Is this world an illusion?

After birth, bills and death are a certainty! Arrive nude and go away with nothing. If these points are not convincing, have a look at the group of stars in the Zodiac.

May be an idea about these facts creeping into our mind can change our attitude for good, and all our actions in this life could be thought provoking and good.

The asterism in the Zodiac

The Zodiac begins with the star of a shadowy planet KETU, Ashwini that too supposed to be the bottom half of a demon! Ironically this is depicting our life on earth as an obvious illusion!  Even the Sanskrit meaning of Ashwini is horse which also indicates the speed with which we move in our life – to acquire what?

The second star is Bharani of Venus. Venus is known for all kinds of pleasures, luxury, comfort and happiness. We slog for this.

Next star is Krithika of Sun depicting authority. We always want to be authoritative and commanding.

Fourth star is Rohini of Moon, meaning, the mind is ever on the first three.

Fifth is Mrigasira of Mars. Mars, the planet closest to the earth and, absolutely aggressive in nature and surcharged with energy to fight. We dedicate our life for achieving the first four objectives, come what may.

Sixth is Aridra of Rahu, depicting the top half of the demon. Aridra is a star of tears and we shed tears to achieve our goal.

Seventh is Punarvasu of Jupiter, the lord of justice and also meaning repeated attempts. We justify our actions repeatedly.

Eighth is Pushya of Saturn, the planet executing justice and also a Karmic planet which links our past life with the present. Thus, it says, hold on – I will give what you deserve!

Ninth is Ashlesha of Mercury depicting application of intelligence and sacrifice to achieve our goal.

Thus, one set of stars of the nine planets are complete and it again continues in the same order of the asterism of the nine planets, two times more. This indicates we make three attempts while the names of the same planets change, and an insight into the Sanskrit meaning of the stars will open up our mind to understand how the life on earth is going on.

Interestingly, Saturn, the Karmic planet and a planet indicating longevity, its three rounds over the Zodiac roughly takes 90 years and it implies that we have three chances to understand how this world is an illusion. It also gives us ample opportunities, thrice, to reform ourselves and look for something which we may be able to carry with us even after death, that is, the Spiritual assets and result of good deeds if we have logged to our account.

I trust this small write up helps us to understand what can be the philosophy of our life.

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