Mind Box Parachute!

Parachute functions only when open. Open the parachute of your Mind Box. Come on, speak out and get relief!

Mind is a chatter box inviting thoughts, both good and bad, for and against, best to the worst, round the clock. It never sleeps and it wrecks the human body when it thinks of ‘the worst’ and builds castles in the air when ‘the best’ crosses it. No respite or relief of any kind. Through Astrology, by virtue of planetary position at birth and transiting planets at any given point of time, we can comfort the mind, not by giving hyped up predictions but knowledgeable inputs which can put the mind at rest.

After having stated ‘put the mind at rest’, it is imperative to add a few more lines about the methodology. The birth chart of any human being is a transit chart of the mother when the baby is born. And that becomes the ‘Natal Chart’ of the baby thus born. In effect, the natal chart of the baby is superimposed on the mother’s chart. Therefore, the so-called natal chart of human beings is a transit chart of another human that is mother! Extending our imagination, a bit further, the Prashna Kundli is a Kundli super imposed on the natal chart of the questioner. To elaborate a little, natal chart is the first layer and on that the Prashna Kundli, that is the accurate transit chart with the Ascendant or the Prashna Lagna as the nucleus and the position of the luminaries viz., Sun and Moon and in conjunction of other planets and its aspects is super imposed and this reveals tones of meaning and it reflects what is happening to the questioner and what may be the final outcome. Therefore, the Prashna Kundli is the Realtime dynamic chart of the questioner. Nevertheless, interpretation and experience of the Prashna Astrologer is of utmost importance and that assures the comfort zone for the questioner.

I can certainly give you an Astrological Compass to help you navigate your future actions through Prashna!

Just relax on the bed of Prashna Kundli and get inspired and motivated! Motivational words can see you through for days, months and years.

Connect with: K Jagadish, Bangalore. Prashna accomplished and therapeutic counselor.

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December 2, 2019 and Dec 31, 2019

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