as under. Saturn moves to Sagittarius on January 26 around 1801 hrs IST and hence this article;

Part 1
The basic or fundamental nature and characteristics of the planet, the Zodiac sign where it is posited before moving to the next sign and what it means to each individual in terms of his/her natal chart. Briefing it up from a traditional perspective – the Rasi Tatwa, the Graha Tatwa and the Bhava Tatwa.

Part 2
Traditional way of looking at the Vedic Moon sign versus an attempt to decipher whether at all the transit of planet/s need to be interpreted with respect to Moon sign or the Lagna or Ascendant. Specifically, the point involved is with respect to transit of Saturn since we are all generally aware of the dreaded (as per Astrologers) ‘Sade Sathi’.

Part 3
A few glimpses of the possible effects of what Saturn can do during its sojourn in Sagittarius. Some unique points will be thrown up for your consideration from a predictive perspective. Of course, the author being an Indian, it is always tempting to make some passing remarks about Indian politics.

I would like to share with everyone a few basic Astrological considerations in respect of the subject and, for that matter any planet moving to the next sign (or previous sign in case of Rahu and Ketu).

Saturn, the slowest moving planet which remains in one Zodiac sign for approximately 30 months needs utmost consideration. One critical and key point is that it turns retrograde approximately in about 4 to 5 months and gets direct after about 5 months, several times during its sojourn in Zodiac sign.

As you may be aware, I have written specific articles in this blog about the phenomenon of retrogression of planets and its impact on us. Just to recapitulate some important points about retrogression; fundamentally it means re-visit or revision and, what is to be noted specifically is in which amsa (in transit Navamsa chart) it turns retrograde and in which amsa it gets direct. This context has to be interpreted to find if there are any other planet/s in those amsas. Further, when the retrograde planet moves back to the previous zodiac sign itself, predictive Astrology demands even more careful consideration.

A generic view of planets transit shall never be to be taken seriously since every individual chart is ‘unique’ even from a Spiritual perspective. This is on account of the inexorable Karmic theory and therefore any sweeping statement about transit of planets will never be applicable to individuals. Unfortunately, in India we have about 832 Television channels as on the year 2015, for approximately 1.2 billion population in India and in every channel Astrologers appear and make sweeping statements which obviously terrorizes the viewers.

The point above is followed by the priestly class conducting different kinds of ‘remedies’ to mitigate the imaginary ill-effects of transit of planets. It is mind boggling to estimate the level of stupidity backed up by utter ignorance about Religion, Spirituality and God mainly from traditions, culture and blind faith and sentiments. Therefore, from a monetary point of view, perhaps it is a billion-dollar issue haunting the society. The Astrologers who appear on the Television, exhibit their ‘so called knowledge’ under the guise of divinity glaringly displayed by their attire! This counters the proverbial statement “Dress does not make a Saint”, but, in reality I should say ‘Dress indeed makes a Saint’! Human life goes on by the Universal and Supreme Karmic theory – as you sow, so shall you reap. The destiny of everyone of us is absolutely fixed when a female conceives! No ‘remedy’ of any kind is ever going to mitigate or alter our life while we get psychological satisfaction of having taken action to avoid the destiny.

I want to reassure my esteemed readers not to get into ‘Sade Sathi’ mode that is, when Saturn transits one sign behind the Moon sign, over the Moon sign and next to the Moon sign which makes up to almost seven and a half years. Just think for yourself the point that Saturn comes to the Moon sign every 28 to 30 years once which means there can be as many as minimum three ‘Sade Sathis’ in our life depending upon our longevity. Does it mean that 7.5 X 3 = 22.5 years of human life is gone for a toss?

Please be touch-based and await Part 1 to be posted very soon.

I would like to avail of this opportunity to wish all of you A Very Happy, Peaceful and Prosperous 2017!

K Jagadish,
Bangalore, India.
January 25, 2017.

7th Amsa of exalted Mars in Capricorn

Much before the 2014 general elections in India and even after the elections were over, I have posted several articles based on the Indian Independence chart and as well through Prasna. The essence of these articles clearly indicated a situation of instability. We did observe many incidences of such gravity repeatedly while the current one related to demonetization looks quite serious by any means.
A snap shot of the current transit of planets, Mars the 7th and 12th lord of the Indian Independence chart, of course, always reckoned from the Ascendant is in the Badhaka Rasi and is exalted and aspected by Saturn and Jupiter. It moves to the 7th amsa its debilitated sign wherein Jupiter is exalted in its 7th amsa of Virgo. Further, Saturn in Scorpio is also transiting in its seventh amsa (in Capricorn). Saturn’s 3rd aspect is on Capricorn, 7th on Taurus, the Ascendant and the 10th aspect on Leo and Leo is receiving the 8th aspect of Mars. It can be noted that Mars is the 7th lord and 12th lord of Indian chart as already stated.
I have continuously maintained that the 2014 general elections although gave a decisive mandate, astrologically, it was indeed volatile. Of course, this was hard to digest. Now, we are witnessing a lot of turmoil on so many fronts.
On the 28th May, 2016 at 1123 hrs (IST) Mars moves to its 7th amsa and joins exalted Jupiter (in Navamsa) opposed by Saturn in Capricorn (in Navamsa). Taking into consideration several factors of conflicting and dis-array of astrological points , I find that the transits are highly unfavourable for India.
The political game is worth watching holding the astrological compass in our hand.
Let God uphold Dharma!
K Jagadish,
Bangalore, India.
November 24, 2016.

My presentation at the Hindu University of America, Orlando, Florida

It is quite sometime now since I posted any article. I was touring the United States on a mission of promotion of my three books viz., “95%+Success – A Guide to Mind Building”, “Fasten your Mind to Excel – An insight into Mind Lab” and “Excel in Life through 4D – A New Lease of Life from Today!”.

The foundation of Astrology is surely Spirituality and therefore, I am attempting to allocate considerable time to strengthen the foundation. Thus at the moment I am lying a bit low on Astrology.

While in the US, I was invited by the Hindu University of America to make a presentation both on Spirituality and briefly on Astrology too. I have titled my presentation as “A Life of Zero Gravity”. I have endeavoured to disseminate the Universal Truth of human life. I am happy to share the YouTube link of my presentation and request our esteemed readers to kindly find time to go through the presentation. Here is the link:

K Jagadish,
Bangalore, India.
November 4, 2016.