Expect plenty of fireworks from Mars

I hope my post captioned “Abruptness and 5th/ 8th bhava relationship” dated November 25 was an advance Astrological signature for the political developments what we witnessed in India which is rattling the ruling party. Apart from politics, there were a number of fire accidents, plane crash, rain havoc and railway derailments.

Mars moves to Libra on December 24 at 0543 thus leaving the company of Rahu in Virgo. The best point involved in this transit is that Capricorn, the sign of exaltation of Mars will be aspected by itself and Saturn as well. Capricorn being the 10th sign of Zodiac and Saturn its lord aspecting its own sign with the third aspect means heavy concentration of cosmic energy. Mercury moves to Capricorn on December 26 followed by Venus joining Saturn in Scorpio on December 30. Further, January 15, 2016, Sun moves to Capricorn. Astrologically interesting date. Saturn moving to the asterism of Mercury on December 28 will be another point of escalation of political war.

We have five planets viz., Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn in Cancer in the Indian Independence Chart and all these planets will be under the sway of the combined excitement of Saturn and Mercury triggered by Mars from Libra while the Ascendant receives the 8th aspect of Mars. Thus every Navamsa movement of Venus from Scorpio we can await critical developments in the political horizon and many will amount to putting the calendar back to 2014. Jupiter in Leo and in its 9th amsa corresponding to its own sign (9th) getting retrograde on January 4, 2016 will only support my take on the point above.

For Astrology lovers, I would like to reiterate that it is not the planet name but also the lordship of the number of the Zodiac sign and the special aspect digits that matter while delineating the chart. This is exactly what Nostradamus used in his writings presumably or as I interpret.

Unfortunately, further detailed analysis in the public domain will not be in good interest and thus the Astrological Keyboard has limited characters! Esteemed readers would have go my message right.

What we want is Truth should always win and Democracy should be in letter and spirit.

Satya Mev Jayate!

K Jagadish,
Bangalore, India.
Decemeber 23, 2015.

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