Amazing Special Aspects Of Saturn, Mars and Jupiter

Amazing Special Aspects Of Saturn, Mars and Jupiter

 The Creator has designed human body in such a wonderful manner, so intelligently, which I am sure that we would not have spent any time on understanding and appreciating this. Perhaps, we are all very busy in eking out our livelihood and there is hardly any attention being paid to this aspect.

The principle of Macrocosm and Microcosm exists in totality. What is there inside us, is there outside, too. This means the human body is the original source and the outside world is an imitation or illusion or ‘Maya’. Extending this point a bit more and, to quickly catch up with our main subject of Astrology, let us touch upon, just a few points on the outer periphery only.

Our mind is a Super Computer, Eyes – an excellent high resolution Camera, the whole body has hydraulics, dynamics, chemistry, physics and what not? The structural design of human beings itself is so unique, there are no words to appreciate. Name anything outside, it exists within the body. Whatever human beings have today innovated, has its roots within our body itself.

It is mysterious and intriguing as to how God is maneuvering everything mentioned above, with ‘His Planetary Kingdom’. Here comes the ‘Special Aspects’ of Saturn, Mars and Jupiter. While it is true that all of us agree that these planets have special aspects, did we ever think (at least I had not done so far) why and how the special aspects have been designed and allocated to the planets? Thus it is again a matter of faith and belief and never the mind went to, ‘why?’ the special aspects.

Let us see whether we can arrive at a consensus on the ‘Special Aspects’ of the subject Planets. Firstly, from the knowledge dissemination point of view, and secondly, are we on the right path to predict events and be self-sufficient through Astrology? I suppose the answer is YES, and we have already done it and, it is going to continue forever.


Why Saturn first? The origin is naturally ‘Om’ or ‘Aum’ and how is it written in Sanskrit? The numeral 3 stands out, glaringly. Instead of writing long paragraphs on this and misrepresenting facts and information, the following link should open up our eyes for a holistic understanding, and here is the link. Kindly go through the link and it is your prerogative to take a suitable call:

Perhaps, a book can be written only on Saturn’s special aspects, but, let us restrict to an abridged and informal method to move on further.

The 3rd aspect of Saturn: It is nothing short of all matters of 3rd house or Bhava and Karakatva of Saturn. Saturn, called as ‘DharmaKarmadipathi’, as the name itself is self-explicit, it is endowed with its power to ‘call of duty’. 3rd house is the house of activity related to our livelihood apart from a gamut of other points which are outside the purview of this article.

The 10th aspect of Saturn: Is it not an aftermath of our activity synergizing with activity as mentioned above which leads to a profession or Karmasthana? The Dharma involved here is – what is your effort and what returns you get in a judicious manner.

Does this justify the 3rd and 10th aspect of Saturn?


I am compelled to refer to the write up of a renowned Indian Astrologer Dr.Ashwin Rawal’s write up ‘God and His Planetary Kingdom’. He has mentioned that Mars has an element of success. While agreeing with his (Dr.Ashwin Rawal’s) statement, I would like to add the word ‘ACTION’ and thus, Mars is a planet of action.

4th aspect of Mars: Let us note that while Saturn has its 3rd house of activity in its portfolio by its 3rd aspect, 4th aspect of Mars leads to action as continuity of what Saturn has initiated.

8th aspect of Mars: Obviously, the result of any action has to be terminated with some result and there comes the terminal house of 8. Is it convincing?


Jupiter, the greatest benefactor and a planet of justice in absolute terms, has its role interfacing Saturn and Mars. It is a weighing scale of justice and Jupiter being kind and compassionate, can never transgress its primary function of ensuring justice. What a logic ensuring continuity of 3rd aspect of Saturn and 4th aspect of Mars!

5th aspect of Jupiter: After 3rd aspect of Saturn and 4th aspect of Mars, here is Jupiter’s 5th aspect. The specialty of 5th aspect is, Jupiter has to always take into account the ‘past’, which includes the effort and action and give the appropriate reward or future.

9th aspect of Jupiter: 9 stand for ‘future’. Future with respect to what? It is strictly in accordance with the past (3rd, 4th, 5th and 8th), processing the efforts, actions, and including everything that has been done in the previous lives.

Harnessing the Special Aspects with the understanding of ‘why and how’ of these special aspects, when we apply it on to predictions keeping in mind the spectacular transits in the Geometry of an equilateral Triangle of 1,5 and 9, we see how the Karmic Theory is supreme.

I firmly hope and believe that this might interest the readers since we had never in the past discussed the logic behind the special aspects. Of course, anything is a matter of faith and therefore, I would never say that ‘I am right’. At least, I was wondering about who has allotted these special aspects and why. Now, I am clear that not only these special aspects has a specific role in Karmic Theory and also that the numerals, 3, 4, 5 on one hand and, 8,9 and 10 on the other, are absolutely logical and pregnant with meaning that we can never understand the intelligence of the Creator!!

K Jagadish



31st January, 2014.

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