Astro-phobia – Sade Sathi Part 2

Some qualities of Saturn in general:

Saturn being traditionally called as the Dharma Karmadhipathi (which means the executor of justice and the planet which leads to actions depending upon past samskaras or Karma) has to discharge its duties most sincerely and effectively. For those who have good sanchith karmas (store karmas of previous births’), it goes without saying that Saturn will surely do good, no matter which Dasa they are running. Generally, a good Astrologer will analyze the 8th bhava and also the position of Saturn at birth. Presuming for a while that the outcome of this point indicates good karmas stored in the 8th bhava, probably, if such people run Sade Sathi, they might have everything to rejoice.

Why Sadesathi may not affect right through the period of seven and a half years?

Assuming that the points as mentioned in the above paragraph are not all that satisfactory to give favourable results, let us not get worked up with Astrologers scaring us with Sade Sathi. The main reason for this is that the planets are continuously moving and as stated already Saturn takes nearly two and a half years to move from one Zodiac sign to the next. This is with reference to the Rasi chart only. One Zodiac sign is 30 degrees (30 degrees X 12 signs = 360 degrees). Human life cannot go on the way we are living and experiencing events unless there are some Astrological points involved which changes our routine every day and every hour.

Movements in Navamsa are the one which modulates the effect of planets.

Movement of 3 degrees and 20 minutes in the Rasi chart, the planet moves by one Navamsa. Incidentally, 3 degrees and 20 minutes correspond to one Nakshathra Pada and every Nakshathra has four padas.

Thus, each Zodiac sign is divided into 9 equal divisions and it is called the Navamsa. Therefore, for every Zodiac signs there are 9 Navamsas. There is an accepted methodology for this and is not relevant for our purpose at this point in time. The point which I am trying to convey is – whenever a planet moves by one Navamsa as explained above, the impact of such movement is that, it will activate a specific area of our life, which in other words means, a change of effects of a Bhava. To explain very briefly, let us say 4th bhava which includes education in case of students apart from a host of other aspects of life as well, might be under the sway of Saturn. It is quite possible that the student might slightly be sluggish in studies during that period (when his 4th bhava is directly hit by Saturn in Navamsa also) when Saturn covers 3 degrees 20 minutes which roughly translates to around 3 months approximately depending upon the speed of the planet. The planet speed depends upon its proximity to Sun. These points may be tough for readers to understand right away.

Is the movement in Navamsa applicable for all planets?

Certainly, yes. Even for Moon, the fastest moving planet, despite the fact that it stays in one Zodiac sign for approximately 56 hours and 43 minutes, its movement in Navamsa alone impacts our routine. For that matter the Ascendant or the Lagna itself moves at the rate of approximately 2 hours per sign. These two factors considered together, one can predict an event accurately.

Therefore, the bottom line message is that Astrology as Telecast totally ignores the vital points and thus wrongly conveys information as if a planet gives continuously the same effects right through when it remains in one sign.

The very purpose of this article is a sincere attempt to annul doubts and fears which might have cropped up by watching TV programmes on Astrology. We might as well call it, an attempt to get rid off Astro-phobia!

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